Anime Dimensions Codes (May 2024)

Roblox Anime Dimension transports players to many Anime worlds, allowing them to collect beloved characters and battle Anime villains. Players will also find Anime Dimensions Codes, which can help them fight against bosses in their journey.

If you’re searching for gems, boosts, and other free rewards to power up your anime units, you’ve come to the right place! Our Roblox Anime Dimensions codes list has all you need – plus more! These codes will give you a bunch of unique items to help you explore the countless Anime dimensions.

Anime Dimensions

What does Anime Dimensions Codes do?

In Anime Dimensions, players traverse realms as they take on anime-inspired bosses in life-or-death battles. Along the way, they can collect characters from renowned series such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, and more. Also, they can further increase their power by collecting characters and utilizing cards obtained within the game’s Dimensions.

Anime Dimensions’ Codes give rewards such as boosts, gems, and raid tokens. Boosts are used to increase gold, XP, and item drops. Gems can be used to purchase heroes and costumes, and raid tokens can be used to buy items from the Raid Shop.

Anime Dimensions Codes (May 2024)

  • PSYCHO: 200 Gems, 100 Raid Tokens, all boosts
  • 1WI9NT1ER: 100 Gems, 75 Raid Tokens, all boosts
  • 190PIRATE: 100 Gems, 75 Raid Tokens, all boosts
  • SHI1NO8B9I: 100 Gems, 75 Raid Tokens, all boosts
  • 1AK8ARI8: 100 Gems, 75 Raid Tokens, all boosts
  • 18FAM7: 100 Gems, 75 Raid Tokens, all boosts
  • A1Q8U6A: 100 Gems, 75 Raid Tokens, all boosts
  • 1CU8RSE5: 100 Gems, 75 Raid Tokens, all boosts

Updated on May 1: The post has been updated today. Check the post to find out the changes that we have made. Keep visiting the page to get the new updates.

How to redeem Anime Dimensions Simulator codes?

To redeem Anime Dimensions codes for May 2024, launch the game and select the Twitter icon on the left side of the menu (it has “Codes” written above it). Enter the code into the textbox and press “Go” to receive your rewards!

How To Get More Codes?

Keep up-to-date on all the newest Anime Dimension codes by regularly checking our page. We do all the hard work tracking them down, so you don’t have to. In addition, the game has a dedicated codes board which is regularly updated as the game reaches certain milestones.

Remember that these codes won’t last forever, so make sure you grab them when possible (it’s located next to the leaderboards!). The developer sometimes provides additional codes on their Twitter @coolbullsAS or Discord.


Why aren’t my Anime Dimensions codes working?

Developers possess absolute authority over all rewards and codes. Some codes may expire quickly, while others can remain active for an extended period. If a code fails to work, it may be due to a typo or because it was only valid for a brief period and has expired.

If you need assistance, save this page to your favorites and check if Anime Dimensions has included a new code!

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