Best Paladin Build in Lords of the Fallen

In this article, we will explain the Best Paladin Build in Lords of the Fallen for you. Ensure that you are following till the end of this article to know more about the Paladin build. In the vast realm of action role-playing games, Lords of the Fallen stands tall as a testament to the fusion of immersive storytelling and intricate gameplay mechanics. It is an action role-playing video game developed by Deck 13 and CI Games. The Lords of the Fallen is the upgraded version of the 2014 game and in 2023 the game introduces a new epic RPG adventure with an interconnected world that is said to be more than five times larger than the Original game.

At the heart of this dark and challenging world lies the enigmatic Paladin, a character class that embodies the essence of righteousness and combat prowess. Crafting the perfect Paladin build in Lords of the Fallen is not just a matter of numbers and statistics; it’s an art form, a delicate balance between offense and defense, between faith and steel. So today in this guide, we will discuss all about Best Paladin Build in Lords of the Fallen.

In the game, there is a character class named Paladin that combines martial prowess and magic to fight its enemies. The Paladin class is named Dark Crusader who is one of the children of the Paladin-Type class. Crafting the best Paladin build demands a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics, as well as a keen insight into the player’s own playstyle. Every swing of the sword, every incantation of divine magic, and every inch of armor worn is a reflection of the player’s strategic choices.

Best Paladin Build in Lords of the Fallen

Best Paladin Build in Lords of the Fallen

In the Lord of the Fallen game, Paladin Build focuses on three key attributes which is a must for a character of this class; you should have great strength with Radiance and Endurance. If you want to play as a Paladin, you should go for the Dark Crusader. The Paladin class can wield heavy weapons and wear very heavy armor.

Dark Crusader

The Dark Crusader starts with the best Armor Protection among all the three Paladin classes. Dark Crusader also has great strength and endurance. You will have to purchase the Orian Preacher Hammer, Persian Shield, Catalyst, and Spells.

Dark Crusader has high initial strength and Endurance. You will get the Dark Crusader Armor and the Great Sword in the initial phase. You will also get the Parchment for healing and damage. There is a Strong early start when you are having Dark Crusader due to the Powerful sword it carries.

Weapon and Armor

The Paladin build needs to have the right balance between melee and magic to have the upper hand on the enemies. The default armor for the Dark Crusader is enough to carry it to the end, however, if you are someone who prefers extra weapons for physical protection, you should opt for the Vanguard armor which can be purchased from Exacter Dunmire after giving him the use Vanguard Baross Rosary found in the Forsaken Fen.

For weapons, you should use Pieta’s swords that deal high damage and good Radiance scaling. Especially when fully upgraded it can go even harder with Devoth and Orimon. If you prefer heavier swords, you should go for the Bloody Glory.

Pendant and Rings

When you talk about accessories, the Empyrean Pendant and Rings of Eternal Faith are the best fit for you, if you want to increase the damage output of all holy attacks by the Dark Crusader class. The Empyrean Pendant can be purchased from the Exacter Dunmire and the Rings of Eternal Faith can be purchased from Captain Stomund at the Abbey of the Hallowed Sister.

Spells and Radiance

The Piercing Light is the upgraded version of the Radiant Flare that pieces through the enemies. However, if your enemy is carrying strong armor, this will not be useful. That is why I should stick with the Radiant Flare. However, you can also go for the Blessed Reflection as it is another Remembrance item from the Pieta Spawns as it deals very heavy damage. There are other spells you can try like Briar Storm, Lucent Beam, or the Orius Judgement.


This brings us to the end of this guide for Best Paladin Build in Lords of the Fallen. The Paladin, a holy warrior bound by an unwavering code of ethics, serves as the player’s avatar in their quest to restore balance to a world overrun by demonic forces. As stated in the article there are three paladin builds in the game but the Dark Crusader is the best of them. You should focus more on physical strength and endurance instead of Spells and Radiance when playing with the Dark Crusader.

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