Common OnePlus 6T Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Smartphones have become extremely popular and one of the very useful devices to humans. In fact, their popularity and usefulness have seen a tremendous growth in the past few years. Well, there is a diverse array of reasons that has unconditionally contributed to their fame. The reliability and simplicity of the technology is an example of such reasons. Many manufacturers have worked very hard to transform the big ideas into reality and OnePlus is one among them. They have recently introduced the OnePlus 6T as a successor of OnePlus 6 and have already got a lot of publicity. Probably there are a very large number of fans of this manufacturer all over the world. If you have recently purchased the OnePlus 6T and is experiencing some basic issues with the same, here is everything about the common OnePlus 6T problems and fixes.

OnePlus 6T is a gadget that actually doesn’t need any introduction in a true sense. Also, this post has not been written just because this phone has been suffering from the complex issues related to the hardware domain. Almost all of the issues discussed here are really basic. These problems can actually declare their presence in any modern gadget running on Android. Sometimes the users fail to know the exact causes and if you are one among them, of course, this post is for you. Check out everything about the common OnePlus 6T problems below.

common OnePlus 6T problems

Why buy OnePlus 6T?

Well, this question in true sense doesn’t need any answer. Those who are familiar with this manufacturer already know what makes OnePlus 6T an ideal choice. It is actually the newest phone in the market right now. Also, you couldn’t find any real competitor to this phone presently. Being one of the finest gadgets, it simply let you keep style, status and symbol of excellence together. There are so many factors that make it amazing. If you can afford the price, you must go ahead with this phone. Check out below the information you were looking for about the common OnePlus 6T problems and the simply available solutions.

Common OnePlus 6T Problems and Fixes

An error could be major or it could be minor. One thing which is common in solving them both is the dedication and the accurate information. If you don’t have the same, probably getting the favorable results is something which is not possible. However, it has been seen despite having the required information, some users don’t get the same. This is because they often mold the guide they follow as per their own knowledge. Such a practice would be avoided even while following this guide on common OnePlus 6T problems. cannot be held responsible if things go wrong after doing so.

Connectivity issues

Sometimes the connectivity problems become too difficult that they cannot be justified easily. However, it has been seen that in most of the cases the reasons behind them is very basic. Therefore, you must follow the information mentioned here reliably and with full consideration to eliminate the error. Check the right information below.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • The Bluetooth problem can be solved if you just turn your phone OFF for a minute and then again turn it ON
  • Make sure to check if there is actually an error or a bug that is not allowing the Bluetooth antenna to perform its task
  • The problem might be due to the reason that the data which you are sending has not been up to the mark with the phone requirements. Do check if the same is compatible with both the phones involved
  • Make it sure that the problem has no direct concern with a hardware problem in your phone
  • Sometimes Bluetooth problems arrive in the phone just when users enable the power saving mode when the battery goes down. Check if this hasn’t disabled the Bluetooth and is the reason to this problem
  • Make sure to check the default Bluetooth app in the phone is working properly and there is nothing blocking the same
  • The Bluetooth access might be restricted in your phone automatically just because of violation of the security policies
  • Do check if the problem is there just because both the devices haven’t been paired with each other or have been paired incorrectly
  • Check and make sure if the things are OK with the software domain in your phone
  • One of the simplest methods to avoid this issue to delete the name of the device from the Bluetooth history and then adding it again
  • Make sure the problem is not because the Bluetooth version in your phone is not compatible with the other
  • Sometimes installing the third-party apps in the phone can be the reason to this issue

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Make sure the internet has not been disabled or is facing any glitch due to the network provider’s end
  • Make sure the particular website you are opening is not having the problem with the same
  • Check if you have made some changes to the browser settings in your phone
  • Do check if the network settings were modified by you and the same is the reason to this problem
  • The Wi-Fi of your phone might not be working because at the same time any other apps might be accessing the default feature for any other purpose such as data transfer
  • Make it sure that the Wi-Fi antenna is not having any kind of problem with the same
  • Sometimes this problem arrives just because the bandwidth usage limit exceeds
  • Do check and make sure if the problem in your phone is related with the Wi-Fi drivers
  • You might have entered the wrong authentication details or the network you are trying to connect with have additional requirements to allow gadgets
  • Do check if the maximum number of Wi-Fi enabled devices your modem can access has already been connected with the same and this is the problem to the problem you are facing
  • There are certain chances that the problem could be due to not clearing the cache data of your phone or due to IP conflict
  • Do check if the problem is related with the modem. Any hardware issue or the improper configuration might be responsible for this
  • Do check if the things can be restored into their actual working condition by restarting the phone and the modem

Performance issues

  • One of the best ways to restore the performance of your phone is limiting the overall number of apps installed and imposing limit on the data kept in the phone as well
  • Make sure to check if the things are not wrong with the hardware of your OnePlus 6T
  • Do check and make sure all the apps you keep in your phone are supported by it and have their newest available version installed
  • The problem could be due to improper functionality of the phone screen. This is often confused as slow performance of the phone
  • You might have opened so many apps or the phone might be engaged in data downloading
  • Make sure not to use your phone when it is downloading the data from the internet or while charging the same
  • Do check if a simple restart is enough to eliminate this problem totally from your gadget
  • Sometimes when a security patch is available for the OS and users don’t install the same, this problem is often felt
  • You simply need to spend some time analyzing all the barriers to the performance in your phone
  • It is always recommended to clear the cache data of the phone after a fixed interval of time that should not be too long
  • Presence of any kind of virus in the phone can be another reason you are facing this problem

SIM/Network related problems

  • If you have imposed a password or a PIN on the SIM card, it is to be removed before you actually insert it in your OnePlus 6T
  • The problem might be due to the reason that the phone doesn’t support the frequency on which the SIM network operates. Thus important is to carefully choose the phone variant
  • Check if the problem is actually related to the SIM card that is not having the services active on it. The network provider might have restricted some or all the services on your SIM card
  • Do check if the problem is there just because the SIM slot is damaged and you don’t have any idea about the same. Make sure to insert the SIM in your phone properly
  • Check if you are at a remote location and the services are not valid over there
  • When the phone frequently changes its position such as when user travel, this problem is often felt
  • In case you are in the basement of an establishment such as car parking area, this problem could be due to not having enough signal strength
  • Do check if the network selection settings of your phone are set to automatic mode. If not, do it and restart your phone. This can surely solve the problem
  • Make sure the actual reason is not the improper working of the phone signal antenna
  • Sometimes the problem arrives just when the phone is made to run in the Airplane mode. You might have forgotten to disable the same. Check it properly
  • Do check if the SIM is turned OFF in the SIM settings

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

  • The first thing to be checked whether the problem is not related to the connecting medium that could be a cable or the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi in case of a wireless connection
  • Make sure the Windows copy installed on the PC is genuine
  • Check if the phone and the PC has all the required drivers to read data from the memory of each other
  • This problem sometimes arrive when the phone is made to run in the power saving mode
  • Do check if the things are wrong just because the phone is having the outdated USB drivers or have any issue with the same. Check this for the PC as well
  • Make sure the data which you are transferring is not responsible for the non-recognition of the gadgets
  • Select the right mode on the phone as per your needs or the task you want to perform
  • Make sure no policies of any of the device especially the ones that defines security are getting violated. In such a case, your connection will get terminated automatically

Screen Related Problems

  • The device screen might not be functional just because you have totally filled your phone memory with the data or with the installed apps
  • Usually this problem is observed when users fails to disable the screen sharing option
  • Make it sure that the screen-related problems are not there just because of installing a cheap quality glass guard on it
  • Your phone might be running in any other mode than the general
  • Do check if the installed apps or the OS bugs are not responsible for this issue which is often the reason in most of the cases
  • Check and make sure that your phone don’t have any non-operational hardware component
  • If your phone is connected with another gadget at the same time, check if the problem can be solved simply by terminating the connection temporarily
  • Make sure that the problem is not there just because you have changed the phone recommended settings to custom
  • Sometimes the reason to this problem is the installation of a software or an app which OnePlus 6T cannot support
  • Do check and make sure if the problem is related with the oil and grease particles that often get deposited on the screen of a phone with regular usage
  • The gloves and the mittens should be removed from the hands before the screen is accessed
  • Do check if the things run smoothly when the phone is made to run in the safe mode which reflects an error in the OS or in an app

Apps not functioning properly

  • The application might not have the permission to perform the task you want it to do. This is because the permission might not be given to the same to access the phone data and other requirements of the same might not be fulfilled
  • Do check if the installation of the applications is a task that you have performed from a source which the phone couldn’t trust. To make sure of the performance, the first preference should always be given to the Play Store
  • Do check if the things are wrong just because you made any changes to the recommended settings of the app
  • Sometimes this problem arrives just when the phone is running in the safe mode
  • Do check and make sure that the apps are installed only in the phone memory
  • The things might not be good with the OS of your phone
  • Check the virus infection in your phone data which can also largely impact the phone performance
  • Your phone might not have enough free space to run the apps properly

Bad camera quality

  • Always follow the simple and the basic trick to get the best out of a phone camera. One example is to focus on the object before the images are actually captured. This boost the quality upto an excellent extent
  • The problem might be there because the preference has been given to a third-party app for opening the camera of your phone. OnePlus 6T may not accurately support all the available apps for accessing camera on the Play Store
  • Turn ON the flashlight or set it to the automatic mode while capturing the pictures
  • Do check and make sure that the HD option is enabled in the camera settings
  • The problem might be there just because the phone camera lens is not cleaned properly. Also, check the cleanliness level on the screen as well
  • You might be getting low quality pictures just because they were captured in the burst mode
  • If the phone camera fails to open/operate, the problem might be related to the OS. Install all the updates available and check again
  • Make sure you haven’t restricted the camera access by locking the same

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

  • It is necessary that you keep the phone brightness under a specific limit. Better is to set to automatic mode
  • Do check if there are so many apps running in the background
  • All the notifications are to be closed immediately when they arrive else they will put additional burden on the battery
  • Do check if the phone Wi-Fi hotspot is turned ON and the apps that put extra burden on the battery such as Google Maps are running in the background
  • If you don’t mind to keep the mobile data OFF in the hours you are busy in other tasks, surely the phone battery backup can be enhanced upto a great extent
  • Do check if the things are wrong just because of a serious hardware problem with the battery
  • This problem can arrive when you don’t make use of the phone as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer in the phone user guide
  • Installing a very large number of apps in the phone and using them simultaneously might be causing this problem
  • Do check and make sure the problem is not there just because the accessories used with the phone are not genuine
  • Make it sure simply that the camera flashlight is not used as a torch for long hours
  • Check if there are some non-functional apps in your phone. Simply uninstall them
  • Data downloading can have a huge impact on the phone battery backup. You need to make sure that this task is to be performed reliably

Overheating problems

  • The blocked apps in the phone can heat it significantly beyond a limit. Check and remove them
  • Make sure your phone is eliminating the excess the heat through its ventilation system
  • Do check if you are using a charger that is not supported by the phone
  • The phone hardware problems can be the reason the phone is getting overheated
  • Make sure your phone back cover is not creating this problem
  • Limit the data in your phone as this can also sometimes solve this problem
  • Avoid installation of the apps from the sources not recommended. Also, update the phone OS if a new update is available
  • Check if your phone has a lot of games installed in the same
  • Clear the cache data of the phone

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

  • Always use an earpiece that is supported by the phone and recommended by the manufacturer
  • Do check if the problem is there just because the phone you own has a problem (either a major one or a minor) with its hardware
  • This can happens when you completely disable the phone sounds in the sound settings
  • Not all the earpiece can support different modes you choose to play music
  • Do check if the apps you make use of is not actually responsible for this problem
  • Simply make it sure that the problem is actually not related with the music quality you are playing
  • Do check if the universal connector on the phone is responsible for this problem
  • The earpiece might have some serious problem in them. Do check and make sure of this

Probably OnePlus 6T is an amazing phone. There are hardly any chances that you will face all of these issues at a sudden. However, this information about the common OnePlus 6T problems and their fixes will be helpful for you in the long run. Keep visiting our website for posts justifying the solutions to the common problems for other phones and to have access to a whole new world of all the latest news on Android stuff.


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