Best Ghost Face Builds In Dead By Daylight (November 2023)

The Canadian studio Behaviour Interactive developed and released an online asymmetric multiplayer survival horror game Dead by Daylight. In this one-versus-four game, one player assumes the position of a Killer while the other four take on the role of Survivors. There are multiple killers in the game. One of them is Ghost Face.

The Ghost Face is a very effective killer since he hunts his target invisibly and silently for an instant kill. He is popular for being able to Stalk and Mark survivors, leaving them open to attack. However, many people don’t think it is simple to play him since if the players are not careful, survivors may quickly expose them.

However, some users are looking for the best builds for the Ghost Face to make him more powerful. If you are also looking for the same, this guide will help you. We are here with a guide to discuss the best builds for the Ghost Face in Dead by Daylight for November 2023. So, let’s start the guide without any further ado.

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What Are The Power and Perks of The Ghost Face In Dead By Daylight?

Before we go on to the best builds for the Ghost Face in Dead by Daylight, you must first know his power and perks. Below down, we have mentioned the power and perks of the Ghost Face in Dead by Daylight.

I’m All Ears

With this perk, the survivor’s aura is exposed for a few seconds when they conduct a Rushed Action within 48 meters of you.

Thrilling Tremors

With this perk, the entity will block all Generators for a few seconds after recovering a downed Survivor from them. And, the auras of Generators that have been blocked are indicated in white.

Furtive Chase

With this perk, you receive a token for each time your Obsession is hooked, up to a total of 2/3/4. A Survivor becomes the new Obsession when they save the Obsession from the Hook. Once the Obsession is killed or sacrificed, all Tokens are lost.

What Are The Best Builds For The Ghost Face In Dead By Daylight for November 2023?

Now, that you know the power and perks of the Ghost Face, let’s have a look at his best builds in Dead By Daylight.

  • Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance (The Artist) – Begin the trial with four tokens. Each time you hook a different survivor on a special white Scourge Hook, you lose a token, and the generator with the highest progress explodes, losing 25% of its completion. This creates a strategic setback for survivors working on generators.
  • Corrupt Intervention (The Plague) – Right at the trial’s onset, the three generators located farthest from your starting point are blocked for 120 seconds, or until you down the first survivor. This perk strategically delays survivors from progressing early in the game.
  • Sloppy Butcher (General Perk) – Your basic attacks inflict the Mangled and Hemorrhage status effects on survivors. This results in a 25% slower healing process and causes healing progress to regress if not completed, hindering survivor recovery.
  • Lethal Pursuer (The Nemesis Perk): Now, the next best build for the Ghost Face is Lethal Purser. With this build, the auras of every survivor are made visible for a few seconds at the beginning of the trial. This benefit also adds an extra 2 seconds to the duration of other aura-reading skills.


This was all for the guide on What Are The Best Builds For The Ghost Face In Dead By Daylight for November 2023. We hope that with the help of this guide, you were able to know about the Ghost Face and his best builds. There are many more characters in the game. If you want to know about their best builds, then do check out our website. Also, if you have any doubts or questions, then feel free to mention them in the comment section below. We will try our best to solve them and provide you with a helpful guide on it.

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