13 of The Best Logo Makers To Try in 2023

When you have a business, you are always looking for tools that help you run your business better, faster, and smarter. If you want your business to succeed, you need to market it. A logo is a critical part of any marketing campaign. A logo maker is a software that helps you create the perfect logo for your business.

You input basic information like company name, industry, and what you want your logo to look like. The software presents you with several options for a logo. Many logo makers are available; here are the top 13 you should consider trying this year.

1) Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands logo maker is artificial intelligence (AI) powered generator. It is easy for all users and has a free option. This logo maker uses AI to analyze the data and brand information you provide and generates numerous logo options in minutes. Tailor Brands requires you to create an account to view your logos and customize them. You have to pay for the basic plan, $9.99 per month, and gain access to the tools you need, including resizing and owning the logo.

2) Canva

Canva is slightly more challenging to learn but requires a medium skill level. To balance this, they provide a training video before you can do anything else. The entire site is full of tutorials to help you navigate it. In addition, they offer templates or a blank slate from which you can start. The application lets you see how your logo looks on various items, such as notebooks and t-shirts. They offer a free version or the base level for $9.99. You can upgrade to Pro for more options.

3) PlaceIt

PlaceIt is easy to use; however, the pricing schedule is complicated. AI powers it, but it is not as robust as other applications AI. Nevertheless, it provides results quickly, and you can edit the logos. Some features, such as images, text and colour combinations, and icons, are easy to edit. Icons are available for print or web.

4) Looka

Look also uses AI to help you with your logo design. It gives you more than 20 options, and you pick your favourite five. Next, you choose colors and symbols. From there, the AI does the rest. This logo maker does not require much thought from you. It is easy to use and has a decent amount of customization. However, it is expensive, ranging from $20 to $192.

5) Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker is great for those with little to no design skills or experience. It is simple to use and provides you with all the necessary tools. In addition, you get full rights, high-quality files, and a social media kit with an upgraded package. Wix also has a website builder for additional cost to give you the ability to create a logo and a website.

Turbologo is an AI logo generator that only needs a small amount of information to create your logo. First, you must create an account with Turbologo. It makes a significant amount of logos that all look different. You have access to a full suite of editing tools. It is helpful if you have the design skills to pick the best logo.

7) Designhill

Designhill logo maker uses AI to use your answers to questions to generate a logo. You can select colors, symbols, and styles to include in the logo. You must have an account, but there is a free option available. While you have a good amount of options for creating the logo, there are not many customization options available.

8) Logaster

Logaster is one of the most commonly used logo generator options available. In just a few minutes, you can have an eye-catching logo. You receive logos that you can modify in a zip file. They are low resolution. You can upgrade, for a fee, to get high-resolution logos.

9) Shopify Hatchful

Shopify Hatchful is a free logo generator. You receive the logo and the option to download it in formats that will work with different social media accounts. This is a complete package logo that saves you time because you do not have to resize or adjust it to make it fit on different platforms. In addition, they offer templates if you do not want to start from scratch.

10) DesignMantic

DesignMantic is completely dedicated to helping you design not only logos but websites and other custom designs. It provides features to put your logo on letterhead, envelopes, flyers, and much more. In addition, DesignMantic offers templates to help get you started.

11) Ucraft

Unlike many other logo generators, Ucraft does not use AI. It does not provide templates. You are creating your own logo from scratch. It gives you shapes, text, and icons. It has drag and drop features along with other editing capabilities. Ucraft allows you to upload your own fonts. It is not expensive and easy to use. The logos are high quality.

12) Squarespace Logo Maker

Squarespace Logo Maker is an easy to use and free tool. You have to sign up for an account, but not until you want to download your logo. The only information it requires is the company name. Then, you make selections for colors, fonts, and icons. This is a great way to get a free and basic icon. You will not create a unique logo.

13) LogoBee Logo Maker

LogoBee Logo Maker is a premium logo maker. It does have a free option. It provides templates that you can edit to get you started. You can download them for free. LogoBee also has pre-made logos for a number of industries. You can easily edit them to make them your own. Despite having a free option, LogoBee gets expensive quickly.


A logo maker is an excellent idea for someone that needs a logo quickly at an affordable rate. Marketing is a crucial part of the success of any business. A logo and branding are an essential part of marketing. A logo maker is perfect for helping you create effortless and professional logos.


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