Apple Magic Mouse Dies Fast – How to Fix

It’s not uncommon for the Apple Magic Mouse battery to die fast. Many iMac users have come forward with battery life issues. You can go through the Apple forums and threads, where the community mentions the problems and solutions. The Cupertino-based company has a dedicated research & development team. The Magic Mouse is an excellent product selling at an expensive price bracket. We are going to look at what’s causing the Magic Mouse battery and solve them.

Apple Magic Mouse Dies Fast - How to Fix

What’s the typical Magic Mouse battery life?

No one can tell if the Apple wireless device battery drains without learning how long it lasts. The battery lasts 6 – 8 weeks after spending 50 hours each week. The latest Apple Silicon-based iMac comes with the same Magic Mouse. I have suggested a few solutions below and followed them to resolve the wireless device issues.

Meanwhile, you can book an appointment with the authorized service center and have them look at the device. We don’t want you to put the expensive device at risk.

The iMac accessories are covered under a 12 or 6 months warranty. You can request a replacement at 0 costs.

What’s causing the Apple Magic Mouse battery issues?

Bad habits lead to problems, and the theory applies to electronic goods. Treat the peripherals similarly to the primary electronic products. The peripherals need care from your end. I have mentioned a few valid reasons why the Magic Mouse battery ran out of juice faster than expected.

Always On Mode:

Apple added a physical button to turn off the mouse. The physical button exists for a good reason, and you shouldn’t avoid it. All wireless peripherals have turn-on/off buttons on the device. Stop putting stress on the wireless device when you don’t need them. Stop relying on the auto turn-off after a few minutes of inactivity. Manufacturers have collected feedback from the existing device owners and added a cut-off sensor in the mouse. Turn off the Magic Mouse after ending the session.

Degraded Battery:

The Apple wireless mouse has two AAA batteries inside. An American company called “Energizer” ships the battery for the Apple mouse. There’s no doubt about the Energizer products, but they are prone to overtime degradation. The Li-Ion batteries degrade, and you can replace them anytime.

Water Damage:

The liquid droplets may have found their way inside the mouse. We place water bottles, cups, and food on the desktop table. Apple doesn’t cover water damage under the warranty policy, and no other manufacturer does. Take the mouse to the authorized service center and ask them to confirm the liquid damage.

Faulty Magic Mouse:

The American premium brand puts high-quality electronic parts inside the mouse. We cannot blame the construction quality because Apple has a reputation. However, the electronic components have flaws in the technology. Take the mouse to the service center and ask them to replace the unit. The company has a replacement policy, and they don’t want to ruin the experience of under-warranty customers.

Faulty Charging Cable:

Millions have switched to the Type-C cable. The smartphone users charge the device and mouse with the same Type-C cable. There’s a chance of wear and tear of the Type-C wire resulting in the Magic Mouse issues. You can confirm your doubts by replacing the charging cable.

Apple Magic Mouse Dies Fast: How to Fix?

I suggest the (under warranty) Magic Mouse owners visit the Apple service center firsthand. The peripherals have a six or twelve months warranty on them. The Cupertino-based company has a replacement warranty on the faulty products. Claim the replacement unit if the wireless device is found internal component damaged.

Inspect Apple Magic Mouse

No manufacturer covers physically damaged products under the warranty policy. Inspect the unit and search for cosmetic damages. Take your time and inspect the wireless mouse thoroughly. Turn off the wireless mouse while you are disquisitive the wireless mouse.

Reboot Magic Mouse and Mac Computer

Have you left the Magic mouse overnight without shut-eye?

When was the last time you shut down the Mac computer?

I left my notebook in sleep mode many times because it’s convenient.

Your Mac computer and peripherals require rest for the hardware and software sake. A human being cannot work non-stop because you got 24 hours a day. Similarly, you cannot overwork the hardware components because they have a limit.

For Mac:

1. Click on the Apple logo.

2. Choose the Shut Down option from the Apple menu.

3. Click on Shut Down from the pop-up menu.

Let your Mac sleep for a minimum of five minutes.

For Magic Mouse:

1. Turn around the wireless peripheral.

2. Slide the power button.

Let your peripherals sleep every night. Laziness can affect the computer and hardware negatively over time.

Check Mouse Charge Level

The proprietary mouse sends signals more frequently than the keyboard. My wireless peripheral does more work than the keyboard. Of course, the peripheral consumes higher energy than the counterpart. Let me show you how to check the charge level and make a decision. Move on to the next paragraph if the mouse is non-responsive.

1. Open the Apple menu.

2. Select System Preferences from the options.

3. Choose Magic Mouse from the System Preferences.

4. Check the battery charge at the bottom left corner.

5. Look for “Mouse battery level 60%” in the Mouse settings.

Mac computer couldn’t detect the Magic mouse if the option is missing from the settings.

Degraded Battery

Wireless peripherals depend on batteries for power sources. Many use Apple rechargeable batteries in the proprietary peripherals. You have heard Mac computer owners complaining about the charge drain. I recommend the readers try another set of batteries from a different brand.

I choose Duracell because they last longer than the average battery. Of course, you can go with Panasonic Eneloop, but Apple had them manufacture the existing battery for the Magic Mouse. Many recommend Eneloop, but you can try Duracell for a change.

Low-quality Battery

I won’t name the brand, but I purchased a battery pack from a reputed company. Unfortunately, they didn’t last long in the device and messed up the internals. The battery-powered device landed in the landfill a few months later. Low-quality batteries can harm than good for the battery-powered device.

We don’t know how long the Apple peripheral idling in the box. Contact the nearby store and ask them to send a replacement battery set. Claim the warranty at the Apple store. I mean, the service center inspects the peripheral and fixes the issue.

Replace the battery in the Magic mouse and order high-quality products from a reputed brand.

Faulty Battery

All batteries age and put on weight over time. The rechargeable batteries reached the end life cycle. Inspect the power source unit by removing the back lid.

1. Remove the batteries from the back protecting cover.

2. Inspect the set for damages

3. Check the size of the battery

Dispose of the faulty battery carefully because they might explode in the landfill. Many government-led cleaning agencies don’t check the trash bags. You can find news reports of chemicals and batteries exploding in landfill.

Reset SMC in Mac

SMC stands for System Management Controller integrated with Mac computers. The SMC manages many functions, including battery management. Resetting the controller removes the settings and configuration file.

Mac with T2 Security Chip:

Apple released iMac Pro 2017 with the T2 chip.

1. Shut down the Mac computer.

2. Switch off the power.

3. Remove the power cable.

4. Wait for 15 seconds.

5. Connect the power cable and turn on the switch.

6. Wait for 6 seconds.

7. Press the Mac power button.

Check the Magic mouse functions.

Mac without T2 Security Chip:

iMac release before 2017 doesn’t have a T2 security chip.

1. Shut down the Mac computer.

2. Switch off the power.

3. Remove the power cable.

4. Wait for 15 seconds.

5. Connect the power cable and turn on the switch.

6. Wait for 6 seconds.

7. Press the Mac power button.

You can repeat the same tutorial twice if you think the SMC reset didn’t work.

How to Replace Magic Mouse Batteries?

Have you replaced Magic mouse batteries before? Learn a couple of things before picking up a replacement set. I have covered the points below before making the purchase.

The first-gen Magic Mouse 1 requires two AA batteries.

You can buy a replacement battery from Apple or a reputed brand. Anyone can replace the battery at home. Use a SIM injector to open the jammed lid.

The second-gen Magic Mouse 2 requires a phone-like battery.

Users have to watch YouTube videos for a visual experience because you need assistance to remove the lid and replace the battery. Reach the Apple service center for assistance because you need tools to open the back lid.

Bottom Line

Switch to a third-party wireless mouse because these brands have perfected the technology and improved the peripheral for the customers. Several brands are manufacturing premium mice for mac owners. You can ask the service center to check the Apple Magic Mouse battery drain issues.

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