Common Mi Max 2 Problems and Fixes: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Charging, SIM, Battery and more

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is a stunning smartphone that was launched in the month of May this year. It is one of the highly successful models that have widely been appreciated. There are a lot of users that seem to be satisfied with this device. However, it is also true that many of them have reported about some minor issues about this device on various online platforms. Actually, these issues are no so large but can easily be eliminated. In this Post, I will put some spotlight on the common Mi Max 2 problems and how you can fix them easily.

Common Mi Max 2 Problems and Fixes - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Charging, SIM, Battery and more

The Xiaomi Mi Max 2 comes with a massive 6.44-inch screen that simply let you enjoy your content on a big screen without compromising on anything. It is powered by 2GHz octa-core processor in conjunction with 4GB of RAM. Although it comes with Android Nougat, there are few problems that have been reported on this device by so many users. Check them out below for finding a perfect solution against them.

Common Mi Max 2 Problems and Fixes

Here you will find some of the solutions to fix the Common problem of Xiaomi Mi Max 2.

Mi Max 2 WI-FI problem and how it can be fixed

The Wi-Fi problem in the Mi Max 2 has been reported by several users and is a pretty common issue. There is actually nothing much you need to do for this. The common problems that have been reported are slow speeds and frequently connection dropping is the other problems that have been reported. The very first thing you can do to avoid this issue is simply resetting your wireless router. Another method in case this wouldn’t work is to follow the below instructions.

  • First of all, go to Settings, click Connections and then click Wi-Fi.
  • This makes Mi Max 2 automatically scan for the available networks and will display them on the screen.
  • When the first scanning has ended, tap for a few seconds on the Wi-Fi you want to connect and forget it.
  • Then, tap on the same network you want to connect and you’re done. When you select an open network, there is no need to enter the password.

The problem could be in the Wi-Fi antenna in case you find your Mi Max 2 in the present state as it was before following the above instructions. Thus, you should contact the MI service center immediately.

Mi Max 2 Bluetooth problem and how to fix it

If you are facing the Bluetooth problem in your Xiaomi Mi Max 2, there is no need to worry. First of all reboot your Mi Max 2. In case the problem is still there, simply clear the data and cache. Disable all the third-party applications. This can be done simply by enabling the safe mode. Another method that is best to keep up the pace in this matter is deleting the history of all the connections with when the device is previously connected. This is because with a few smartphones there is a limit on the number of connections a device can remember. Thus deleting the same can help you in this matter. Make sure your device has been updated to the latest OS version. If it’s not, do it immediately and there are pretty good chances that the issue would be gone.

Mi Max 2 battery issues and how to fix it

The Mi Max 2 has been equipped with 5300mAh battery which is good enough to provide a huge backup once the phone is fully charged. However, several users have been reported about the battery performance. If this is a problem with your device too, the first thing you should do is updating all the apps to the latest versions in case you are yet to do so.

Check out the screen brightness and make sure that it has been set in the automatic option. Remove all third-party apps simply by and see if your Mi Max 2 works fine or not. This can be done by taking it into the Safe Mode. Close the apps that run in the background. This has a significant impact on the device’s battery performance many times. Turn OFF the Wi-Fi and GSP when not in use. If no method works for you, the last option is to perform a hard reset simply. The instructions for the same are as follows. Before following them, keep it in mind that all the date from your device would also be gone. Therefore take the backup of same before performing the hard reset.

  • Go to the device Settings and click on Accounts
  • Simply tap on the Back-up and Reset option.
  • Unlock the screen and tap on Reset device.
  • Click on to proceed

Mi Max 2 charging problem and how to fix it

One of the leading reasons that your Mi Max 2 is having charging issues is nothing but the problem in the charging cable or in the adapter. Try to charge your device with another charger. The other possible cause is damage USB port. If it is the problem, you need to get it repaired immediately. The enhanced moisture level in the device can also be the reason for this problem. Leave the phone for some time at a place with the humid environment to fix this issue but avoid keeping it under direct sunlight. There are certain chances that the problem would be gone. If not, go to the authorized repair center and get it checked thoroughly.

Mi Max 2 overheating issue

The most common reason for this issue is nothing but when the processor is facing extra load. According to some experts, this issue could also be due to the bugs in the OS. So just wait, and let the latest Android version or update hit your device. It must be noted that there are certain apps that put extra load on the battery and is the reason for this issue. Delete them if you have installed from third-party sources.

Mi Max 2 SIM issues

In case you are facing SIM related issues with your Mi Max 2, the very first thing to pay attention to is whether the SIM frequency is compatible with the device or not. This can be one of the leading reasons why you are not getting the proper signal strength on your device. Simply remove the SIM and insert it fain into the device and reboot it. Check if the SIM works perfectly on another device. If so, the problem could be in the SIM slot. It can have a physical damage as well.

You are now familiar with the common Mi Max 2 problems and how to fix them simply. It must be noted that most of the problems are associated with the bugs in the OS. Updating the device can probably eliminate this issue up to a good extent. There are certain chances that they will be gone after you follow the guide mentioned in this post.

I hope this guide was helpful to solve Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Problems Please leave a comment below if you have any queries or feedback.


  1. I there. I have a uhans max 2 and recently the screen went off but phone was still working. We opened it and found the cable for the screen was loose but after we closed up the phone, then we discovered that where we live in Ireland we were no longer getting signal on the phone where we were getting 3gr inside before we opened phone. I’ve checked cable for antenna and seemed OK. I’m wondering would there be an issue with Sim tray as the sim card pulls 4g in another phone inside. In near the city the uhans pulls perfectly 4g.

    Any help would be appreciated


  2. Hi, I have mi max2 phone and I changed display and frame after I facing low wifi and Bluetooth signal and gps also not working. Please share solution for that, thank you.

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