Common Blackberry Key2 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Although Blackberry is not as popular as once it was in the present time, the fact couldn’t be denied that there are still a very large number of fans of this manufacturers with active interest in them. Well, the fact is Blackberry was the first to come up with some amazing features which are present in the modern gadgets. One of the common examples is BBM. It is said that most of the chat applications are actually the transformation of Blackberry’s BBM app. There are several other features as well that made them popular. As already mentioned, Blackberry doesn’t have a solid base of customers an all the parts of the world right now, the recently introduced device i.e. BlackBerry Key 2 is largely expected to add more customers for them. The fact is it’s a best device to be trusted and Blackberry has worked very hard on it. It’s stylish and elegance appearance and some amazing features are already attracting the attention of users all over the world. In case you have plans to switch to a new smartphone, it would be good for you to go ahead with this option. Key 2 simply let you keep up the pace with everything and you will be having no reason to raise your heartbeat while using this amazing gadget. Check them out something useful that you should know about the common Blackberry Key2 problems and fixes.

Blackberry has already proven itself to be one of the pioneer smartphone manufacturers. Although they are best, one strange fact about the smartphone technology is it has a lot of cons associated with it. Many users experience the same while using a smartphone. It happens due to many reasons and it’s not necessary that the smartphone manufacturer can be blamed for this.

common Blackberry Key2 problems and fixes

Actually, the functionality of a smartphone depends largely on a number of factors. For a busy user, it is not always convenient to pay attention to them on regular basis. This doesn’t mean that such users have to face big problems in their handset. The issues that arrive are basic in nature and can easily be neglected by taking into consideration the useful information about the common Blackberry Key2 problems and fixes as mentioned in this post. Keep it in mind that the issues can declare their presence due to minor deficiencies in the Android which is actually an open source technology and some minor bugs often appears even in gadgets of reputed manufacturers.

Common Blackberry Key2 problems and fixes

You have no reason to stop yourself from buying this amazing smartphone as already mentioned. However, it would be good to gain knowledge on the subject common Blackberry Key2 problems and fixes. While doing so, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the fact troubleshoot procedures are sometimes complex. They need to try different methods to eliminate the problem from its root. Although all such methods are mentioned in this post, it is advisable to you to follow them in the mentioned manner. cannot be held responsible if you face additional problems just because you molded the guide in your own way.

Connectivity issues

Assuring no connectivity related issues in the phone is not always easy actually. This is because the same depends on certain factors and paying attention to all of them becomes difficult for most of the users. Although there are basic measures you can take, the problem can be avoided only if everything related to connectivity will remain perfect. Check out below methods that can help you to come out of situations when you face these issues.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Blackberry Key2 problems and fixes)

  • Make sure the Bluetooth is active and is turned ON for your, as well as the device you are connecting with as well
  • Sometimes the connections got declined because of no other reason than violation of the security policies of the users
  • Check if there are some restrictions on data transfer on your phone
  • Make sure to use the default Bluetooth app only when it comes to sharing any form of data or file
  • Check the quality of data you are transferring. It might be infected with virus
  • Open Bluetooth history and erase a few names from the same
  • May be you are transferring a lot of files at the same time. Avoid the same
  • Simply remove the name of the device from the history and then try connecting again after restarting your phone
  • Make sure to follow the procedure to connect Bluetooth properly
  • Disable power saving mode
  • Clear the cache memory of the phone

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Blackberry Key2 problems and fixes)

  • Restart your device and the Wi-Fi router first of all
  • Check the overall number of devices connected with the router. If they are more, disconnect a few
  • May the allotted bandwidth for the day or the month has been consumed by you already
  • Check if the router is in working condition
  • Make sure cables connection on the router is proper and you are not facing the issue because of very same reason
  • Forget the connection and then again add it to get the things right back on track
  • The LAN connection might be disabled. Check it properly
  • Make sure the internet connection is stable
  • Check if the services are o longer valid on your connection
  • Check the strength of the signal. It might be low
  • Close all apps running in the background
  • Try connecting your phone with another nearby Wi-Fi

Unexpected behavior of apps (common Blackberry Key2 problems and fixes)

It’s nothing but the working of apps in a Smartphone that decides what sort of experience a user has. Check out below instructions to avoid unexpected behavior of the applications

  • Make sure not to avoid or violate user’s policies
  • Install all pending updates
  • Always keep them in the phone memory than installing them in the memory card
  • Make sure to install them from the trusted sources only and not from other
  • Clear cache memory of the apps

SIM related problems

While dealing with the SIM card issues, there are not so complex procedures and methods that you have to adopt. The fact is most of the problems related to the SIM card are basic and can be avoided if you follow the below instructions in a careful manner.

  • Check the network frequency and make it sure that the variant you own can handle the same
  • If the SIM card was not used for a specific time period, check if the services are active on it or not
  • You might have enabled the Airplane mode on your phone. Check it out
  • The signal strength varies depending on the location. If you are in a basement, come out and check the signal strength again
  • Simply restart your phone
  • Choose the network manually and register on it from the main settings of your phone
  • The SIM card might be turned OFF. Check settings
  • Always insert the SIM in the first slot if you don’t use a parallel one
  • If you find the power saving mode is ON. Turn it OFF simply
  • Check for the physical damage on the SIM tray and on the SIM card itself
  • Get it replaced in case it is too old

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

This problem is not very difficult to deal with when those who face it know what sort of actions can be taken to avoid it. Well, here are some best methods to help you

  • Close all background running apps
  • Check the working condition of the charger or the power socket
  • Make sure the connecting cable is in working condition
  • Avoid using your phone while charging it
  • Power bank users must make sure that the one they have must match phone specifications
  • Turn OFF the Wi-Fi and other features if they are turned ON when the phone is charging
  • Don’t set your phone on charging while downloading the files
  • Avoid charging your phone through USB
  • Disable screen mirroring if it is ON
  • The heat might not be dissipating properly from the phone
  • Restart your phone simply

Overheating problems

Manufacturers often claim their devices are free from overheating problem but practically it’s not true With respect to time, several gadgets face this issue. Also, a few newly introduced gadgets have this problem active in them. Luckily Blackberry is not in the list but if you face this issue, the following set of instructions and methods can help you easily.

  • First make sure to invest on quality in case you miss/lost the original charger of your phone
  • Always make sure not to overcharge your phone. This is actually the trouble creator in several cases
  • Restart your phone and check the status of the issue
  • If there is a back cover installed on the phone, remove the same. The ventilation might not be occurring properly due to this
  • In case there are pending updates in the phone, go ahead and install the same.
  • Check if the applications are not performing well. Remove them immediately
  • If the features such as hot-spot are turned on, it would be good for you to close the same and then check the status of the problem.
  • You need to restore your phone to the factory settings

In case the problem still remains there, take help of an authorized repair expert

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Blackberry Key2 problems and fixes)

Operating the phone is possible through screen only in the present time. Thus, even a basic fault in it can affect the entire functionality of the phone. It is because of this reason prompt action should be taken to solve this concern

  • First check if the screen is having a physical damage
  • Try restarting the phone simply and upon restart check if the problem is solved
  • Erase some data from the phone ad check if the things are under your control. Remove SD card as well
  • Open device in safe mode and check if things are now fine
  • Clean the screen gently against dust and oil particles
  • Always make it sure that you are not using the phone in harsh conditions
  • The screen issues could be due to outdated apps or bugs in the OS as well
  • In case the power saving mode is ON, simply turn it OFF

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

The Blackberry Key 2 is available in two variants and i.e. 64 GB and 128 GB internal memory. Although it enough but those with extra memory needs can simply go ahead with the SD card of upto 256GB. While using the same, if you find any problem, the following instructions can assist you unconditionally to avoid this issue in no time. Check them out.

  • If the memory card is already used, simply format it and then insert it in the phone
  • Make sure to insert it properly in the phone and restart the same
  • Check if there is corrupt data on the card or some hidden files which are infected with virus
  • The SD card must be selected based on quality and some other criteria
  • There might be fault in the hybrid slot. Check it out
  • Make sure the slot is not having a physical damage and the memory card too should be free from similar issue
  • Check if the same card is working perfectly when inserted in another phone
  • Get the device checked from an authorized repair shop around you

Bad camera quality (common Blackberry Key2 problems and fixes)

Cameras on Blackberry’s phones are amazing but there are certain things that can go with them. The user cannot always blame the manufacturers always as the problem could be due to their own mistakes as well. Check out below the guide on bad camera quality related common Blackberry Key2 problems and fixes.

  • There is a pre-installed transparent cover on the screen. First choose to remove the same
  • Clean the screen as well as the camera lens gently and smoothly with a piece of soft cloth
  • Make sure there is no physical damaged caused to the camera lens
  • Avoid touching the lens directly
  • Make sure you are using the default camera app
  • Select the High Definition mode in the camera settings
  • Focus on the object before clicking the pictures. It is important
  • Don’t use camera in the burst mode
  • Use Camera flashlight when lights are low

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10 (common Blackberry Key2 problems and fixes)

Connecting the smartphone with a PC powered by Windows is something that is often required. There are actually a whole set of tasks that can only be accomplished when a smartphone is connected with the PC. However, if you find any glitch while doing so, the possible reasons and the solutions to this problem are listed below to help you.

  • Make sure the Windows installed on the PC is genuine
  • Check if the connecting cable is working properly and is compatible with both the gadgets
  • Choose to restart your phone and then restart the P if the problem is still there
  • Select MTP mode on the phone upon connection
  • Avoid using the Bluetooth connection as you can experience very slow data transfer rate/speed
  • Make sure the latest USB drivers are installed on the phone
  • If the PC is having multiple USB ports, try connecting through another one than the one you are using
  • If restrictions are imposed on the phone or on the PC on connecting new device, simply choose to disable them

Performance issues

Performance of a smartphone has a strong impact of time on it. It is obvious that with usage, things don’t remain same and gadgets start performing slowly. There are actually a lot of reasons for this. In some cases the problem arrives in the new gadgets as well. The performance related common Blackberry Key2 problems and fixes are mentioned below to let you deal with this problem easily.

  • First of all turn OFF all the features that are ON such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and so on.
  • Choose to reboot your phone
  • Wait for 5 minutes and check if things are not operating properly
  • Update all the apps in the phone which are pending
  • Clear the cache memory of all installed apps
  • Make sure you are not using multiple apps for the similar tasks
  • The problem could be due to installing a custom ROM
  • If a new update is available for the Android, go ahead with it simply
  • Make sure the device default memory is not full completely
  • Don’t use the phone while downloading the data or while charging it
  • The last and the most effective method is to perform a hard reset after saving the important data

Earpiece sounds Robotic

Problems with the sound simply mean problems with everything. Well, sound quality always matters and obviously you don’t want to have issues while listening music or while placing calls. In case there are issues you face, simply go ahead with the instructions mentioned below.

  • If the earpiece you are using doesn’t belong to your own device, simply avoid it
  • Install and update the sound drivers in the phone
  • Make sure the sounds are not disabled in the settings
  • You might have invested in earpiece which is of low quality
  • Disable power saving mode simply
  • Check if the universal connector is not having a physical damage on it. Inspect the earpiece as well
  • Try using your earpiece on another phone and check if they work properly
  • Take phone to an authorized repair shop simply

This information on the common Blackberry Key2 problems and fixes can easily be trusted and thus you have no reason to worry about anything. You can easily keep up the pace with the same against all the issues. In case the one you are looking for is not mentioned here, there is nothing to worry about anything. Simply post a comment below. Keep visiting us for common problems post for other smartphones.


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