Suggest the Best Three Android App Development Companies in Vietnam

When it comes to software development, the mobile app domain (Covering both iOS and Android apps) is one of the most selected paths for those companies who strive to thrive in the tech industry and make profits, especially in the current age of digitalization. When it comes to IT outsourcing destinations, Vietnam is one of the first to call.  

In this discussion, we are going to inspire you with a few good reasons why you, as a business owner, should factor in Vietnam as a place for your upcoming Android app development project. If you have already chosen Vietnam, then we will continue to give you some recommendations for the best service providers in Vietnam that you can work well with.  

Why Should Foreign Tech Firms Choose Vietnam for Android App Development? 

In recent times, Vietnam has become the destination for IT outsourcing services, particularly in the mobile app sector – including Android app development, for a few tangible reasons. Costs and tech talent shortage are the two primary motives for the wave of outsourcing to Vietnam. 

Rich in IT Workforce 

For your info, Vietnam has made tremendous investments in its education sector, focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). In this direction, the country aims at producing a young, tech-savvy population with a solid foundation in software development and engineering. According to the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA), the country is home to over 400,000 IT engineers of different levels, with tens of thousands of new graduates entering the workforce annually. This abundant supply of skilled tech professionals aids foreign companies greatly in sourcing and recruiting the talent they need for Android app development as well as other IT-related fields. 

In addition, Vietnamese IT professionals are not only vast in number but also renowned for their strong work ethic, adaptability, and willingness to stay updated with the most recent technologies and trends in software development. This ensures that companies can find developers who are not only skilled in Android app development but also in emerging technologies and methodologies that can give their apps a competitive edge.  

Affordable Rates 

The second most compelling reason for choosing Vietnam over others for Android app development services is cost-effectiveness. Why is there a cost disparity here? This is because the expenses of living and doing business in Vietnam are significantly lower than in many other countries, particularly the ones in the West. The difference in developer rate range between Vietnam and other counterparts can translate into more affordable labor costs, which means a lot in the IT industry.  

Salaries for IT professionals in Vietnam are competitive by local standards but are often much lower than those in the United States, Europe, or Australia. This allows foreign tech startups, SMBs, or enterprises to significantly reduce their development costs without compromising on quality. 

Furthermore, the Vietnamese government has also implemented policies favorable to the IT sector, namely tax incentives for IT companies and investments in infrastructure. These policies not only empower the growth of the IT industry but also make Vietnam an even more attractive hub for foreign investment in technology. 

Additional Benefits 

Besides the factors of costs and workforce, Vietnam is providing various advantageous conditions for the tech sector:  

  • Growing Ecosystem: Vietnam’s tech scene is vibrant and growing at a rapid pace, with a supportive ecosystem for SMBs and established tech companies alike. This environment fosters innovation and collaboration, which is beneficial for app development projects as well as many other types of projects. 
  • Strategic Location: Situated in Southeast Asia, Vietnam offers a quite good geographical location that serves as a gateway to other Asian markets. This can be advantageous for all those companies looking to expand their reach in the region. 
  • Cultural Compatibility: The Vietnamese workforce is increasingly familiar with Western business practices and culture, reducing the cultural and communication barriers that can sometimes complicate offshore development projects. 


Top Three Android Development Service Providers Based in Vietnam 

Make sure you remember this list includes our suggestions based on our own points of view and references. Each offers its own strengths as well as comes with its own restrictions. So, you should consider the most suitable partner, which may be one of these or a completely different option outside this list.  

Orient Software 

At the first position, we have Orient Software. This is an experienced powerhouse in the current IT market, known for its dedication to software excellence and innovation. The company was founded in 2005, and it still operates well as one of the leading software outsourcing service providers until now. Its service range is broad, and it also covers Android app development services, specializing in creating solutions that offer a seamless user experience and drive business growth. After almost two decades in the domain, Orient Software has a large team of tech talent, and the company places a strong emphasis on collaboration and transparency throughout the development process. 

KMS Technology 

KMS Technology stands out for its expertise in software development and IT services, serving both startups and large enterprises for years. Thus, they have extensive experience in developing robust Android applications that cater to various industries, including healthcare, finance, and education.  

Moreover, the vendor emphasizes agile development methodologies, which enables flexible and efficient project management. This helps them speed up the development cycle and boost productivity in any project they work on. Also, their commitment to quality and innovation makes them a reliable partner for complex Android app projects. 

TMA Solutions 

With over ten years in the IT sector, TMA Solutions has established itself as the top software development company in the country. Their Android development services are backed by a deep understanding of mobile technology and user experience design. Experience and expertise are also their competitiveness compared to other vendors. The company provides a vast pool of developers at different levels, and Android talent is selected as an expert. TMA Solutions is also known for its strong client focus, working closely with businesses to understand their needs and deliver custom solutions.

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