Apple Pencil Not Writing Connecting: How To Fix?

Apple Pencil is not connecting or writing on the iPad. Users have complained about the stylus connection issues with the previously paired iPad Pro model. Some users have said that the Apple Pencil is connected, but it won’t write a single word or letter on the editing apps. We will explore the official solutions to resolve the stylus issues on the latest iPadOS.

Apple Pencil Not Writing Connecting: How To Fix?

Why Is Apple Pencil Not Writing or Connecting With the iPad?

The Apple Pencil is a proprietary technology that works with iPad models only. Thousands of designers purchase a premium stylus for animation and drawing purposes. The Cupertino-based manufacturer has launched multiple stylus models in the last few years. We have laid down a few reasons the Pencil is not connecting with the latest iPad model.

Bluetooth Glitch:

The Apple Pencil and iPad utilize Bluetooth technology to create the connection. Everyone knows about BT glitches and bugs. We have used BT-enabled MacBooks, Windows laptops, wireless audio devices, Android phones, and more. Nokia 6600 had the first-gen BT device, and the latest 5.3 has similar connection glitches. We have shown you how to resolve the minor wireless connection issues below.

Unsupported Apple Pencil:

The manufacturer launched two generations of Apple Pencils for consumers. I have listed the supported iPad models for the first-gen and second-gen stylus.

1st Gen Apple Pencil:

a. iPad Pro (2015),
b. iPad Pro (2016),
c. iPad Pro (2017),
d. iPad Pro (2017),
e. iPad (2018),
f. iPad Air 3 (2019),
g. iPad mini 5 (2019),
h. iPad (2019),
i. iPad (2020),
j. iPad (2021).

Check your iPad model and write off the compatibility issue.

2nd Gen Apple Pencil:

a. iPad Pro (2018)
b. iPad Pro (2018)
c. iPad Pro (2020)
d. iPad Pro (2020)
e. iPad Air 4 (2020)
f. iPad Pro (2021)
g. iPad Pro (2021)
h. iPad Mini 6 (2021)
i. iPad Air 5 (2022)

Check the Apple official page for compatibility information. You can call customer care using the toll-free number and ask them for suggestions.

Pencil Out Of Juice:

Apple Pencil has a small capacity 0.329 Wh lithium-ion battery. The manufacturer claims twelve hours of usage per charge. Ask yourself when was the last time you charged the device. The wireless stylus won’t perform the same when it’s out of juice.

iPadOS Bugs:

iPadOS is an advanced tablet operating system, and the software has no competition in the market. The 15th edition has newer features taking the tablet experience to the next level. However, Apple developers take time to solve the bugs and glitches.

Failing Battery:

The first-gen Pencil has an 86 mAh battery inside. The Li-ion battery degrades over time and requires a replacement. Unfortunately, you won’t find a replacement from a third-party vendor and repair guides. Users have to rely on the authorized service center for the replacement unit.

Faulty Hardware:

Apple has used premium quality materials to build the iPad and Pencil. However, electronic components can give up at any time. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to repair and service. Reach out to the authorized service center and carry the invoice for warranty purposes.

Apple Pencil Not Writing Connecting: How To Fix?

Use the charging adapter provided in the box to charge the Pencil through the lightning cable. You don’t need a third-party tool to fix the Bluetooth connectivity issues on iPad and Pencil.

Reboot iPad and Pencil

Bluetooth has minor bugs on iPad and others across platform devices. Turn off the Pencil and the Apple tablet for a few minutes. Let me tell you how to power off the iPad without a working Side button.

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Choose the “General” settings.

3. Swipe down.

4. Tap the “Shut Down” option.

5. Move the slider to turn off the tablet.

6. Connect the lighting cable and charge the iPad.

The Apple tablet will power on without a working Side button. Unfortunately, you don’t have a physical power button to turn off the Pencil. Give the devices a few minutes to rest, then power them on.

Check Pencil Battery

Check the Pencil’s remaining battery on the iPad if the device is connected. The operating system displays the stylus charge through the widget.

1. Tap and hold the widget or application for a few seconds.

2. Tap the + icon located at the top right corner.

3. Tap the battery icon.

4. Choose the widget style.

5. Tap the “Add Widget” button.

The connected wireless devices’ battery charge appears on the widget. Remove the stylus and charge the device until it’s 100%.

Charge Apple Pencil Via iPad

Apple Pencil first-gen and second-gen don’t have a power button. You don’t have the option to conserve energy through software or hardware. Pick up the iPad and charge the Pencil via the Apple tablet. Many users recharge the stylus through the adapter bundled in the box. You can purchase a replacement from the vendor or charge the Pencil via iPad.

Faulty Battery

Remember, the Pencil loses the ability to recharge the battery if you keep the device unchecked. The Li-ion battery technology works the same on all devices. You don’t have an option when the battery is dead. Reach out to the authorized service center for further assistance. Fortunately, Apple charges less than $30 to replace the battery from the Pencil. Book an online appointment or reach the physical store for further information.

Enable Airplane Mode

Cut off the wireless network on the iPad. The Apple drivers will restart the Bluetooth module and remove the bugs or glitches from the frame.

1. Tap the “Settings” app.

2. Tap the “Airplane mode” button.

3. Disable the “Airplane Mode” a couple of minutes later.

The iPad will reconnect the wireless device and give you access to the Pencil functions.

Remove & Pair Pencil

Bluetooth has minor connection bugs and glitches. We have experienced them with headphones, earphones, transfers, etc. You can stabilize the connection by removing the Pencil and pairing again.

1. Tap the “Settings” app.

2. Tap the “Bluetooth” option.

3. Find the Pencil from the list.

4. Tap the (i) icon.

5. Tap the “Forget This Device” button.

6. Turn off the Bluetooth.

7. Restart iPad.

Pair the Pencil with your iPad, and it will work flawlessly. Repeat the same process if the pairing doesn’t resolve the issue.

Update Apple Pencil Firmware

Yes, I asked you to update the Pencil firmware. However, Apple has never created a system for the users to update the firmware. The pencil software updates automatically whenever you connect the device to the iPad. Let me show you how you can confirm the firmware version. Compare it with the updated version.

1. Connect the Apple Pencil.

2. Open the “Settings” application.

3. View the “General” settings.

4. Tap the “About” section.

5. Swipe down.

6. Tap the “Apple Pencil” option.

7. Check the firmware version.

The iPad updates the Pencil firmware and requires an active internet connection. Keep your Apple tablet and Pencil idle for a while.

Update iPadOS

The iPadOS is a continuous developing software for the iPad models. The developer releases a newer software version for the supported devices. Update your iPad with confidence.

a. Open the webpage of the release notes and read them.

b. Many blog authors and experts publish reviews on the latest iPadOS updates.

c. Follow some iPad groups on Reddit or Facebook for consumer insights.

Consider updating the iPadOS version when there is a green flag.

Bottom Line

Apple Pencil is not writing or connecting with the iPad because of hardware failure. Locate the nearest Apple service centre and ask them to repair the device. Carry the purchase invoice when you book an appointment to claim the warranty. Ask them to inspect the Pencil tip for damages. In the comment section, let us know how you solved the Apple Pencil issues.

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