List of Best Miitopia Mii Codes

Miitopia is one of the role-playing video games for Nintendo Switch that has been developed and published by Nintendo itself back in 2016. Players can cast their friends and family members in Miitopia for adventurous gameplay. Miitopia offers players to add some of their favorite characters from video games, movies, animes, and character codes. Here we’ve shared the List of Best Miitopia Mii Codes that players may find useful.

Once you go through all the best Miis that are available to download, you can easily find out the access keys below as well. Although these access keys and Miis can also be purchased over from the demo, you can follow the full directions and enter the character code to download in order to add these into the gameplay.

List of Best Miitopia Mii Codes

List of Best Miitopia Mii Codes

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into it.

Please Note: Players will require a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription to use this option.

1. Video Game Character Codes

Players can download these Miis character codes.

Mario Series:

  • Bowser: 7W0XJ2H
  • Luigi: 7W0XJ2H
  • Mario: 7W0XJ2H
  • Pauline: M3WC0M
  • Rosalina: 15PCK1L
  • Toad: 1NBTC4W
  • Waluigi: 7W0XJ2H
  • Wario: 7W0XJ2H


  • 2B: 1GKWF4F
  • Among Us: 4KC574X
  • Banjo and Kazooie: 6084P63
  • Bayonetta: 5FLN46J
  • Crash Bandicoot: 1GH1GV9
  • Final Fantasy 7: 3B5MWNK
  • Geno: 232YVJV
  • Geralt: 33FDTPN
  • Hatsune Miku: T12LD7
  • Jak and Daxter: 349X62C
  • King of the Cosmos: 8GFCJ2K
  • Kirby: 7DB3FWC
  • Mega Man X: 72G7733
  • Mother 3: 7W0XJ2H
  • Ness: 7W0XJ2H
  • Palico: 232YVJV
  • PaRappa the Rapper: 6RMXDFK
  • Piranha Plant: 232YVJV
  • Sans: 7C7XVVJ
  • Solid Snake: 232YVJV
  • Steve: VYNR97
  • Tron Bonne: BB8LNY
  • Ulala: 4P5DMXC
  • UmJammer Lammy: 6RMXDFK

Persona Series:

  • Makoto Nijima: 15PCK1L
  • Rise Kujikawa: 15PCK1L
  • Ryuji Sakamoto: 33BHP31
  • Sadayo Kawakami: 15PCK1L
  • Yosuke Hanamura: 33BHP31
  • Yukiko Amagi: 15PCK1L

Pokemon Series:

  • Brock: 5PHXFR0
  • Diglett: 3RVHRGR
  • Gastly: 3RVHRGR
  • Incineroar: 6DXWBVX
  • Koffing: 30DN42F
  • James: 1NBTC4W
  • Jesse: 1NBTC4W
  • Jynx: 3RVHRGR
  • Marnie: 6B10GN8
  • Pikachu: P2FJX6

Sonic Series:

  • Dr. Robotnik: 3B5MWNK
  • Shadow: 7W0XJ2H
  • Sonic: 3B5MWNK

Splatoon Series:

  • Callie: 4P5DMXC
  • Inkling: 4K89CRH
  • Marie: 4P5DMXC
  • Marina: 4P5DMXC
  • Pearl: 4P5DMXC

Zelda Series:

  • Ganondorf: 232YVJV
  • Link: 4P5DMXC
  • Majora: 4GH3KT
  • Midna: 3L02FXR
  • Tingle: 251LHXC
  • Tingle 2: 7W0XJ2H
  • Zelda: 4P5DMXC

2. Anime Character Codes

Miitopia players can add some of their favorite anime characters to the adventure with the access keys below.

Demon Slayer:

  • Nezuko: 6B10GN8
  • Rengoku: 3XPNM03
  • Tanjiro: 3XPNM03

Dragon Ball Series:

  • Goku: 6B10GN8
  • Krillin: 6B10GN8
  • Piccolo: 6B10GN8

Kill La Kill:

  • Ryuko: 5LH4GTF
  • Satsuki: 5LH4GTF


  • Sailor Moon: P2HR71

Zombieland Saga:

  • Ai Mizuno: 6HVT0YM
  • Junko Konno: 6HVT0YM
  • Saki Nikaido: 6HVT0YM
  • Sakura Minamoto: 6HVT0YM

3. Misc. Character Codes

There are some of the misc. characters from movies, cartoons, and TV shows.

  • Boba Fett: 4GH3KT
  • Bobby Hill: 2GRKKC1
  • Cacodemon: 8HDMV76
  • Gir: 1FLKXXT
  • Gooby: 6081Y5W
  • Harvey Birdman: 8PC7K8V
  • Homer Simpson: 5835LY
  • Lois Griffin: 6081Y5W
  • Minion: P2HR71
  • Peter Griffin: 7W0XJ2H
  • Ramona Flowers: 7W0XJ2H
  • Robocop: T12LD7
  • Scott Pilgrim: 7W0XJ2H
  • Snoopy: 33BHP31
  • Zoidberg: 5TVM5P6

Steps to Use an Access Key in Miitopia

  • Select ‘Mii characters’ on the main screen.
  • Select ‘Add Mii characters’ > Choose to ‘Receive’.
  • Once the game prompts ‘Receive from whom’, make sure to select ‘Access key’.
  • Now, enter the character code > Choose the Mii to download.
  • Select ‘Receive’.
  • Enjoy!

That’s it, guys. We hope this article was helpful. For further queries, you can comment below.

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