Apple iPhone XS Max Reset Guide: How to Factory Reset, Reset All Settings and Reset Network Settings

Apple iPhone XS Max is currently the fastest, the best, flagship smartphone from Apple without any doubt. In fact, Apple supports its iPhones with frequent updates for four to five years which means it will be updated for a couple of years thereby boosting its functionality, optimizing its speed & performance and strengthening its security against unwanted actors is something you will get. Anyways, even after so many features and high-end specifications, it can still dive into issues or bugs or errors and could require a factory reset or a network reset depending upon the type of issue to fix it. 

Well, although it is common knowledge to do any kind of reset for those who have been using iPhones for a while now but if you are a resend convert or just someone who isn’t aware of resetting the iPhone XS Max either because you never tried doing it or you never felt like trying it, etc. Anyways, here’s an explicit guide on Apple iPhone XS Max Reset Guide which captures various methods of reset to tag along to know more.

Apple iPhone XS Max Reset Guide: How to Factory Reset, Reset All Settings and Reset Network Settings

How to Perform a Soft Reset On iPhone XS Max?

This is a common type of reset which simply restarts the iPhone without changing any settings or data. This can come handy as it is often one of the most advised methods to fix any temporary glitch or issues such as no Wi-Fi signal or internet connection or Bluetooth pairing errors, etc.
Step 01: Firstly, press the Side/Power Button and any of the Volume buttons simultaneously and hold onto it.
Step 02: You can let go of the buttons when the display shows a slider with the command ‘Slide to Power Off’.
Step 03: Pull the slider to the right and the phone is switched off.
Step 04: Press the Side/Power Button for a few seconds and release when an Apple logo shows up on the screen and it is done.

How to Perform a Forced Reset On iPhone XS Max?

Similar to Soft Reset, Forced Reset doesn’t make any changes to user data or settings, however, it brings the phone back to life if it freezes or becomes unresponsive. There could be millions of reasons why your phone’s screen becomes unresponsive but once it does, you won’t be able to do anything unless the screen is functional again but you can try forced reset.
Step 01: To forced reset an iPhone XS Max or an iPhone, you need to press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
Step 02: Press the Volume Down button and quickly release it.
Step 03: Quickly press and hold the Side/Power Button until the Apple logo doesn’t shows up on the screen.

How To Reset Network Settings on your iPhone XS Max?

This method is prominently used to fix or curb any network or connectivity related issues. It can include problems such as no connectivity or slow browsing and so on. Although a reboot or refresh to the Wi-Fi, Location, Bluetooth, etc may fix their own sets of issues, it is sometimes not that easy and thus, require a network reset so here’s how you can do it about.
Step 01: Firstly, you’ll need to proceed to the Home screen and tap on ‘Settings’ app.
Step 02: Navigate to ‘General >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings’.
Step 03: Enter the passcode and confirm the actions and that’s all.

How to Reset All Settings on your iPhone XS Max?

This particular method is the closest to factory reset your iPhone XS Max. Although it has a somewhat similar procedure and impact, it doesn’t delete any user file whatsoever and rather gives your device is much-needed oomph that boosts its performance while rectifying any minor glitch or issue that might have occurred.
Step 01: First of all, you need to go to Settings and tap on General.
Step 02: Next is to tap on ‘Reset >> Reset all Settings’. 
Step 03: The system will prompt to enter the passcode before continuing.
Step 04: Tap on ‘Confirm’ and it is done.

How to Factory Reset an iPhone XS Max?

This particular method is considered as an ultimate solution. It is a mother-of-all-fixes as it resolves any kind of network or software-related issues on your iPhone XS Max result of any bugs, viruses, malware, or firmware crash, or if there’s any technical glitch or snag and so on. Here’s how you can perform a factory reset on your iPhone and this will apply to all the iPhones in case if you aren’t using iPhone XS Max.
Step #1: Firstly, you need to go to the Home screen and open Settings app.
Step #2: Proceed to the ‘General’ section and tap on ‘Reset’.
Step #3: Search and tap on the option that says “Erase all content and settings”.
Step #4: You need to enter the passcode of your device if prompted to continue.
Step #5: Finally, tap on ‘Confirm’ to allow the system to perform the function which could take a minute or so.
Note that your iPhone XS Max will complete the said procedure and reboot automatically after which, you need to set it up like a new phone. 

How to Factory Reset your iPhone XS Max through iTunes?

You can also reset the iPhone to its original factory settings through iTunes which is easy as cutting a cake. You need a computer to connect to via a USB cable and an access to iTunes along with the device you want to restore. Now follow the said steps to accomplish the task.
Step 01: Plug the USB cable yo your iPhone XS Max and connect the Type-A side to the computer or you can use the Lightning cable as well.
Step 02: Open iTunes on your computer.
Step 03: Once iTunes has recognized your device, tap on the iPhone icon on the left side of the menu.
Step 04: You will spot a ‘Restore’ button that you can use to restore but I’ll advise taking a backup first.
Step 05: Tap on ‘Restore the iPhone’ that will wipe all the data and setting and confirm it, enter the passcode if asked.
Step 06: Use iTunes to set up the iPhone and restore the backup if you want and that’s all.

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