How to Activate Debug Mode in Destroy All Humans Remake

Destroy All Humans 2005 was a lot of fun with all its cool cheat codes. Unfortunately, those same codes have not made it through to the 2020 Destroy All Humans Remake. Developers THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games have done a great job with the reboot as it is a beautiful recreation of the original game. Currently, there are no cheat codes available in DAH Remake 2020.

PC players are in luck, as there is a DAH Remake 2020 debug mode available that will allow players to make use of cheat codes in the game. However, PS4 and Xbox players currently do not have access to the debug mode. Now we will find out how you can activate debug mode in DAH 2020 Remake.

How to Activate Debug Mode in Destroy All Humans Remake

Follow these steps to access the DAH Remake 2020 debug mode in PC:

  1. Download the Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker and open it
  2. Start the Destroy All Humans Remake
  3. Navigate back into Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker
  4. Go to General tab and find Process to inject to
  5. Click on DAH Remake and select Inject DLL.
  6. Go to the Configuration tab and find the Key to open the in-game console.
  7. Edit everything in it, but keep the tilde key (~) as it is.
  8. Head back to DAH Remake and press the Key selected.
  9. Type EnableCheats 1.

Keep in mind that the debug mode is only available for PC players right now.

This concludes our guide on how to activate Debug Mode in Destroy All Humans Remake 2020. We hope this helps!

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