8 Apps Every iPhone User Needs in 2023

With the abundance of apps available on the App Store, one can get pretty overwhelmed. It is essential to separate what you want and what you need to save that precious storage for memories and fun! 

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We have tested and tried the apps available for iPhone users, so you can find useful applications for iPhone in this article without scouring the internet!

What apps are a must-have?

From navigation to real estate, food, security, and more, here is a list of 8 apps everyone must have on their iPhone:

1.Maps – 

Google Maps are a must-have, especially if you like to travel. Whether it is your city or out on a journey, Google Maps will never fail to save you from the hassle of finding the place without help.

2.Music – 

Do you love listening to music, e-books, podcasts, and more? Well, apps like Spotify and Apple Music should be on your phone. Spotify has a fantastic feature known as ‘Spotify wrapped’, which keeps track of your music journey and shows you what you listened to at the end of the year – isn’t it neat?

3.Call Recorder –

Life is unpredictable, and so are people, so you may want to record all that comes your way, and iCall is the best phone call recorder for iPhone. Let’s just say that iCall is an iPhone essentials app. You might need to register a call to make notes later, remember an essential or memorable conversation, pass on a message, or record calls that are threatening for safety reasons.

4.Food and Delivery – 

Are you looking for an app where you can get socks and food simultaneously? Postmates is the perfect app for your phone, as it allows you to sit back and relax as someone else does the groceries and shopping for you!

5.Real Estate – 

The real estate market is a tough cookie to crack. It can be daunting, specially if you do not know a thing about renting or buying. Zillow is the perfect app for you if you want to invest in property or want inspiration for houses!

6.Data Sharing – 

Sharing data with others can be frustrating, especially when you want to do it immediately but can’t find the document you want to email. Download an app like Dropbox and get started on your journey to share data with people without any internet connection or hassle!

7.Fitness App – 

Keep track of your health precisely with a fitness app like MyFitnessPal. This app keeps track of your daily steps, sleep schedule, exercises and walks to keep you on track with fitness!

8.Habit – 

Want to make or break a habit? They say it takes time and patience to break a cycle or make a new habit. That is where Streaks can help you out! An app like Streaks helps you keep notes on your progress to ensure you are not falling behind!

What are the four default apps on iPhone?

iphone apps


iPhone has its must-have apps, also called the default apps. What are the four default apps on iPhone include:

  • The Phone
  • Safari
  • Messages
  • Music


What apps should I have on my iPhone 11?

If you are looking for apps that will bring you fun, practicality, and more, then this list will help you out find something you like:


The founders of Duolingo set out to develop a premium-level language program that uses free lessons to teach you any language you desire! Duolingo enables you to pick a new skill with tests, activities, and streaks! 


Short Form content is all the rage, and if you are someone who likes to get on with the trends, then TikTok is for you! Dance away with new trends, learn new recipes, listen to life stories, or just have a laugh in six seconds or less!


Tracking your menstrual and ovulation cycle can be challenging, especially of you have a disease that makes it hard to just mark it on the calendar and hope for the best. Apps like flow help track your cycles, pregnancies, and give you insights on what your symptoms indicate.


Are you into editing pictures and videos? Maybe it’s your job or you just like to make your Instagram aesthetically pleasing. Canva is an amazing app that provides pre-made templates that help you create amazing posts! 

Canva also functions as a social media scheduler, which means that you can schedule exactly when you want your photos and videos far in advance!


Apps are what make the phone worth using. We detailed a variety of iPhone essentials apps that help you through life, or are there just to make life more fun. 

Apps such as phone recorder for iphone like iCall can help you stay secure while you take calls, or is just there to help you remember and record. Other apps such as Canva comes with free trial and premium features along side free options so you can enjoy the app no matter what option you choose!

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