855 Area Code: Everything You Need to Know

In the past, businessmen did not do anything creative to establish their mark in front of the market. Nevertheless, as time passes, business entrepreneurs want to promote their business globally. Today only creating a quality product is not enough unless your product is accessible in every part of the world. I’m sure you understand that I’m talking about customer service.

To provide better after-sales service, businesses must set up customer support, whether service or product related. I agree social media handles have no alternative but toll-free numbers will remain the most popular way to contact. You know, getting toll-free numbers for different areas could be expensive. For this, a solution code is “855 Area Code”. So, let’s look and learn more about it.


855 Area Code: Everything You Need to Know

Previously, To be accessible in every town, city businesses allot different toll-free numbers so that people from each region or area can contact them. But purchasing that different area code has always been a cost-inflating aspect for entrepreneurs. Further, Before a few years back, FCC (Federal Communication Commission) introduced a new area code list that includes 855, 866, and so on.

Being the inclusion with other Area codes, 855 seems the same thing as simple as a toll-free number. But you will surprise to know that this Area code has reduced the cost-inflating aspect for businesses. It exactly does is 855 Area code is a toll-free number prefix that made it possible to be accessible to anyone no matter what is your city, distance, or Area. Anyone can call it and remove the Area code restrictions.

I agree that the Area 855 code is so cost-effective that made accessibility to a majority with a single code. But you should note that this accessibility is available to the US, Canada, The Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic. In short, It includes all 20 countries mentioned in North American Numbering Plan (NANP). From that thing, you can easily analyze that Area 855 code covers a huge portion and make things better than ever

Benefits of Area 855 Code

Even though we have given the core meaning and practical aspect of the Area 855 code but still numerous businesses want to know why they need such code. And as per my knowledge visualizing the benefits of the Area 855 code can better explain. Meanwhile, below we are sharing some key benefits of it so that businesses can understand the importance of such code.

Covers a huge customer base

The best and foremost benefit that I feel is helpful is the vast effect. If you compare it with any other Area code you will see that you are paying a lot of costs and if any deviation arise the counter-effect decision also seems late. But with the 855 Area code area restrictions are removed and you need to pay a single cost. As a result, you can focus on one team that you set up for customer care executives. So, if you want such a huge user base with minimal cost, then grab this code but remember the country availability.

Build trust even in an unreachable country

Many times we have observed that people buy products online but when they want to contact the company, they do not get back. I agree social media handles can save you but not always. For this thing, you need to connect with their customer support. This Area code works more worth for those buyers who are not in the country where you ideally sell your product, instead, you sell there over the website. In that case, having the Area 855 code resolves your issue and helps such people to connect for free even, if you are not serving their country.

To get your number memorable

This is the major benefit of getting a toll-free number is the pattern they form. if you ever heard the numbers start with “1800” always seems memorable. I agree this was with every toll-free number but the 1800 code seems a common customer support number. So when you switch to the 855 Area code, you will release a unique footprint in front of your customer base. It means undoubtedly your business will get a special privilege in the industry. So if you want such benefits then go for the 855 Area code.

Broke up the Area Code Restriction

I agree the benefit says “broke up the Area code restriction” seems quite unrealistic. But the main reason that businesses find it useful is its versatile area code availability. As you know this area code works with more than 20 countries. Before that code, such restriction stops users to get onto Connect for after-sales support. But with area 855 code such restrictions has resolved now. I think this benefit could be more privileged if you serve in the area where such code is available.

Now after reading the insane advantages of getting an 855 area code. I am sure you want to catch that code. But the problem is you don’t know how to get and what to consider when choosing the number. For this, we are sharing a few steps below so that picking the Area 855 code could be better for you. Without wasting any time let’s go for it.

Note: As a pro tip, while choosing the 855 Area code toll-free number, make sure to consider the number of calls, accessibility, and your needs with that number. As this will make your ordinary deal a worthwhile one.

  • Simply, visit any virtual phone number service provider. (recommended – openPhone)
  • Sign up yourself on their website.
  • Now search for the available 855 area code toll-free number from there.
  • Next, pick any of the plans that suit your needs and pocket.
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions to subscribe to your preferred plan.
  • Once the payment is complete, you’ll be allotted an 855 Area code toll-free number.

To Sum up, Using 855 Area code you can save a lot of customer handling efforts as well as time. Ultimately you will get a clean way to connect with people globally. And as a unique thing, you don’t need to overlook when there is an area restriction for calling. with such an area code you will focus on other things. Which, I hope you got my point about the 855 area code. Even after that, if any user have query then ask them all below.

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