Download and Install Xiaomi Mi CC9E Android 10 Update with MIUI 12 Beta

While we are already seeing devices OEMs like Oppo, Vivo, and Pixel lined up for the Android 11 beta updates, Xiaomi is a little late it seems. One of its devices, the Mi CC9E was only running the two-year-old Android 9.0 Pie. However now it seems that the Android 10 update is slowly rolling out to a set of users. The company regularly releases the MIUI updates every week or so for some of its devices. In this regard, the Mi CC9E was also one of the eligible devices to receive the Android 10 update. However, the journey for this device wasn’t so smooth. Xiaomi had to stop this MIUI 12 update to make some adjustments to the Android 10 updates.

But now, everything is right back on track. The latest stable build of Android has finally made its way over to the aforementioned Xiaomi device. As of now, the update is live only for the closed-beta users living in China. However, if you don’t qualify the above-two mentioned requirements, you could still try out the Android 10 package on your Mi CC9E device. We have managed to grab the hold of the download link that you could install it onto your device right away. But before we list out the instructions set, here are some of the noteworthy features of Android 10. Follow along.

mi cc9e android 10

Android 10: What’s New

Here are some of the new, useful, and interesting Android 10 features:

New Navigation gestures

Taking a clue out of Apple’s book, Google introduced new full-screen gesture navigation. You could now perform the back action by just swiping across the left or right side of your screen, launch Google Assistant by swiping from the bottom left and right corners, etc. Furthermore, you could now swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go to the home screen or swipe up and hold to access the Recent menu.

Dark Mode

This was perhaps one of the most requested features, and Google finally decided to pay head. Beginning with Android 10, you now get a system-wide dark mode. Well, that’s not all. From the Developer Options, you could turn on the overriding force dark mode feature that forces all the apps to enable the dark mode, even if they don’t officially support it.


Live Captions

The Live Captions automatically adds a caption to any video in real-time, even if the video doesn’t have captions. This is a useful feature, for a lot of people out there.

Digital Wellbeing

With Digital Wellbeing now baked into the Android system, there’s a plentitude of benefits to make full use of. For example, you could set usage timer for each of the apps, or you could also make use of some parental controls added to this Wellbeing menu. Likewise, Focus Mode is another handy addition to it.

Better Permissions

Up until now, you only had the option to allow for permission or deny. However beginning with Android 10, there’s a new addition: Allow only while using the app. With this, what happens is that the app will only be able to access the said permission till its running in the foreground, once you minimize it, the app would no longer be able to make use of these permissions. You will again have to permit it the next time you use the app. As of now, this feature is limited to Location permission, with a chance for further expansions in Android 11.

Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg. For the detailed feature list, head over to our detailed guide on Android 10. With that said, let’s now turn our attention towards the Mi CC9E Android 10 update with MIUI 12 Beta.

Xiaomi Mi CC9E Android 10 Update (MIUI 12 Beta)

Before we share the download link with you all, please go through the below requirements section and make sure your device meets each of them.


  • Create a complete backup of your device beforehand. Although we will be flashing the official firmware, yet it is never a bad idea of having a backup.
  • Also, make sure to keep your device sufficiently charged. Anything above 50% should do.


  • Device: Xiaomi Mi CC9E
  • Codename: Laurus
  • Channel: China Closed Beta
  • Version: 20.6.11
  • Android: 10
  • Type: Recovery
  • Download: Link

Being a recovery ROM, you could install it via two different methods, either via the Updater app or the local upgrade. We would be taking the second route since it is much easier. With that said, here are the required instructions for the same.

Installation Steps

  1. Place the downloaded ROM file to your Internal Storage. Keep it in the root of your storage, not inside any folder.
  2. Now head over to the Tools folder and then launch the Updater menu.
  3. Tap on the overflow icon (three vertical dots) situated at the top right.
    choose update package
  4. Select Choose update package and navigate to the placed ROM file. Select it and tap on OK.
  5. Wait for the process to finish and once done, you may reboot your device.

With that, your age successfully installed the Android 10 update based on MIUI 12 beta on your Xiaomi Mi CCE device. The first boot might take some time, it is completely normal. And once your device does bot up, let us know your views about the new OS experience, in the comments section below. Likewise, if you have any queries, drop them in the comments. Rounding off, here are some iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick that deserve your attention as well.

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