Common Nokia 5.1 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

In life, we need of a lot of things for so many reasons associated with the same. Its always good to fulfill them on time. However, it has been seen that many people fails in this matter just because of issues related to time. Of course, the tight routines has affected our lifestyles and are truly the reason why we often need to compromise with our needs or simply have no other option to get them delayed. Not all, but several needs can be fulfilled or addressed in no time by owning a smartphone. Actually, a gadget like this has become very useful and being the perfect instance of technology, it has given us a lot. In this post, I have highlighted the issues associated with one of the very useful and a best device and i.e. 5.1 by Nokia. Check below the common Nokia 5.1 problems and fixes.

Nokia has an excellent track record of maintaining efficiency, quality, reliability and almost everything that a user expects from a smartphone. After a great come back in recent years, Nokia has once again changed the definition of phones. Most of the gadgets launched by them are amazing and good enough to be trusted simply. If you have plans to invest your hard earned money on Nokia 5.1, there is nothing to worry or to think about. With this post you can simply guide yourself on common Nokia 5.1 problems and fixes.

common Nokia 5.1 problems and fixes

Are Common problems a reason to worry?

Well, if this question arrives in your mind, I would simply like to make it clear. The answer is a big no. This is because the problems that are discussed in this post are not there in the Nokia 5.1 due to its functionality of manufacturing defects. They are present because of the reasons not associated with any major problem but with Android technology. Not everyone make use of his/her smartphone in a way similar to all others. Thus, depending on this and some basic factors related to Android such as compatibility, users can experience the issues mentioned in this post. The best part is it’s easy to deal with them. Here is the information about common Nokia 5.1 problems and fixes you simply need to get the results in your favor.

Common Nokia 5.1 problems and fixes

Everyone knows that not all the issues present in a smartphone are always necessary to be associated with each other. Thus, if you think you can avoid issues with your own knowledge, it might not be true always. In other words, you simply need to follow a guide which you can easily understand and the one which is trustable like the one posted under the subject common Nokia 5.1 problems and fixes here. Else, you can face additional troubles and cannot blame for the same.

Connectivity issues

It is not easy and simple to define all the connectivity related issues in a few sentences. This is because they are vast. Basically, they define the capacity of a phone to share data or any other information with another device or on a network. This clearly indicates how important it is for you to deal with them. Well, there are the instructions to simply have you the returns you are expecting.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • The very first thing an average user can do is simply restart the phone and then again connecting with the other device
  • It is obvious for the Bluetooth to have the visibility of the Bluetooth connection visible. If the same is hidden, you can face the problems. Check the same
  • Make it sure that your phone is not holding a long list of devices that was connected with it in its Bluetooth history. If the list contains so many names, erase a few
  • Check if the problem is related to data compatibility, authenticity, copyright, or just because attaching so many files in one go
  • Make sure the sender and the receiver device both have enough memory available in them to enable the Bluetooth work properly and reliably
  • Try disabling the automatic connection of Bluetooth with other gadgets around it
  • Make sure the apps are not accessing the Bluetooth at the same time you want this feature to transfer or receive data for you
  • Check the ability of the device to accept the version of the Bluetooth on the other phone
  • This problem might be there due to non-functional or damaged Bluetooth antenna on the phone
  • If the device is already connected with another device through a wired connection, temporarily disconnect the same
  • Be sure that the violation of Bluetooth app policies or the security policies are not causing this issue in the phone
  • Simply make it sure that the problem is not there due to not clearing the cache memory of the phone for a long time

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • First check if the Wi-Fi on the phone is totally free from any sort of troubles
  • Sometimes user start worrying just because the password is not changed or updated in the phone
  • Another factor that defines the Wi-Fi ability of the device is how secure your connection is.
  • Make sure the connection you are trying to connect your device with is having all the services active on it
  • Make sure there is actually no need to fulfill additional formalities to be connected with the network
  • Check in case the problem is there because the modem is already having the maximum number of host devices it can connect with internet
  • Make sure your internet connection is stable and the Bandwidth of the data has not been reached
  • Check if your phone Wi-Fi is accessed by the installed apps in the phone
  • Make it sure simply that your phone is not operating in the power saving mode which often automatically disables some features
  • Check in case the internet or the Local Area Network settings are not in the way they have to be
  • Make it sure that the phone id not having a virus infection which is causing this problem
  • Bring your phone to a nearby repair shop authorized by Nokia if the problem is still there

Problems with earpiece

Well, the problems related to the earpiece in the phone are not very daunting if you know the right actions you can take against them. Here is what you can do

  • Invest on an earpiece that is of good quality and is compatible to be used
  • Make sure the problem is not associated with sound drivers
  • Check in case the problem can be solved by updating the same
  • Make sure the sounds are not disabled in the phone settings
  • Check if there is actually a physical damage associated with the earpiece
  • Simply make sure your phone doesn’t have a virus in it
  • Check if the connections are not loose

Unexpected behavior of the apps

Many factors distract apps in the phone to perform their task securely and reliably and this is the reason the users have to face issues in the gadget. In case you are one among them, try following methods simply.

  • The apps should be used and managed in a well-defined manner in your phone. This is the first thing you need to make sure of
  • Check if the apps installed have their settings changed to custom. Well, it is recommended to switch them back to recommended
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have a lot of apps installed and running at the same time
  • All the apps should be updated whenever a new update arrives. Keep this thing in your mind
  • Avoid installation of the apps from the sources your phone couldn’t recognize
  • Clear the cache memory of the apps and check if you can solve the issue simply by restarting your phone

Performance issues

Fixing the performance related bugs is simple and doesn’t consume a lot of time. Simply check the below instructions.

  • The basic step you can take to avoid this problem is to restart your phone
  • Check in case the problem is there just because the phone memory has been filled completely
  • Sometimes this issue is faced just after changing the settings of the phone
  • Install the latest version of OS in your phone
  • Check in case the phone you are using is having a hardware problem in it
  • Simply make it sure that the phone is not affected by a virus
  • Check in case the problem is there just because you are not using the phone as per the instructions and guide issued by the manufacturer
  • Simply check if you have recently installed an app and the problem begins after the same
  • Make sure not to use your phone in safe mode
  • Check in case all the apps are in proper working condition
  • Check and make sure your phone is having the required drivers installed in it
  • If you don’t mind performing a hard reset, you can restore the performance of your Nokia 5.1.

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

To make sure both these devices work properly when connected together, follow below methods.

  • Make sure your phone has power saving mode disabled on it
  • Select the camera or the data storage mode as per your need when you connect your device with computer
  • In case the PC you own is too old, you need to install the phone drivers manually
  • Check if the problem can be solved just by a simple restart
  • Make sure the USB drivers on the phone are updated to the latest versions
  • Sometimes factors related to the security of brand new devices can cause this issue
  • You must checke the working condition as well as the compatibility of the cable you are using to connect your phone with PC
  • Check if the Windows copy installed on your PC is genuine and has all the drivers installed in it which are mandatory to detect and run the third-party gadgets
  • Make sure the data you are transferring is not bulky
  • Check if the problem is there just because the phone is having another problem in its hardware

Fast Battery Draining & slow charging

The phone battery might be charging slow and getting drained quickly just because of the reasons spotlighted below.

  • Check the battery status of the phone first of all
  • Make sure that the phone is not having any of the problem related to the Android or the OS simply
  • If there is a new version arrive or is available for the apps and the OS. Go ahead with their downloading and installation
  • Check if the accessories you are using the phone are of superior quality or not
  • Make it sure that the phone variant owned by you is suitable or compatible with the local power supply sources
  • Don’t use any other charger that doesn’t belong to your phone
  • Check in case you are downloading a lot of files or using your phone for placing calls when it is charging
  • Make it sure that the problem is not present just because the apps have been given a lot of access to other features
  • It is necessary that you keep the features OFF when they are not required
  • Close all the apps running in the background
  • Make sure to use the power banks which are authorized

Overheating problems

To make sure the phone doesn’t cross the maximum heating threshold, you need to follow what is mentioned below.

  • The device might be failing to completely remove the excess energy not getting utilized in it
  • Check if the back cover you installed on the phone is causing this problem
  • Make sure the phone is not having a lot of data filled in its default memory
  • Check if you have connected your phone with a third-party gadget
  • The problem might be there when a lot of apps are running in the background
  • Check if the problem can be solved by restarting your phone simply
  • You simply need to make it sure if the problem is associated with the applications installed in the apps or the bugs in the Android
  • Avoid using your phone while charging and make sure not to play games which are not reliable with it
  • Make sure not to overcharge your phone
  • The device might be running in the power saving mode

Bad camera quality

Getting rid of faults and bugs associated with camera is easy when you follow what is mentioned below

  • Make sure your phone camera is not having its lens in non-working condition or if it is physically damaged
  • Check in case the problem is there just because the apps you are using to access the camera doesn’t work properly with Nokia 5.1
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have its default memory completely filled
  • Check if the HD mode is selected in the camera settings or not
  • In the camera settings you can choose from various shooting mode to brighten the pictures upto some extent
  • If there are low lights at the sight, you must prefer using the camera flashlight
  • Sometimes this problem can be solved by cleaning the camera lens and the screen
  • Check if the pre-installed cover on the screen of your phone has been removed
  • Simply make it sure that the object is being focused before you capture it

Unresponsive Touchscreen

With the useful information regarding the screen related common Nokia 5.1 problems and fixes mentioned below, you can easily solve this concern.

  • First check if the screen on your Nokia 5.1 hasn’t been cleaned for a long time. The oil and other particles can sometimes stops its functionality
  • Make sure not to change the screen settings to custom
  • Check if the problem is there just because of Android related bugs
  • Check in case you are wearing the mittens or the gloves on your hands
  • Make sure the phone doesn’t have the screen sharing option turned ON
  • The screen might not be functional properly just because apps are blocking the same. Check it out properly
  • Make sure your device is not having a physical hardware damage on its screen
  • Check if you are able to solve your concern simply with deleting some data in the phone
  • Make it sure that the phone doesn’t have any other problem related to its OS which is causing this problem

SIM related problems

There are situations when you find the SIM card fails to operate in the phone. Well, in case the same happens, check out the below instructions.

  • Check if the SIM card is damaged physically or have any similar problem related to it
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have a problem in its SIM tray
  • Check if the SIM card is in functional mode and has been inserted in the phone properly
  • The common reason to this issue is when user forget to disable the Airplane mode after turning it ON
  • Make sure to come out from the basement of a building
  • Check if the problem can be solved simply by restarting your phone
  • Open the network settings and make a manual search for the network. Check if the SIM card has been turned OFF from the same settings
  • You need to come out from the basement as signal strength often goes low there and in remote areas
  • The compatibility related issues in the phone variant and the SIM card can cause this problem
  • You may need to contact the network provider if the problem is still there

It would be good if you follow all the instructions and methods in the same manner in this post as they are listed. This has been informed earlier as well. The information about the common Nokia 5.1 problems and fixes assures good returns only if you do so. Post a comment below for any other problem you are facing this phone to let us know the same.


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