Common Moto E4 plus Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Those days are actually gone when smartphones were available only on a limited number of shops in your city. Well, presently they are available in almost every corner of your city and probably you have an idea about this. The actual reason behind is the Smartphone revolution that started when some companies like Motorola and Samsung started paying more attention to features then to the design. In the current time, both have become popular and have even affected the sales of some of the well know smartphone manufacturers of that time. If you think its Nokia, you are probably right. The fact is Motorola has paid a very good attention on its customer base and have transformed their phones in a way no manufacturer did it. Right now, they hold a good amount of share in the International smartphone market. The slim designs, additional features, as well as the quality improvement have brought a lot for them. This post has been written to let you know about the issues of Moto E4 Plus which are becoming common. Check out below the latest information about the common Moto E4 Plus problems and fixes.

It is very much true that modern gadgets are largely based on Android Technology and even after using them in a very decent manner; a few problems often declare their presence. Sometimes even the high-end gadgets also face such issues. Upon a lot of research, it has been found that it’s actually the Android-Technology which is responsible for them and not the hardware of the smartphones. This is because Android is open-source approach and it often faces some issues when it is compiled to fit with different smartphones with different hardware configurations. This clearly states you have no reason to raise your heart beat if you have plans to buy the common Moto E4 Plus smartphone. In case the problems, arrives, they can be avoided simply without making efforts beyond a limit. Just grab the maximum knowledge regarding the common Moto E4 Plus problems and fixes for this and you can easily keep up the pace. Check it out below.

common Moto E4 Plus problems and fixes

Common Moto E4 Plus problems and fixes

While dealing with the problems, it has been users often get frustrated and started doing something they are not recommended to do so. Well, we would like to tell you to not to do something similar as you can invite other problems and sometimes they can be major hardware issues. cannot be held responsible for this. Before following this guide about the common Moto E4 Plus problems and fixes, keep this thing in your mind.

Bad camera quality

With the modern gadgets, the camera is one such feature everyone loves to use all the time. Of course, capturing pictures has become a latest trend and more and more users are paying attention on it. Probably no wants to have blurry images or the ones that are low in terms of quality. However, if you are facing this problem with your device camera, check out the below useful tips to get-rid of the same

  • Simply put the camera towards the person/object you want to capture. Before making a click on the camera button, focus on the object to get the desired quality
  • The shooting mode is to be selected depending on the lighting and other conditions required to capture quality snaps
  • Clean the camera lens gently against the finger prints on the same
  • Maybe the phone’s screen is not cleaned for long and the images might be appearing dirty due to the very same reason
  • Remove the transparent glass cover from the phone
  • Set the Camera Setting to high resolution
  • The default camera app should be preferred always

Connectivity issues

Internet and the data exchange are very essential on any modern smartphone. Without both these features, any smartphone couldn’t satisfy its owners. Therefore, it’s necessary that both these options should work properly and in a manner which is free from all the issues. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen with all the users and they often have to face issues. If you are one among them, here is what you can do to keep up the pace simply.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Moto E4 Plus problems and fixes)

  • You might have set some restrictions on the data for its transfer. Open Settings and check the same
  • Check if the data you are trying to send is compatible over Bluetooth and is not corrupt
  • If the list of devices you connected your own Smartphone with recently is too long, it is recommended to you to erase the names of all of them
  • Update the Bluetooth app in the phone
  • If you often make use of other apps for data transfer, make sure they are not running at the same time
  • The Bluetooth visibility of your phone might be set to hidden. Check and remove the same
  • The phone has a feature for saving the battery and i.e. “Power Saving Mode”. Upon enabling it, sometimes the important features of the phone also get disabled. Therefore, turn it OFF in case it is ON.
  • Clear the cache memory of the phone and restart your device

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Moto E4 Plus problems and fixes)

  • The Wi-Fi router might not be in proper working conditions
  • Check the service status on your Wi-Fi connection
  • Make sure the signal strength is stable
  • If the configuration has been done by you, check and make sure you have made the proper cable connections.
  • The password of the Wi-Fi should be entered correctly in the device
  • Maybe the Wi-Fi drivers are missing on your phone
  •  Check the internet speed and make sure the problem is not because you have already used the entire bandwidth
  • The overall number of devices connected with the same router can also be the reason to this issue sometimes. Check and disconnect a few other devices.

SIM related problems

The SIM card is something without which it is not possible to use your phone in the way you always want. Therefore, it would be good for you to boost your knowledge about the SIM-related common Moto E4 Plus problems and fixes. Here are some best methods you can adopt.

  • The SIM card is to be verified before you actually insert it in the phone
  • Check if the network services haven’t been stopped on your SIM
  • Check for the SIM card-phone compatibility issues
  • Simply restart the phone after inserting the SIM in it
  • Open Network Settings and make sure the SIM card is not turned OFF. From the same Settings, select the network manually and click to register on it
  • Check if there is a physical damage on the SIM or the SIM tray
  • The SIM card is not functional due to not using it for a long time

SD card not detected (common Moto E4 Plus problems and fixes)

You can easily store upto 128GB data in the Moto E4 Plus with the help of an SD card. A few users recently reported that they were unable to use the same in their phone. Well, this can happen due to several reasons and they are not always necessary to have a relation with one another. Check out below some good instructions that can help you.

  • The first thing is to remove the SD card from phone, insert it again and restart the device
  • The SD card is to be formatted if it is used on another device earlier
  • Make sure you don’t use a card with has more storage than the 128 GB
  • The card can have a physical or a manufacturing defect
  • Always buy an SD card that can be trusted in terms of quality.
  • Check if the card is working properly when the device us taken in the safe mode
  • Clean the SD card gently through a soft cloth
  • Check virus presence in the data you have stored on the card

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

You might be facing this problem due to the factors associated with both phone and PC too. Therefore, paying attention to both the gadgets would be good for you. Check out what can be done against this problem when it comes to fixing the same.

  • The cable connection created might be loose and not proper. Check it out first
  • After making sure of the same, simply restart your gadget
  • Simply check and make sure the cable you are using is not faulty
  • The data you are transferring might be violating the security policies of any of the device. Check the same
  • Don’t use a connecting cable which is not genuine
  • Don’t forget to update the USB drivers on the phone and on the PC
  • Clean them against the dust gently
  • Select the MTP mode when it comes to transferring the data
  • Maybe the copy of Windows installed on your PC is not genuine

Overheating problems (common Moto E4 Plus problems and fixes)

The overheating in the device is not always due to hardware problems and the best part is its good for you to keep clear of this mind. You can try the following methods before reaching to any conclusion to avoid this problem

  • Impose a strict upper limit on the overall number of apps you have installed on your phone
  • For better experience, don’t overcharge your phone
  • Always make use the best accessories including the charger and power bank with your phone
  • Maybe the power socket you are using is faulty
  • The device might be releasing more heat due to blocked or interrupted apps in the phone. Check and update them
  • Always avoid installation of applications in the phone from the other sources than the Play Store.
  • Remove the back cover from the phone if you use it. IT can be the reason you are facing this issue
  • Perform a hard reset if nothing works

Unresponsive Touchscreen

The Moto E4 Plus comes with a 5.5-inch screen that is good enough to be trusted for performing various tasks. Because the touchscreen is connected directly with the motherboard in most of the gadgets, even a very basic fault can stop them from performing their task smoothly. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to keep clear of this fact. The methods suggested below can help you a lot in this matter

  • Update all the pending apps in your phone first of all
  • Restart your phone and open it in Safe Mode. If it works fine, the issue in a device OS or in the installed apps. Uninstall the previously installed apps
  • Clean the screen gently
  • Make sure the screen guard is not too old
  • Maybe there are a lot of oil and grease particles on the screen which are stopping the screen not to perform its task reliably
  • Check and make sure there is no physical or liquid damage caused to the screen internally
  • Get the phone checked through if the problem is still there

Performance issues (common Moto E4 Plus problems and fixes)

A device that runs on the Android Nougat could be expected to run low on performance and when it already has a 1.3GHZ Processor a 3GB RAM. If still there are performance-related problems which you are facing, the following methods work best for you.

  • Begin with a simple reboot and see if the problem is gone. For the smooth performance, perform this at least once in a day regularly
  • The level of data in the phone is at its top. Erase some data for smooth performance
  • The apps installed should be up to the date.
  • The version of OS should also be updated whenever the same is made available
  • Installation of application from third-party sources should be avoided
  • Don’t use accessories which are low in terms of quality
  • Perform a factory restart if the other methods wouldn’t work for you

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

This is a problem that creates a lot of issues for the users and often brings a very daunting experience for them. Well, you need to keep this thing in your mind that it can happen anytime in the phone depending on the way you use it. There are tasks which consumes more juice from the battery and its god for you to be clear of the fact. However, in case you find that your phone is consuming extra battery even on a decent use, you can try the below listed methods and instructions.

  • First of all, make sure you are not using a low quality charger/power bank
  • Too many apps should be used at the same time or allowed to run in the background
  • Don’t download the heavy files through the Mobile Data
  • The device Wi-Fi hot spot might be turned ON and shared with other gadgets
  • Uninstall the apps which are not used regularly
  • Avoid charging your phone from the PC’s USB
  • Don’t use it while charging
  • The problems could be due to outdated app and the OS version. Update them to the latest in case it is available

The more information about the common Moto E4 Plus problems and fixes can be grabbed by posting a comment on the below section. Here you can find basic troubleshoot guide for all other latest gadgets and a lot of other posts on Android. Keep visiting our platform.

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