Fix: Apple Magic Keyboard Backlight Not Working

In our previous post, we discussed how to resolve the charging issue with Apple’s Magic Keyboard. However, we received queries about another problem some users face: the backlight not working on their keyboard. We understand that this issue may arise due to various factors, such as manufacturer defects or incorrect user handling. Therefore, we delved deeper into the problem to provide a comprehensive solution.

Normally, when a user connects their iPad to the Magic Keyboard, the keyboard’s backlight turns on automatically. However, if a sticker obstructs the light sensors or the backlight settings are altered, the keyboard may not display the backlight. If you are experiencing this issue, follow our step-by-step guide to resolve it and get your Magic Keyboard’s backlight working again.

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Fix: Apple Magic Keyboard Backlight Not Working

The keyboard’s backlight is essential when using it in a dark environment. Seeing most people want dark backgrounds for their PCs, I understand what people would feel if Apple’s Magic Keyboard did not have a backlight. Following that, we came up with this guide where we learned the reason behind the issue. Luckily, we have a fix you need to try on your Magic keyboard. So, let’s know about each of them.

Ensure no sticker is obstructing the light sensor

Magic keyboards have a light sensor that helps them understand their surroundings. This refers to situations where the environment is dark, and there is a need for keyboard backlighting. This sensor turns on the keyboard’s lights. Due to an object or sticker covering the light sensor, you are not getting the backlight that may be possible. The keyboard backlight will resume working after you remove the obstructing object.

Reattach the Magic Keyboard to the iPad

Sometimes, when you attach your keyboard to the system, the keyboard doesn’t respond to the other device. As a result, the way they are connected has issues. The arrangement means there is no obstruction between the keyboard and the system. It should be connected via a magnetic connector. So, make sure to detach the keyboard and then attach it again to ensure the medium is free of obstacles.

Adjust your keyboard’s brightness

The Magic keyboard has a default brightness that sometimes gets changed by mistake. Also, make sure the place you are using is entirely dark. Even with the backlight on, you might think they are not on or working. All you have to do is adjust your keyboard’s brightness settings and level it to suit you. To adjust brightness, go to Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> Hardware Keyboards >> and adjust the ‘Keyboard Backlighting’ slider toggle to the brightest position.

Reboot your iPad

Before this fix, we could only alter the Magic Keyboard. However, if the problem persists after that. It means the problem is with your iPad. For that, you can reboot it. The reason is that sometimes it loses some files that help attachments run properly. It may be due to the loss of these files that your iPad cannot use the magic keyboard’s backlight. He lost these files. So, press and hold your power and volume buttons until you see the Apple Logo. So that it turns off. Hold the power button and restart it. Your Magic Keyboard will turn on the backlight.

Conclusively, these are the most common mistakes people make while using the Magic keyboard. In this case, we have provided the most feasible ways to fix it. Even if you have performed all the fixes and the issue still persists. Then they should raise their concerns on Apple’s official support page. Therefore, the problem would be handle by the developer. Also, if any user has questions about the above fixes, please ask them in the below section.

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