Common Huawei P20 Lite Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Smartphones have enlightened a lot of things in our life that were under the darkness. Probably it is true and there are so many proofs we all have to support this statement. With respect to the days passing, we have a brand new some of the very well known and in fact stylish smartphones to buy. Well, thanks to the workforce who work hard to make it possible for us all to have the best gadgets available with us in the lowest possible price. In addition to manufacturers, the team behind the Android also has a great contribution in making those gadgets superior. However, there is always a dark reality of technology and so does android. The fact is despite being the best available Operating System for all the major smartphones in the present time, it has some minor glitches associated with it due to which the users are not able to keep up the pace with their gadgets. It is because of no other reason why one should gain maximum knowledge on how to deal with them simply. Today’s post is about the common Huawei P20 Lite problems and fixes.

Before studying anything about the common Huawei P20 Lite problems and fixes, you need to be clear of the fact that not a large segment of users have reported about the problems discussed in this post. Like all the time, these are minor issues and are mainly reported or declare presence because of compatibility issues between hardware and the Android technology. Thus, you can stay calm and can go ahead with the plan of buying this smartphone in case you had already set up your mind. There are hardly any chances you will face them all with this gadget. However, in case any problem arrives later or sooner, this post would remain available to help you. Check out below more about the common Huawei P20 Lite problems and fixes.

common Huawei P20 Lite problems and fixes

Common Huawei P20 Lite problems and fixes

Dealing with smartphone problems even when they are minor is something that needs patience. Therefore we urge you to try all the methods and instructions about the common Huawei P20 Lite problems and fixes mentioned in this post. There are pretty good chances you can eliminate the problem simply by DIY approach. It must be kept in mind that cannot be held responsible if you do something which we don’t recommend and face any additional problem in your device. It often happens and therefore better idea is to follow the information about common Huawei P20 Lite problems and fixes as it is mentioned in this post.

Connectivity issues

Let us first deal with this problem. Well, this is something that any user can have in his/her gadget. If you think you can always find the exact reason to the same, probably you are wrong. Many times it is not known to the users why they are facing it. The good thing is you can try the solutions which work for sure to enable you to eliminate the same. Check out below both the factors associated with connectivity and the best available solutions you can consider.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Huawei P20 Lite problems and fixes)

  • Make sure you are not violating any data transfer policy in any of the devices
  • Some users often impose restrictions to data transfer. Check you are not one among them.
  • Make sure the device visibility is not set to hidden from all the other nearby Bluetooth active devices
  • Make sure the files you are going to transfer are free from virus and are not corrupt
  • Simply check and update the Bluetooth app to the latest available version if it is outdated
  • Don’t use any other app for data transfer at the same time. In case it is running, close it and try again
  • Restart the device and try again
  • Make sure you enter the correct pass code if this is the first time you are adding a device
  • Make sure not to disable the power saving mode while transferring the data through Bluetooth
  • Check and make sure the Bluetooth antenna is working fine
  • Make sure there is no problem with the other device you are trying to connect
  • Check and make sure that the list of devices connected recently is not too long

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Huawei P20 Lite problems and fixes)

  • The common reason to this problem is not updating the password in the device after changing the same. Make sure of this first
  • Restart your phone and try again
  • Forget the Wi-Fi connection and add it again by entering the correct password and by following all the instructions
  • Check if the services are active or suspended on the internet connection
  • Make sure the entire bandwidth you are allowed regularly haven’t been consumed already
  • If the signal strength is low, you need to find the actual cause of the same
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi router has been configured correctly
  • Check for a wrong cable connection with the router which often causes this problem for the users
  • In case there are multiple devices connected with the router, you need to disconnect a few
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi drivers are installed and working properly
  • Check if the Wi-Fi antenna on your device is not damaged

Unresponsive Touchscreen

The true reasons of this problem are not very complex to be paid attention too. Sometimes the issue arrives because of the poorly maintained screen and glitches in the Operating system. Therefore, equal attention is to be paid on everything to get the results in the favor. Here are some methods that can help you avoid this issue.

  • First of all reboot your phone and open it in safe mode
  • Update all the default apps in the phone if it is working fine over there
  • Uninstall the apps you haven’t used for a long time
  • Don’t use the phone while wearing the gloves, mittens or while your hands are not totally dry
  • Make sure you haven’t locked the screen for being used
  • Clean the screen against grease particles. Remove the transparent glass installed on the new devices
  • Don’t fill the memory completely. This can also make the screen non-functional.

Bad camera quality

A very large number of users only buy a smartphone for using the camera and this is very much true. This clearly indicate that is there is a problem in this feature, it can make the users worried. The fact is the craze of seflies has enhanced to 400% in the last few years and therefore the cameras on the device should remain functional all the time. If there are problems you are facing, check out the below solutions.

  • First of all, simply retort your phone and check if the problem is resolved
  • Next step in case the above doesn’t work is to clean the screen, as well as the camera lens. Remove the screen guard and try again
  • For better shots, always prefer the default camera app else make sure the one you are using is totally up to the date
  • To avoid blur which is one of the common issues in the pictures, simply follow one tip and i.e. focus on the object you want to capture. This can simply enhance the picture quality upto a good condition
  • In case the lights are low, set the flash to automatic mode
  • Make sure to use the appropriate shooting mode which depends on the conditions you have around you
  • Open camera settings and select the output to High Resolution.

SD card not detected (common Huawei P20 Lite problems and fixes)

You can use a memory card of upto 256GB with Huawei P20 Lite if you don’t mind inserting it against the SIM card 2 as this device has a hybrid slot. In case there are already problem which you are facing, you need not to worry about anything. There are some best available methods you can go ahead with and there they are spotlighted below.

  • Reboot your phone first and see if the problem is gone or not
  • If not, remove the SD card and clean it gently and try one more time
  • Make some empty space in the memory card if it is completely filled with data
  • As already mentioned, the strict upper limit is 256GB. Make sure not to use a card beyond this capacity
  • Check for a physical damage on the card
  • If it is brand new, format it before inserting in the device
  • In case it is already used, perform the same as well
  • Something that can help you not to face this issue is nothing but investing on quality
  • Make sure to insert the card properly. Check if there is any physical damage on the same
  • Make sure the data in the card is not affected by the virus
  • Try using the card on another device and if it works, you need to get the phone checked

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Problem in battery can stop a smartphone not to give the best to the users. It’s obvious as most of the features in any modern gadget can be used only if the battery remains in proper working condition. However, the battery performance often goes down and smartphone usually take more time to charge. This doesn’t always directly indicate a hardware problem. Try the following methods first to get the favorable outcome.

  • Remove the apps which you haven’t used for a long time period
  • Don’t use a charger which is unauthorized
  • Avoid charging through laptop and power bank for the next few days
  • If a new version of the OS or an update is available, download and install the same
  • Make sure not to allow the features such as Wi-Fi hot post and Bluetooth remain ON when you don’t need them
  • In case you are sharing the device screen with another gadget, keep it in mind that it often put extra burden on the battery
  • There might be multiple files you are downloading using the mobile data
  • Don’t over charge your phone
  • While charging, make sure the power socket is in proper working condition
  • Check whether the charging cable and adapter are in proper working condition

SIM related problems (common Huawei P20 Lite problems and fixes)

When it comes to dealing with SIM related problems, there are thing which you should be very careful about. The first among them is not all the time SIM related problems are due to faulty or non working SIM only. There are several other reasons too that can held responsible directly for this. Check out the following methods to avoid this issue.

  • First make sure the SIM is working properly prior to inserting it in the phone
  • Make sure the Airplane Mode is not active
  • The SIM might have a physical damage on it. check properly
  • May be the SIM card is turned OFF in the phone settings. Check it out
  • If the signal doesn’t appear, make sure to select the network manually
  • There might be compatibility problems between the SIM and the phone variant you are using
  • Make sure the network services are not stopped on your SIM
  • If it is not used for a long time or it is too old, get it replaced before inserting in the brand new device

Overheating problems (common Huawei P20 Lite problems and fixes)

This seems to be a very daunting and in fact a major problem. Well, it is not necessary always and it would be good for you to be clear of this fact. Check out some best methods to help you avoid it from the phone in case you are already facing it

  • Don’t set the phone on charging once it already cross the 90% mark
  • There might be a lot of apps which are yet to be updated in the phone. Check them and update
  • Check if there is a new version or an update is available for the OS
  • Don’t use accessories which are cheap or not recommended to be used with the phone
  • There might be some blocked apps which haven’t been used for long. Remove them from the phone
  • Don’t prefer any other platform than the Play Store for the installation of the apps

Performance issues (common Huawei P20 Lite problems and fixes)

Well, this is the thing which always matters and it would be good for you to be clear of this fact. Probably you don’t want to compromise with the performance at any cost. Actually this gadget has a 4GB RAM and a powerful octa-core processor. Thus there are hardly any chances that it will run slow. However, in case you felt the same, go ahead with the below instructions

  • First reboot your phone and see if the problem is solved
  • A few recently installed app would be removed from the phone immediately
  • Keep the downloading folder empty
  • Make sure the memory of the phone is not completely filled
  • Clear data cache with time for the smooth experience with the phone
  • Don’t install the apps from the sources which the phone couldn’t trust
  • Always keep a antivirus app installed in the phone and keep checking for the virus presence which often slow down the performance
  • Perform a hard reset and prior to the same, save all your data

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

The problem in the phone could be due to reasons that are beyond the knowledge of most of the users. This is because a lot of technical stuff is associated with it and only those who have basic knowledge about Smartphone technology and IT can know them. Well, it really doesn’t matter and thus you can just go ahead with the methods below.

  • Use the USB port which is not loose
  • Make sure the smartphone and the PC both doesn’t have restrictions on third party device connection and on data transfer
  • Check if the cable you are using is in working condition
  • The USB drivers on any of the device might be outdated
  • The copy of Windows installed on the PC might have some missing drivers or it might not be genuine. This is the common reason to this problem in most of the cases
  • Try connecting another phone with the PC through same cable and see if it gets detected or not
  • Reboot your phone and the PC too after connecting them to each other
  • Make sure there is no virus affection in either of the devices
  • In case the connection doesn’t get detected automatically, you can perform this task manually too.

This is all about the common Huawei P20 Lite problems and fixes. If your problem is not listed here, you can make a comment on the below section and can acknowledge the same. We will try to answer the queries you have. Keep visiting our website for all latest post on common problems and Android related stuff.



  1. I am not able to change default video player after recent update from huawei. I have p20 lite 4 gb /64 gb model

  2. my huawei p20 lite mobile data isn’t working apn is all correct and the mobile data was working fine and all of a sudden it stopped working it is on and signals are all good, but it stopped workingt and calls are going all fine

  3. my huawei p20 lite mobile data isn’t working apn is all correct and the mobile data was working fine and all of a sudden it stopped working it is on and signals are all good, but it stopped workingt and calls are going all fine

  4. My huawei is stuck on the boot screen. Cannot hard reset or anything. Plugged in computer no luck. Please help

  5. My Huawei p20 lite play store doesn’t work. I can’t download and apps and it doesn’t show anything in the home screen of the play store.

  6. My huawei p20 lite was working perfect all of a sudden it starts hanging and switched off. System ui checking sd card for errors. I have an old sd card can thst be my problem or is it the phone itself. Pleasr help.

  7. My son and wife both have P20 Lite and they both have problems with the fingerprint reader not working properly. It doesn’t easily recognize their fingers. I have a P10 Mate pro and my phone works like a charm 100% of the time.

  8. My Huawei 20 Lite has 40% of screen at the botom, filed with clear grey and yelow strip, however it works well. The reset not help. I suspect the video chip îs faulty.

  9. My p20 has no internet connection. I tried to activate the wifi and bluetooth bottom but onve on rest back to off, So I AM NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET.How can i fix this problem. All other functions working 100%

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