Best Civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms

This article dedicatedly shares some of the best civilizations present in Rise of Kingdoms. If you are new to this game or someone who is confused about which one to go for can make a quick choice from the top-tier civilizations.With games like Rise of Kingdom that feature strategic gameplay, you need to keep every step cautiously. Especially when it asks you to choose from a total of 11 civilizations in the early game, it automatically gets tough to make a choice.

Each civilization pictures a different architecture, style, has its own perks, special units, and more. This brings up diversity in the gameplay and you can notice the differences at the matchup time. All 11 civilizations have their own strengths and weaknesses making them unique in their own ways. As you keep going with one of these civilizations, you will slowly realize the potential and if it really suits your gaming style. However, it is the beginning where most players get stuck as they have no idea about what these civilizations have to provide to them.

Best Civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms

Best Civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms

Before we look into our list of the best civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms, you need to understand that there are no hard-core differences regarding power or so among them. The differences are very minor and their impact can hardly be seen in the endgame mostly. Moreover, the fact that you can shift to other civilizations throughout the gameplay provides you the freedom to choose any of them.

But what is actually important while choosing a civilization in the game is understanding your goal. You need to make sure about what you are planning to do, what you what from the civilization type, and so on. Once you are sure about these factors, you can then go for any civilization that meets your requirements. In general, there is nothing such as the best civilization in Rise of Kingdoms. However, if you have no specific requirements and just want to start a journey with something entertaining, then here are some of the best options for you.

1. China (Early Game)

Well, if you are a newbie to this game and just about to start your journey, then in general, China definitely is the best pick for you for the early game. The first reason is that China gives you Sun Tzu for free. Considering this character and his performances, Sun Tzu is recommended to be the best commander in the entire game. He will not only be useful in the early game but continue to be a reliable one until the late game.

Sun Tzu undoubtedly gives the best results when put into group fights. He really makes a great pair with both Eulji and Joan. Besides, his expeditions give off remarkable results. Therefore, with him at the center and more good comrades, you can come up with a variety of strategies throughout your journey.

Apart from that, this civilization offers a 5% increased building speed. Now, if you are not aware of that, most of your powers come from the buildings in the civilization. And with this buff in your pocket, you can reach higher City Hall levels much faster and assure your chances of getting into better Alliances. In addition, you can also benefit from the 5% action point recovery that will specifically help you throughout the battles.

2. Germany (Mid Game)

Best Civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms

Once you come past the early game and enter the mid-zone, your ultimate priority is to train a bunch of troops. The increased 5% troop training speed backs you up with training more troops throughout the game. In the mid-game, you will need to take care of a lot of things.

For such situations, Germany, fortunately, provides you with the right buffs to set the stage for a successful endgame. For instance, the 5% increase in Cavalry Attack turns out to be a great buff on the battlefield. It allows you to choose any target that you want to attack easily. No doubt, the Cavalry units are already very fast, and with this buff, it skyrockets their abilities to bring the best out of the game. On top of everything, you get an extra 20% increased action points recovery as well.

3. Korea (End Game)

By the time you reach the late game in Rise of Kingdoms, you will be more focused on completing the various types of research. And believe it or not, things get really slow after reaching this point. You will notice that some research even takes up to months. At this time, Korea seems to be the best option you can opt for. This is because of the 3% increased research to speed that the civilization has to offer to you.

Although 3% might not sound like something so valuable, trust me, even this can boost up the processes by considerable numbers. This not only speeds up the process but also helps you make a good amount of money as well. Besides, there is a 15% increased hospital capacity, and a 5% increased archer defense as well. These are some great buffs that will help you out a lot in most parts of the late-game sessions.

4. Vikings (Editor’s Choice)

Apart from the first three options, here are a couple of my favorites with Vikings definitely being one of them. Now, one of the main reasons behind this is the Vikings series on Netflix. If you have watched it too and are a great fan of the characters like Ragnar Lothbrok, Bjorn Ironside, etc, this civilization has a lot of things for exploring.

But that is not the only reason. Vikings itself is a great civilization considering all the buff and environment it has to offer you. Firstly, you will get a 5% increase in infantry attacks, a 3% increase in counterattack damage, and a 10% increase in troop load along with a special unit of Berserker. And above all, you will have access to Bjorn Ironside as well, which definitely is a special thing for every Viking fan.

5. Egypt (Editor’s Choice)

Last but not least, if you are looking for something that you can rely on at any moment no matter at which stage you are in the game, then Egypt is for you. Starting with the perks, you will get access to Imhotep. Secondly, a lot of interesting buffs also wait for you.

This civilization ensures you the best default stats with 5% increased rally damage for the archers, 1.5% building speed, and 1.5% research speed as well. All these buffs can add up to great contributions throughout the game. Neither you need to worry about your damage-dealing abilities now you have to think of waiting for long periods in the late game. All these make Egypt an idle civilization to roll in at any stage of the game.


Finally, that explains all the best civilizations available in Rise of Kingdoms. No doubt, the other civilizations also bring in some great perks for you. However, looking from an overall perspective, these are some of the best ones you could go for depending on the stage of the game you are at. Besides, if you want an all-time reliable civilization, you could also look forward to Egypt as well. Yet if you already have your goals locked make sure to check the other civilizations as well before opting for one. Rest you can always shift to another civilization at any time throughout the game.

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