All Maytag Washer Error Codes and Solution

Maytag is known for its reliable and efficient home and commercial appliances. The Maytag washer makes laundry day a breeze and therefore is loved by users. However, like any other machine/ appliance, even the best Maytag washers can land up with errors and other issues. A lot of Maytag users often complain about occasional errors, particularly error codes that are interrupting their experience. When faced with an error code flashing on your Maytag washer, it is essential to understand what it means and how to resolve it. Join us in this comprehensive guide, as we put light on Maytag Washer’s Error Codes and Solutions.All Maytag Washer Error Codes and Solution

List of Maytag Washer Error Codes and Solution

This article will decode cryptic error messages that may appear on your Maytag washer’s display. Whether you have been trusting Maytag for years or are new to this brand, this article will serve all your queries. We will cover all details, including simple troubleshooting steps to more complex repairs. So, without wasting much time, let’s get started:

Maytag Front Load Washer- Error Code, Error and their Solutions

Error Code Error Solution/ Fix



Control Lock in washer activated Simply, touch/ tap the Control Lock button and it will unlock the washer. Or in some particular Maytag washers, press and hold the Control Lock button to deactivate the feature.
dET The detergent cartridge was not detected in the dispenser. Make sure that the dispenser cartridge is rightly installed. Also, check whether the dispenser door is shut completely or not. However, users who have single-load doses of detergent can ignore the error.
Int The washer’s cycle was paused/ canceled. Simply press the cancel/ pause button twice and then press the power button once. If the error code still appears then unplug the washer to disconnect for a minute.



Detected items during the clean washer cycle inside the washer. Simply remove the items from the drum and then restart the clean washer cycle.



Too many suds were detected in the washing machine. Always use HE or High-Efficiency detergent.

Avoid using “no splash” or “easy pour” liquid chlorine bleach and instead use regular liquid bleach products.

The Sud or Sd code also indicates blockage drain hose or standpipe (drainpipe). Ensure that the drain hose is not clogged or blocked.

F5 E2 The door isn’t properly locked. Make sure the door is properly locked and no object is blocking it. Now press the Pause or Cancel button twice and the Power button once and it will clear the error code.
F7 E1 Indicates a motor speed sensing error Make sure all the shipping bolts are removed.

Make sure the washer isn’t overloaded.

Lastly, to remove the error code, Press the Pause or Cancel button twice and the Power button once to clear the code.

F8 E1



Washer sensing low water flow. Make sure the water supply to the washer is turned On. Also, do check whether the cold- and cold-water faucets are fully opened or not.

Make sure the water inlet hoses aren’t kinked.

Make sure no anti-flood hoses and controls are connected to the washer.

Lastly, Press the Pause or Cancel button twice and the Power button once to clear the code.

F8 E2 An issue with the Dispenser System This error appears on selective models only. To resolve the same, make sure the detergent drawer or detergent cartridge isn’t clogged with detergent.
F9 E1 Longer drain time than normal, typically over 8 minutes. Use HE detergent since excessive Suds may lead to longer drain time.

Or, check the drain hose and ensure it is not kinked or clogged. It is ideal to use a U-shaped drain hose form on the drain hose.

Other F# E# code Indicates other error Start by disconnecting the power to the washer for a minute or so. Now reselect the cycle and press Start.

Maytag Top Load Washer- Error Code, Error and their Solutions

Error Code Error Solution/ Fix
drn The washer isn’t draining properly. Check whether the washer is installed correctly or not.
F# E#



System error code. Firstly, press the START/PAUSE button once and it will clear the code. Now again press START/PAUSE to restart the washer.
HC Incorrect installation of Hot and cold inlet hoses This code often appears at the end of the cycle.  To resolve the same, simply turn off the water supply, and reverse the hoses. Now run another cycle and verify that the hoses are correct.

Also, check the hose installation to ensure that it is done correctly or not.

LdL The lid isn’t locking. Check if there’s any item/ object under the lid that is keeping it from locking.

Simultaneously, do check for detergent build-up around the lid lock mechanism.

LdU The lid cannot unlock. Remove any object (including a basket of laundry) from the washer’s top if it is preventing the lid from unlocking.
LF, Lo FL,


F8 E1

The washer is taking too long to fill. Check the water supply. Simply, check whether the hot and cold-water faucets are turned on and are working properly. There may be some problem with the water supply going to the washer.
lid The washer lid was left open. Simply close the lid and it will clear the error code. However, in the case when the lid was left open for over 10 minutes, the washer will drain the water and reset the cycle. Here you need to start over but do not add more detergent, since the laundry would already have water and detergent.
Ofb The washer load is out of balance. Start redistributing the load, then close the lid and press the Start button.

After doing so, there may occur vibration during spinning. Or in some cases, the washer will stop with all dial lights flashing. Simply load items in loose heaps evenly around the swashplate. However, do not add a single item but a few extras to balance the washer. Avoid adding wet items and don’t add more water to the basket.


OL The washer load was too large. Simply remove items to reduce overload, add HE detergent, close the lid, and press the Start button.
PF Interruption in the wash cycle by a power failure. Simply touch and hold START to restart the washer cycle. Or you can also press POWER to clear the display.

Other Popular Maytag Washer Error Code, Error and their Solutions

Error Code Error Solution/ Fix
F0E1 Load detected during the washer cleaning cycle Simply remove clothes from the washer since it should be empty while running a washer cleaning cycle.
F1E1 Main control board failure Start by unplugging the washer for 5 minutes and then connect the power again. If the error persists, try replacing the main electronic control board.
F1E2 Motor control board error Start by unplugging the washer and then on the motor control board, check the wire harness. Ensure the drive motor connections are secure.
F2E3 Main control board mismatch/ failure Install the correct main control board for your washer.
F3E1 Water level pressure switch failure Start by unplugging the Maytag washer. Now check the wiring between the water level pressure switch and the main control board. If there’s any loose wire, reconnect it. Or, if the wire harness is damaged, simply replace it. However, if the wiring is completely OK you now need to change the water level pressure switch.
F3E2 Temperature sensor failure Start by unplugging the washer. Do check if the wiring going to the water temperature sensor is ok or not. If there is any issue then you will need to replace the temperature sensor.
F5E1 Door switch failure Simply replace the door switch/ lock.
F5E2 Door lock failure Unplug and check any damage or loose wiring on the door lock assembly. If required, clear any debris out of the door lock assembly. However, if the door lock assembly is defective, replace it overall.
F5E3 Lid lock issue Unplug and remove any dirty particle from the lid and clear any obstrucles. Now press Power to exit from the cycle and gain press Power to release lid.
F6E1/ F6E2



Communication error between the main control board and motor control board/ user interface control Start by unplugging the washer. Now check the wire harness connections between the main control board and the motor control board. Reconnect all the loose wires while replacing all the damaged wires. If the motor board is defective, replace it as well. Replace the main control board if the error persists. Or, replace the user interface control if defective.
F8E0 Steam valve failure Pay attention to the water supply hoses. Also, check whether there is a restricted screen in the water valves. Do consider replacing any defective steam valve.
F8E1 No water detected Open both water supply valves behind the washer. Check freezing water lines (during winter). Check any defects in the water valve and if found any, replace them.
F8E2 Dispenser failure Unplug the washer and then consider checking any mechanical linkage on the dispenser housing. If found, simply repair the damaged part.
F8E3 Overflow condition If the washer is overfilled, check the water valve assembly and ensure the shut-off of water flow.

Replace if the water valve assembly is found defective.

Replace the water level pressure switch if the washer is empty during the error code.

F8E4 Low water flow Check if both the water supply valves are operating fully or not.
F9E1 Long drain Remove any excess Suds.

Inspect the house drain system for a clog.

Inspect the drain hose for kinks or clogs.

Replace defective drain pump/water-level pressure switch.


Overall, these were multiple Maytag Washer Error Codes, their meaning, and quick solutions. Learning and understanding the error codes displayed on your Maytag washer is essential for troubleshooting and resolving malfunctions.

Users can resolve the basic error codes independently at home. However, more complex issues like problems with the water level in the plumbing area or any part replacement may still require the expertise of a specialist.

For more professional assistance, contact Maytag. You can also choose to book a service with Maytag online.

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