Common LG Q7 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Smartphones always give users the reasons to bear a big smile on the face. This is because modern gadgets in this category are capable to perform a diverse array of tasks that matter to the humans. The good thing is there are a lot of options present in the market when it comes to buying this gadget. Despite having a full bouquet of options available, it is not easy for everyone to choose wisely a phone that is simply the best. This is due to the fact that almost all the manufacturers have started paying a lot of attention to make their products superior. With most of the devices equally powerful, selecting the one that is truly amazing for one becomes difficult sometimes. However, there are a few gadgets which can simply be trusted with closed eyes. LG is one such manufacturer who has gained a lot of public attention in bringing some amazing devices to the international smartphone market. This post will guide you on the common LG Q7 problems and fixes.

You can simply explore as many options as you want but can simply consider this phone for the long run. Actually, problems and fixes don’t mean that this gadget is not functioning properly or has been reported to have some issues in it by the users. The fact is the smartphones are very sensitive gadgets. There are situations when even the brand new gadgets have some of the problems in them due to a diverse array of reasons. This includes the improper functionality of the apps, incompatibility between the hardware & software and so on. This really doesn’t mean you should cancel your plan to buy this gadget. Of course, you can go ahead and can consider this post for common LG Q7 problems and fixes.

common LG Q7 problems and fixes

Why you should change your plans to buy this phone

The fact is these issues are common to almost every gadget and thus you need not to be surprised in case you observer them anytime in your phone. The information in this post about the common LG Q7 problems and fixes simply let you make them go in no time. This phone is actually very amazing and simply let you enjoy your activities in the way you always expect. Also, it is good enough to be considered and let you fulfill your desires.

Common LG Q7 problems and fixes

With the increase in the demand of users and availability of the new features in the modern gadgets, the core issues associated with them have also enhanced significantly. There is probably nothing wrong to say that not all the things related to smartphone always remains under the control of a user. However, the good thing is problems can be avoided easily. For this, I simply recommended the instructions mentioned in below sections under the concerned headline. To get favorable outcomes, follow them in the same manner as they are listed. cannot be held responsible if you got additional issues in case you mold or change them to fit your desires.

Quick Battery Draining & Slow Charging

This problem can easily be avoided if you pay close attention to the below instructions and follow them wisely

  • Restart your phone and check if things are under your control
  • Make sure not to confuse any software related glitch with this problem
  • The phone battery might be draining quickly because some features such as Wi-Fi. Bluetooth are turned ON without use
  • The phone might have Wi-Fi hot spot enabled on it and other devices are connected on it. Disable the same if this is the case
  • Check and make sure the charging cable, the adapter for charging are in proper working condition
  • Avoid using your phone when it is charging
  • Always use genuine accessories with your phone to avoid this issue
  • Close all the apps which are running in the background
  • Make sure the device is actually not suffering from a battery problem

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

SD cards are the devices which simply let the users to carry more data in their phone. There is another purpose for which it is widely used and i.e. maintaining the performance of the phone. Of course, it’s true that when data is kept in memory card than in default phone memory, the users can simply make sure of better performance with their gadget. In case there are issues which you are facing, go ahead with the following instructions.

  • The first thing which you should do is to check whether the SD card is in working condition or not. Sometimes even the brand new cards can have defect in them
  • Restart your phone after ejecting the SD card. Now insert it again and check
  • Check if the SD card is affected by the virus or any other file that is creating the interruption
  • Make sure you always buy a  brand new memory card for your brand new device
  • The card might not be performing well because you might have filled it completely
  • Check if the SD card slot is damaged
  • Make sure there are no compatibility related issues which are causing this problem
  • Properly check if there is a physical damage on the SD card
  • Make sure the card has been inserted properly in the phone
  • Try using the card on another phone and check if the problem is still observed. If not, the real problem is in handset else in the memory card. Replacement of the same can help you get the things back on track

SIM related problems (common LG Q7 problems and fixes)

The SIM card if fails to operate in your phone can bring a very bad experience for you. Obviously SIM card issues in most of the cases have no concerns with the manufacturers or with the device. You should pay close attention to some of the possible causes and their elimination. The same is spotlighted below.

  • First check if the problem is gone with a simple restart
  • Make sure the Airplane mode is not turned ON in the phone
  • Check if the network provider services are compatible on the phone variant you have
  • The services might be interrupted or stopped by the provider due to some random reason. Check and make sure of this
  • The SIM card might be blocked or can have a physical damage on it. Check thoroughly
  • Call the customer care number to know if there is any issue in the phone
  • You might have turned the SIM card OFF in the phone settings. Check it out properly
  • Make sure the SIM card has been inserted properly in the phone
  • Check if the problem is there just because the SIM card has not been used for a long time
  • Open network settings. Search for your home network manually. Register on it and probably you can solve the problem in this way
  • Check and make sure the SIM hasn’t been imposed a password on it
  • Try using the SIM in another phone and check if the things are now fine
  • Get the device or the SIM card checked properly

Overheating problems (common LG Q7 problems and fixes)

When it comes to avoiding this problem, it would be good for the users to first introduce themselves with some basic factors related to it. Actually, all smartphones release waster energy or charge in the form of heat. The same must not exceed a specific level post which it is considered as an overheating issue in the phone. This can happens due to multiple reasons. To solve it simply, below are some instructions to help you.

  • The phone might have a back cover installed on it. If so, remove it
  • Restart your phone and check if you are able to bring is back in the proper working condition
  • Make sure you haven’t installed any apps which is not compatible with the device. It would be good to install them always from the Play Store only
  • Make sure not to charge your phone from a charger not authorized
  • If you use a power bank, check and make sure it matches the device power ratings
  • There might be some issues related to the ventilation in the phone
  • You might be using your phone for multiple tasks at the same time which are complex
  • Perform a hard reset
  • Get the device checked if the problem is still present

Unresponsive Touchscreen

To operate a Smartphone, the users are largely dependent on the screen in the present time. Therefore problem in the same simply means your device is nothing more than a piece of brick. Well, below are some instructions to help your gadget survive this problem.

  • The device screen can have a physical damage internally
  • Make sure not to touch the screen with wet, greasy or oily hands. Remove them too from the screen if the same is already deposited over it
  • Check and make sure the phone is not facing this issue just because of some random problems in the applications
  • Open Safe mode and check if the device can now be operated properly through the screen
  • If so, remove all the apps or at least the ones which you recently installed
  • Try downloading and updating all the apps or any other update which is spending
  • Make sure the power saving mode is disabled
  • Disable screen mirroring option

Connectivity issues

To deal with the connectivity related problems such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, there are a few important things you need to keep in mind. One important among them is the problems can have equal chances of their presence due to the failure of both hardware and software.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common LG Q7 problems and fixes)

  • Turn OFF the device and then again turn it ON. Try connecting it through Bluetooth again
  • Check if the Bluetooth antenna on the device is having a fault in it
  • Another random or background running app is accessing the Bluetooth at the same time. Check and close the same
  • Make sure the Bluetooth settings are not changed to custom
  • Check if the Bluetooth version on both gadgets is compatible to other
  • Check and make sure the security policies on the phone are not getting violated
  • You might be facing this problem because of another reason and i.e. the memory on the receiving device is completely full
  • Make sure to enter the passcode correctly in case it appears
  • Check and erase some names from the list of devices connected recently
  • Make sure your phone is not having a virus present in its memory
  • Make sure not to send multiple files in one go
  • Disable the power saving mode
  • Clean the cache memory of the Bluetooth app

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common LG Q7 problems and fixes)

  • Forget the connection and then again add it
  • If the password is recently changed, you might have not updated the same in the phone
  • Check if the Wi-Fi router is in proper working condition
  • The problem could be due to non-availability of services or suspension of the same
  • Check and make sure the LAN settings are not disabled on the phone
  • A wrong cable connection or the improper configuration can also be the reason you are facing this issue
  • Check if the network indicator is stable on the modem
  • There might be a lot of devices connected with the modem
  • Check if the allotted bandwidth has been exceed already
  • Close all the apps running in the phone and especially the ones which have direct access to the Wi-Fi

Bad camera quality (common LG Q7 problems and fixes)

Cameras are really very important. In fact, many manufacturers use it as one of the biggest tools on the smartphones for enhancing their sales. Thus, it can clearly be judged how important it is for the users. The problems in the same can give rise to many issues and probably you don’t want to experience them. However, if they are already present, the below methods can enable you to deal with them easily.

  • Remove the pre-installed transparent glass from the phone fort of all
  • Clean the camera lens very gently against dust and oil particles which are often deposited on the same and affect the camera quality
  • Make sure to operate the camera only through default camera app
  • Check if the memory in the phone is already filled due to which you might not be able to access camera in many cases
  • Open the settings in the camera and select the HD mode
  • Make sure to use the flashlight wherever applicable
  • Don’t hesitate to select the shooting mode that best fits the condition
  • You can get better results simply by focusing on the screen before clicking the picture
  • Clean the device screen
  • Get the screen guard replaced in case it is old

Earpiece not functioning/sounds Robotic (common LG Q7 problems and fixes)

This problem is basic and can easily be eliminated if you are lucky. Check out below instructions to deal with the same

  • Don’t use low quality earpiece with your phone
  • Make sure you are not using the phone in the power saving mode
  • Check if the sounds drivers are having some missing files or if they are installed properly
  • Check and make sure there is no compatibility issues in the phone
  • The sounds might be disabled on the phone
  • Try using them on another similar phone and check if they operate properly

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC (common LG Q7 problems and fixes)

Smartphones are used for so many purposes and tasks. Sometimes they need to be connected with a Windows PC. However because there are certain things involved in creating a communicable connection, there are situations that are not favorable. To avoid them, below are some instructions to consider.

  • Simply restart your phone and the PC at the same time
  • Make sure your PC doesn’t have restriction on it for connecting with new devices. Check same for the phone as well
  • The connecting cable you are using might be faulty or hasn’t been properly connected with the PC/phone
  • Make sure USB drivers are installed and up to the date
  • Check if the problem is because the device is already connected with another gadget through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Select MTP mode on the phone

Performance issues (common LG Q7 problems and fixes)

Slow performance is obviously the indicator that many things are not up to the mark with your phone. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid them in no time when they are observed. This is because you can experience additional problems later or sooner. Check out below instructions to avoid them.

  • Close all the apps running in the background and restart your phone
  • Make sure you haven’t installed a software or an application which your device doesn’t support
  • Check and make sure there is no virus presence in the phone
  • Turn the device OFF for sometimes and then again turn it ON
  • Clear the cache memory of all the apps installed in the phone
  • Make sure you are not using your phone when the power saving mode is enabled
  • Check if the phone is having a major or minor hardware problem in it
  • Install all the pending updates
  • Always impose a limit on the number of apps
  • Delete some data if the phone or the SD card memory is completely full
  • Don’t use your phone while charging it
  • A hard reset is always the best solution to this problem. However, it is recommended to you to save the data first

Unexpected behavior of the apps

The apps installed in your phone can stop working anytime later or sooner. Finding the actual cause doesn’t always matters. Just go ahead with the below instructions to get the favorable outcome

  • Make sure the apps are installed in the default phone memory
  • Always install and them from the Play Store
  • Download and install all the updates which are pending
  • Remove the apps you no longer required
  • Make sure the necessary permissions/access are given to the apps to operate
  • Don’t change the settings of the apps to custom. Not all apps can actually work in the same manner
  • Clear the cache memory of the apps

This is everything which you should know about the common LG Q7 problems and fixes. If you find your concern not listed in this post, you can post a new comment below. We will update try to provide you resolution against your concern and will boost your knowledge on LG Q7. Subscribe to our website for more similar posts.


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