Common Motorola Moto Z3 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

It’s nothing but the inventions and early research that lead to the betterment of any technology. Probably you know that Motorola is one among those early manufacturers of smartphones that encouraged others to develop the same gadget with additional features. Although several manufacturers have tackled the Motorola and are presently more successful, the fact couldn’t be denied that they have got the real inspiration from no one else than Motorola phones. Presently Motorola has also made a lot of options available for the buyers to choose when it comes to buying a smartphone. Their phones are amazing and simply the best and the best part is every phone comes with a few dedicated features for which they are widely appreciated. Well, in case you are planning to buy a brand new smartphone, going ahead with the Z3 model will probably remain one of the finest decisions. Check out below the common Motorola Moto Z3 problems and fixes.

If you have already used their gadget, probably you know the smooth experience they are known to bring. The best part is you can easily keep up the pace with everything. However, there is no need to worry when you read the subject common Motorola Moto Z3 problems and fixes. This is because the problems you will check in the later sections of this post are pretty common. They can declare their presence with any modern gadget that is powered by Android technology. It is possible to deal with them very simply and in fact without worrying about anything. The general information mentioned in this post regarding the common Motorola Moto Z3 problems and fixes let you maintain functionality of your device.

common Motorola Moto Z3 problems and fixes

Why buy this phone

It is possible to perform any task through this gadget without worrying about anything. All the features works in the best possible manner and when it comes to comparing this gadget with others, you can simply find it has some of the best and dedicated features available for the users. Here is what you should really know about the common Motorola Moto Z3 problems and fixes.

Common Motorola Moto Z3 problems and fixes

It is often very convenient to utilize the information about the common Motorola Moto Z3 problems and fixes as it is instructed and mentioned in this post. If you will change or modify it as per your knowledge, we at bear no responsibility for the additional errors or bugs that you may face later or sooner. Go ahead now with the common Motorola Moto Z3 problems and fixes.

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

To connect your phone and the PC with each other so that they can effectively communicate without any error, follow the below instructions

  • First of all, check and make sure that the connection has been created properly and in a recommended manner. Select the MTP mode on the phone
  • Make sure the problem is not truly related to the cable you are using to connect both the gadgets
  • Check and make sure the USB drivers are properly installed in the device
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because of errors related to the Windows
  • There might be some restrictions on connecting the phone with the PC. Check and make sure of this
  • Make sure no security policies violation is responsible for not allowing you to establish the connection between the gadgets
  • Check if the problem can be avoided by restarting both the gadgets together

Problems with earpiece

There are certain reasons that a smartphone is showing this problem. Exploring them all will take a lot of time and sometimes efforts as well. Therefore, you should go ahead with the instructions directly that can help you to solve this problem in no time.

  • Open the phone settings and click on the sounds. Check in case the sounds of the phone are disabled
  • Check and make sure the sound drivers are installed and are in proper working condition
  • The problem may declare its presence just because of the fact that the earpiece you are using is faulty
  • Make sure not to use the ones which are not compatible or unauthorized to use as per manufacturers standards
  • Properly check in case the earpiece you are using is having a physical damage on them
  • Use the same earpiece on another device to check if the problem is associated with the phone or its actual with the earpiece

Connectivity issues

Among all the issues, the ones that must be handled or avoided immediately are nothing but the ones which are related to the connectivity. Probably you know how important it is for your phone to stay connected with a stable internet connection i.e. Wi-Fi. Another equivalent feature is Bluetooth. To avoid any of the problems related to the same in your phone, check out the connectivity-related information on common Motorola Moto Z3 problems and fixes.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Before taking any method into your consideration, simply restart your phone
  • Check if the problem can be avoided just by making a quick search for the concerned device again
  • The problem can declare its presence if the power saving mode is enabled on your phone
  • Make sure the data which you are transferring is compatible with both the gadgets. The virus presence in the same can also create the problem
  • The brand new device might have security related restrictions to accept new connections from other gadgets. Check security settings and avoid the same
  • Make sure both the phones have Bluetooth version installed which is compatible with each other
  • Check if the problem is there just because there are other apps running in the background and are accessing the Bluetooth
  • Restrict the applications to access Bluetooth without your permission
  • Make sure the device Bluetooth antenna is in proper working condition
  • Don’t allow automatic connection of Bluetooth to nearby authorized device unless it’s very important for you
  • Open the list of recently connected devices with the phone through Bluetooth. Erase the names which really doesn’t matter or you no longer need in the future. Try connecting now
  • Always keep some empty space in the device for transferring or receiving the data through Bluetooth
  • Don’t make any changes to recommended Bluetooth settings
  • Clear the cache memory of the phone
  • Make sure you are not exceeding the limit of sending the number of files in one go
  • Enter the passcode correctly if it is required

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Check and make sure the problem is not there just because internet link is not stable on the modem
  • Make sure to update the password of your Wi-Fi in your device if the same has been changed recently
  • Check and make sure the problem is not there just because you have changed the settings of your Wi-Fi modem
  • Make it sure that there are no add-ons restrictions or formalities involved in adding the new devices
  • Check if the problem can be avoided simply be restarting the phone and the modem together
  • In the internet settings, check if the LAN connection is enabled
  • Make sure the device is in the accessible Wi-Fi range
  • Check and make it sure that the problem is not caused by the interruption of services on your connection
  • Right click on the internet connection bar and choose to troubleshoot the same
  • Check how many devices can be connected with the modem at a time. Make sure the same has not been exceed
  • There is a daily/monthly bandwidth limit on some connections. Check in case the same has been exceed
  • Close all the application having access to the Wi-Fi
  • The Wi-Fi drivers might not be installed properly
  • Check if the problem can be avoided by configuring the modem once again
  • You might be facing this problem just because of a faulty Wi-Fi antenna. Check and make sure of this

Fast Battery Draining & slow charging

This can be the result of a number of things related to the functionality of a smartphone about which several users are not familiar with. However, it’s really no important to know and explore the same. The problems related to quick battery drainage and slow charging of your phone can be avoided through following methods.

  • Make sure no more than 2 applications are running in the background when you are accessing the phone to do anything
  • The slow charging could be due to using an unauthorized charging adapter or a power cable
  • Only trust the reliable power sources. Not all the mobile sources such as power bank can charge your phone in the way a fixed power source can
  • Avoid using your phone for data downloading and for making calls while it is charging
  • Check and make sure the problems are not actually associated with the power socket which you make use of
  • Simply check if the problem can be avoided by restarting your phone
  • Avoid changing any recommended settings of the phone to custom
  • Open the phone in the safe mode and check if the problem is gone. If so, probably the issue is related with applications you have installed in your phone
  • Don’t fill the device memory completely
  • Make sure your device is totally free from virus
  • Update the device to a new version if available

Overheating problems

The problems that can be associated with overheating of a Smartphone generally come when a user fails to operate this gadget in the recommended manner. To solve them, you can go ahead simply with the instructions which are mentioned below.

  • First check if you have installed a lot of apps in the phone and often make use of them at the same time
  • Check if the heat is not ventilating in the gadget in a proper manner
  • Make sure the settings of the applications are not changed as per your preference
  • Check and make sure the problem is not there just because you have installed a back cover
  • Turn OFF the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth when they are not required
  • Make sure your phone applications are not accessing multiple features
  • Update all the apps installed in the phone
  • Avoid using apps and playing games which are not compatible with the phone

Unexpected behavior of the apps

Not all the applications which you can install on your phone can be used in a similar manner. There are actually certain factors that put them separate from one another. Also, they demands for some special needs which needs to be fulfilled. Although these needs are basic, a user has to make sure of them to attain the best from the installed applications. In case any problem declares their presence, simply go ahead with the instructions below.

  • Make sure all the applications are working in the settings that is recommended by the developer
  • Make sure that all the polices of using applications are fulfilled and not getting violated
  • The security related concerns with some apps can cause this problem
  • It would be good to keep the applications in the device default memory
  • Make sure to update the apps whenever a new version will be there. You will be automatically notified for this
  • Don’t disable important notifications from the apps in the settings
  • Always installed them from the play store than any other source

SIM Related Problems/No Network

Issues that largely affect the functionality of the SIM card and the network can be there just because of some minor reasons. However, they often seem majors ones as most of the users really don’t know about them.

  • Restart your phone and if you are in a basement of s building, come out of the same
  • Check if the problem is there just because the SIM has not been inserted in the phone properly
  • Make sure there are no compatibility related issues that are actually causing this problem
  • This problem can be avoided by making sure that the SIM card doesn’t have a physical damage on it in case everything else seems good
  • Open the network and SIM settings and simply make sure that the problem is not there just because the SIM card has been turned OFF
  • Check in case you forget to disable the Airplane mode enabled anytime earlier
  • Search for the network manually and register on the same
  • Make sure the SIM card has not been blocked due to security reasons
  • Sometimes this problem arrives because of the issues related with the SIM tray. Check and makes sure of the same.

Memory/SD problems

It is really very important for the modern gadgets to enable users to store data as per convince. Sometimes, the default storage space remains insufficient for this and thus, users need to consider third-party memory devices. If there is any problem which you need to face, the same can be resolved through following instructions.

  • First remove the SD card and make sure to restart the phone. Re-insert the card and check
  • Make sure the files present in the card are not hidden
  • Try transferring and moving the data from and to the memory card to check if the things are fine with the card
  • Make sure to insert the memory card properly in the phone
  • Check if you are using a memory card that is capable to store more data than 256GB
  • Make sure the data present in the card is compatible with the device
  • Make sure there are no compatibility problems among the phone and the card
  • Always follow the recommended manner to eject it from the device
  • Format the card and insert it again in the phone
  • Try using it on another phone
  • Get it replaced in case none of the above method works for you

Unresponsive Touchscreen

It is possible to deal with this issue simply if you know the rights methods to follow and things to keep in mind. Some helping instructions are spotlighted below.

  • Make sure the storing capacity of your phone is not filled completely
  • Simply check if the screen needs cleanliness against oil and grease
  • Check and make sure there is no physical damage caused to the screen
  • Remove the mittens and the gloves if you are wearing them
  • Simply make sure that the phone is not operating in the power saving mode
  • The installation of applications from the third-party sources can also cause this problem
  • Remove the last app you installed in the phone and check
  • Make sure the problem is not there due to filling the memory of the phone completely
  • The screen sharing option might be turned ON. Check and disable it
  • Remove all the apps from the phone which you haven’t used for a long time
  • Check if the problem can be avoided by taking the phone in the safe mode
  • Remove the transparent glass cover from the screen and check again
  • Get the device checked at an authorized nearby center

Bad camera quality/Blurry images

Most of the problems which don’t let the camera to keep up the pace with quality are mostly basic. The following camera-related information on common Motorola Moto Z3 problems and fixes can help you simply get favorable outcomes.

  • It is advised to you to always operate the camera through the default application only
  • Make sure to use a shooting mode that can help you getting quality picture or videos during the moment
  • Make sure you are not using your phone in the power saving mode
  • Check in case the problem is there just because of low lights. Prefer using camera flash light
  • Simply make sure if the problem can be solved by removing the installed screen guard and cleaning the camera lens.
  • Open the camera settings and make sure to select the HD mode on the same

Performance issues

It is possible to boost up the performance of your phone which is operating slow jut by following the below instructions and methods

  • First delete the extra data which you are not using in your phone
  • Check and make sure all the application which have been installed in the phone are updated
  • Avoid installing them from third-party sources
  • Make sure not to allow your device to accept data from any device
  • In case there is a new version is available for the OS, switch to the same by updating
  • Make sure not to use any unauthorized or pirated accessory with the phone
  • Simply make sure that the phone is not having a custom ROM installed it
  • The problem could be there just because you might be using your phone in the power saving mode
  • You need to make it sure that the phone doesn’t have a lot of games installed on it
  • Check if there is any app which is not compatible with the phone and is actually causing this issue
  • A hard reset will remain the last option to solve this concern

To grab more useful information regarding the common Motorola Moto Z3 problems and fixes, just post a comment below with your concern. Keep visiting our website for similar posts.



  1. My moto keeps turning itself off at unexpected times and then does a reboot with no request or assistance. Any thoughts?

    1. Mine has started doing the same thing. When it shuts itself down the battery % changes drastically. Today it shut down and said 0% then when I plugged it in it was at 61%. We’re you able to fix the problem?

  2. I have notifications for Apps turned on…but I still do not get a notification for the App.
    ANd is there a way to get different alarm/alert tones for different apps? I have 2 email addresses,
    Messenger, Amber Alert, and a work App…..each set to alert (with one email alert turned off). But I want
    a different tone for each app.

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