Fix: Bose Soundlink Color Battery Will Not Charge Issue

Whatever the mood is, but when your favorite music is started playing in good sound quality, everything starts feeling nice and fresh. For such music lovers, there is a wireless Bluetooth speaker from Bose. But even the best hardware can have issues from time to time. The most common issues users face with Bose Soundlink Color is when the battery will not charge or no battery indicator. 

Soundlink Color is a great Bluetooth portable speaker under the $135-140 price category. Bose is known to create the best wireless speaker with strong sound quality, and this speaker comes with a very attractive look. However, battery charging issues are very common with this speaker and occur either due to a bad battery or bad charging cable.

Recently, many users reported that the Bose Soundlink Color battery is not charging properly. However, we recommend you follow the fixes mentioned below before going to the service center. So check all the possible fixes to rectify the issue.

Fix Bose Soundlink Color Battery Will Not Charge Issue

Fix: Bose Soundlink Color Battery Will Not Charge Issue

It is very frustrating whenever the things we use stops working. The reason behind the bose Soundlink Color battery is not charge may have technical or physical damage. So, let’s start with the fixing process.

Fix 1: Faulty Adapter

Check whether the adaptor is working or not. A faulty adapter could make a fire hazard, and the reason behind your Soundlink Color is not charging. Moreover, check for any physical damage. If you found any of these changes, the adapter is the solution. Finally, thoroughly check the USB point in the adapter, it may dirty, or some foreign object may clean it properly with a brush, cloth or, compressed air to remove the dust from it. Also, check the adaptor’s power as per bose recommendation. It should be more than 1AMP or higher to charge their devices.

Fix 2: Power Cord

It is the main component that supplies power from the adapter to your speaker. Check properly for any bend, crack, or tear of the cord from bottom to up. It also has the USB part check the same as above. If you found any fault and not working by cleaning, then change the cord for better results.

 Fix 3: Charging Point

Charging cable is the main part of the speaker from where it takes power supply. Gently check the dirt or foreign object or scratch it with compressed air, cloth, or a small pin. However, if you found any physical damage like a crack or broken, contact customer care to rectify the problem.

Fix 4: Check for updates

As the current tech generation, almost everything can rectify with updates except the physical damage, just like our smart devices. You can use the computer to update the Soundlink color speaker. To do the update, connect the speaker via USB to your system and open the link It will automatically check and download the update if any available. After the downloading of the update, click on Apply Changes. It may take few minutes to update.

Fix 5: Reset the Soundlink Color speaker

Most of the time, resetting the device works, but you need to be very careful while resetting the Soundlink. Following the steps, carefully reset the device may damage your device. For example, here is the step to reset your Soundlink color speaker.

  1. Connect the Soundlink color speaker to power via an adaptor.
  2. Power on the speaker
  3. Simultaneously press and hold the AUX and Volume – buttons for about 15 seconds.
  4. A soft beep sound has come to form the speaker, and the light will turn to blue color.
  5. After that, when the process is complete, the speaker asks you to select the language. 

Note: Reset the Soundlink color speaker will erase all the previous settings and set the device as the default setting provided by BOSE.

Fix 6: Ship Mode

Ship mode is used when your speaker is not in use for a long period. This is also a reset process, but it will not delete the save setting of your device. The step to enable Ship mode are as follows.

  1. Connect the Soundlink Color speaker to power via the adaptor.

  2. Now, press and hold the play/pause button for 15 seconds and make sure to remove the power cable from the speaker.
    Fix: Bose Soundlink Color Battery Will Not Charge Issue
  3. After that, keep pressing and releasing the button a few times.

  4. To exit from the mode, connect the power cable to the speaker.

Now power on the device and check whether it’s working or the issue still exists.


We hope the above issue will rectify the Bose Soundlink Color battery not charging in the Sounlink color speaker. If the problem is not resolved, we recommend checking the device in Bose’s authorized service center for further assistance. However, the bose product has a good warranty, but if it expires, not to worry, they won’t charge much for repairing costs. 

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