How to automatically hibernate apps for better battery life with Greenify

Putting apps into the hibernation mode is something that a lot of people want. The reason is extremely simple and i.e. it simply let them save their battery life. You might have no idea but this is one of the finest methods to keep up the pace in this matter. In this post, we will guide you on how to automatically hibernate apps for better battery life with hibernator.

Greenify is one of the well-known software that is extremely helpful in this matter. You may think you need to root your device, but the fact is Greenify works without rooting as well. However, there are some limitations in such a case. The good thing is you can still make sure of the better battery life of your device even the device is not rooted. This is exactly where the need of a hibernator is felt when it comes to boosting battery life without rooting the phone. At the first glance, you may notice that apps are looking familiar to the Greenify but that’s not the case. Actually, it’s due to the Colour scheme. You can get the hibernator free of cost from the Play Store.

How to automatically hibernate apps for better battery life with Greenify

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Granting permissions

It is necessary for you to grant the necessary permissions to the app before you actually start using a hibernator. There is nothing to worry at this point as the apps ask only for some basic permissions and the task can be accomplished in no time. After installation, simply open the hibernator. You will see the 3 dot menu on the right corner of the screen. Simply tap it and choose Permissions. Toggle them one after one, you can then see the Settings of the page where you can grant the permission. Apps need you to grant them three permissions which are:

  • Draw over other apps
  • Accessibility Service Permission
  • Device Admin Permission

Hibernating the apps

It is quite true that you don’t want all the apps to go on hibernation mode. Thus there is nothing much you need to do. Check out the Selected apps tab. You will then see a floating plus button. Click on it and select the apps that you want to go on hibernation mode while not in use. After selection, simply click on the start button you will see above the selected apps. All the hibernated apps can be viewed in a scrollable card which you can find at the bottom right.

Using automatic hibernation

Although you can select apps manually that you want to hibernate, this is probably not the right option. It is possible to use automatic hibernation simply. For this, click on the 3 dot menu icon which is at the top right corner of the screen. You will find the option “Settings”. Click on it and select the hibernation notifications if you want. You can select it here if you want. In case you are considering the automatic approach, we suggest you disable the same. There is also an option to add all the new comer apps into your phone to go into hibernation mode automatically. You will find the option “Enable Automatic Hibernation” under the “Automatic Hibernation” option. The process of hibernation is helpful in assuring long battery backup on your device.

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