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Get-Droid-Tips is an outstanding and well-trusted platform engaged in publishing most reliable and useful information about the world’s most superior cell phone’s Operating system. Yes! You judged the right, we are talking about Android. Every month we attract around 40,000 search engine and Android information spiders on our platform.

We have a team of highly dedicated technical writers, bloggers, as well as device reviewers who work hard to provide you best tips & tricks on latest Android-based smartphones. Under a united passion, we also work together to provide our visitors the most useful information on best Android smartphones, installing custom ROM and a lot more which simply let them customize their device in the best possible way they want.

We also influence a very large number of Android Developers and help them make their tasks easier by providing the best possible methods in the form of posts on solving some key issues related to Android OS. One of our prime motives is to enhance the experience of Android users and help them in performing any task through their smartphone easily.

Our posts generally include information about fixing the Android issues, news about latest updates on Android and newly introduced smartphones. In addition to all above, the GetDroidTips can also be visited for some best deals on latest Android-based gadgets available to purchase on different websites.

We always make sure of reliable, up to date and accurate information in all our posts as all our writers are highly experienced and have top-notch writing skills. Since the day we declare our presence on the World Wide Web, we have grown into one of the best platforms where visitors can access all the information about Android under one roof. We are helping Android lovers all over the world to boost their knowledge about same.

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Abdul Razak

I'm a tech enthusiast who loves Android from the very beginning of Android Froyo. My first Android Smartphone was Samsung Galaxy 5, later I bought many Android smartphones like Nexus brand, Galaxy S5, S6 and S7 Edge. Now I own OnePlus 3T. I started my blogging career with a website called Trick India. Later my successful journey came with Giveawaytrick Website. I'm the co-founder of this Blog


Mohammed Huwais

I'm a Gadget Freak and i Love Android. I have completed MBA and now doing full time blogging with GetDroidTips. I own Samsung Galaxy S3 and i love the smartphone with its Customization capabilities. I also been the part of Giveawaytricks with our Co-Founder Abdul Razak.


 Pearl Sahni

Pearl SahniI’M blessed with both technical & non-technical writing artistry. Being a Writer since 2011, I take delight in every bit of my life ignoring the cons associated. It’s my obsession of solo-traveling across India and sharing the experience that encouraged me to be a writer. Later, I switched to technical writing and joined GetDroidtips. Along with writing, I am also engaged in teaching Physics to undergraduates. Thank you for your perceptivity