Fix: Bayonetta 3 FPS Drop on Nintendo Switch | Increase Performance

After a long wait, Platinum Games has finally released Bayonetta 3. The latest title in the Bayonetta series is exclusive to Nintendo Switch. The game is amazing to play, but not for all the players. There have been many reports that Bayonetta 3 players are facing frame drop issues on Nintendo Switch that ruins their gaming experience. The lag and stutter also contribute to the unhealthy experience.

Bayonetta 3 FPS drop on Nintendo Switch

Being a portable and small device, Nintendo Switch sacrifices on performance part. A minor performance decrease has been observed with many games on Nintendo Switch consoles. However, as complained by users, the Bayonetta 3 FPS drop problem on Nintendo Switch ruins their gaming experience, which no one would want. If you are in the same boat, keep reading this article as we’ll be going through several ways to fix the FPS drop problem on Bayonetta 3 and increase the game’s performance.

Bayonetta 3 FPS Drop on Nintendo Switch, How to Fix?

There are a couple of solutions you can try to boost the FPS on Bayonetta 3 on your Nintendo Switch. If not by a great margin, you’d definitely observe some performance improvements that should improve your gaming experience.

1. Restart Your Console

You may be getting unstable FPS on Bayonetta 3 due to temporary bugs or system glitches. Restarting the device should be more than enough to eliminate these issues.

Here’s how to restart a Nintendo Switch console:

  1. Press and hold the power button on your console for 3 seconds.
  2. From the Power Menu, select Power Options.
  3. Select the Restart option.

Once you restart your Switch, launch the game and check if you’re still facing a low FPS problem on Bayonetta 3.

2. Check For Game Updates

A temporary bug linked to the game might also trigger the problem. If the same issue has been reported by many users, probably Bayonetta 3 developers may be working on bringing a fix for the unstable or low FPS problem. You should check if there’s an update available for the game.

  1. Make sure your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet.
  2. Go to the Home Screen of your Nintendo Switch.
  3. Select the Bayonetta 3 game (do not launch the game).
  4. Press the + button or – button on your controller.
  5. Select Software Update from the drop-down menu.
  6. Choose Via the Internet and proceed.

If an update is available, download and install it right now. Otherwise, you may want to check for an update again in a few days.

3. Overclock Your Switch

This is an advanced way of increasing the performance of your Nintendo Switch console. If your console has custom firmware, you can overclock it just by restoring the base X1 settings. Once done, launch a game and observe the change in performance. It should be noted that the performance improvements through this method come at the expense of battery life. The overclock condition will only kick in when the system is docked.

4. Use an Emulator

Since Bayonetta 3 is very new, the emulator support is limited. However, in the coming weeks and months, there’ll be many emulators with support for Bayonetta 3. But for now, you can use Ryuninx to run the game at 60fps, and that too in 4K. The emulators are prone to crashing and other issues. But, it’ll be a good try.

Final Words

Bayonetta 3 is an excellent game, but the low FPS and other issues have made players unhappy. To help them out, we mentioned several effective ways to fix Bayonetta 3 FPS drop issue on Nintendo Switch in this article. I hope the solutions were useful to you. Have any questions or queries? Write them in the comments below and we’ll reply back at the earliest.

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