How to Catch a Green Grapeskeeto in Bugsnax

Green Grapeskeeto is one of the flying insects in Bugsnax. Further, the Green Grapeskeeto being a flying insect, stays for a longer time in the air. Making it difficult to catch. Still, for the players, there’s a way with which you can bring it down and catch it.

You have to click the R3 button for scanning any Bugsnax, including the Green Grapeskeeto. The game helps you in spotting the bugs by providing various hints and tips. Once the bug is spotted, you’ve got to apply certain tricks to catch it. Follow our guide to know more and catch Green Grapeskeeto.

How to Catch a Green Grapeskeeto in Bugsnax

How to Catch a Green Grapeskeeto in Bugsnax

Catching a Green Grapeskeeto is needed to fulfill the order of Wiggle. To satisfy her demand, go to Simmering Springs. It is only here that you can spot the Green Grapeskeeto, and that too only from 4:00 PM up to 4:00 AM.

Before you set to catch this bug, scan it using the R3 button. A description of the Green Grapeskeeto will appear, which tells you that this bug loves chocolates. Another important feature of the bug is that after eating other Bugsnaks, it slows down.

To catch a Green Grapeskeeto, go to the wooden ramp that leads down to the beach. Here you will see two Green Grapeskeetos. Catching a Green Grapeskeeto is not as easy as laying a trap. You have to utilize its weaknesses with the help of your Sauce Slinger, fire chocolates at one of the two Green Grapeskeetos.

Now, one of the two bugs rush towards the chocolates, and the other will rush to eat it. The bug will steadily turn so fast that it will not be able to fly. It will finally drop on to the ground. This is your time to hit. You have to be quick since there is a time limit to catch the bug.

Rush towards the fat fallen bug and catch it in a net by hitting the Square. You do not have any threats of being attacked by other Bugsnacks during this hunt. The Simmering Springs is a beach free of any aggressive Bugsnacks.

Hand over the Green Grapeskeeto that you catch to Wiggle. This way, you can fulfill Wiggle’s order of catching a Green Grapeskeeto and can thus move on to the next level.

Well, that’s all we have got for you with catching Green Grapeskeeto in Bugsnax. For more gaming updates, subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Also, check out our Gaming GuidesWindows GuidesSocial Media GuidesiPhone, and Android Guides to know more.

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