Common Oppo R15 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Android is actually a wonderful technology. The fact couldn’t be denied that it has provided all modern smartphones a powerful base. In fact, it is the reason why present-day gadgets are able to perform a diverse array of tasks in a matter of minutes. Many smartphone brands are there in the market and Oppo is one among them which have gained popularity mainly because of the camera quality they offer. Probably they have no true competitor when it comes to cameras. It is not the only factor that has transformed them into a top-level smartphone manufacturer but there are several other factors too. A great finishing and an excellent and in fact an elegant look to all their gadgets have also widely contributed. Well, R15 is becoming the most discussed topics about the Oppo. In fact, the Chinese manufacturer is ready to amaze the smartphone lovers again. The Dream edition has already been announced in China and it will soon be available in other parts of the world. In this post, the common Oppo R15 problems and fixes will be discussed so that you as a user can simply make sure of functionality all the time.

The Oppo R15 is a wonderful device that has Android Oreo 8.1 technology and probably this is one of the best things about this gadget. It has been equipped with a 6.28-inch screen which users can enjoy with a 1080 x 2280 pixel resolution. It has a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for protection and when it comes to ROM, the Oppo has enabled it to store 128GB of memory. The same can be taken upto 256GB if you don’t mind inserting a memory card in the hybrid slot for the SIM 2 and the memory card. The most noticeable feature of this device will remain a 6GB powerful RAM that can be trusted for the performance.

common Oppo R15 problems and fixes

Like most modern-day Android-based gadgets, it has been equipped with a dual primary camera of 16MP and the users can also make sure of quality selfies through the 20MP secondary counterpart. The Bluetooth 4.2 technology and several other latest features make it one of the best devices. You can simply make sure of a long back through the 3450mAh battery. The device has already attracted the attention of a lot of users. Although it is a best gadget in terms of specifications, the fact cannot be denied that no Android smartphone is totally free from errors. There are a few which are pretty common with most of the gadgets. Thus knowing about the common Oppo R15 problems and fixes would be beneficial for you if you have plans to own this device or you are already a user.

I would like to make this thing clear that most of the information mentioned in this post about the common Oppo R15 problems and fixes doesn’t indicate that this device has some major hardware problems. Of course, it is free from the same but these are common issues which can appear in any device. Therefore, you have no reasons to worry about anything in case you want to buy this phone. Probably you can go ahead. Here is all that you should know about the common Oppo R15 problems and fixes.

Common Oppo R15 problems and fixes

Simply keep this thing in mind that the information about the common Oppo R15 problems and fixes works perfectly if you follow it exactly in the way it has been provided. always provides you the best methods and instructions to deal with the concerned issues. However, we cannot be held responsible if the problem gets transformed to next level while following this guide in a wrongful manner.

Connectivity issues

Although there are several features modern smartphones have been equipped with, the fact is true that most of them can only be used if the device doesn’t face any connectivity problem. The fact is most of the features are internet based and the need of a stable internet connection will always be there even during the 5G revolution. Either its data transfer, data sharing, managing device and a lot of other tasks, the favorable output can be assured when both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth works perfectly. However, in case you are facing any of the issues with them, here is the guide to help you avoid them.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Oppo R15 problems and fixes)

  • The Oppo R15 has Bluetooth 4.2 technology which is free from most of the bugs. If there is any problem, simply perform the most basic task to avoid it and i.e. rebooting your phone
  • The device Bluetooth connection shouldn’t be hidden
  • If a time limit has been imposed on the connection visibility, change the same
  • Make sure the connection is visible to one and all
  • Clean the history of Bluetooth connections from the Settings
  • Disable the power saving mode. This can sometime doesn’t let many features perform their task smoothly
  • If you are transferring the data for the first time, you may need to enter a passcode. Make sure you enter the correct

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Oppo R15 problems and fixes)

  • If the signal strength is low, you need to come close to the router
  • Make sure the network provider conditions are meet
  • Don’t connect too many devices with the router. May be you are not able to connect because router’s limit has already been reached
  • Turn the Wi-Fi router OFF and again turn in ON. Check the cable connection and make sure it is correct
  • Make sure to update the password in the device you are connecting if you had recently changed the same
  • If there is a daily bandwidth limit, it might have already been consumed by you
  • Add the connection again by forgetting it simply from the Wi-Fi settings of the device
  • The last option if the other methods wouldn’t work is re-configuring the Wi-Fi router. Take help of the service manual or call an expert in case you don’t know the same

SIM related problems

The functionality of a SIM card doesn’t depend on a single factor. There are many which can directly or indirectly influence the same. You might have no idea but this is totally true and in fact this is the reason why most of the users fail to find the root cause of any SIM related problem. Listed below are some of the best available instructions and methods that can probably help you in making the problem gone from your device in case you are facing it with your Oppo R15.

  • If the SIM card is new, make sure the services have been activated on the same
  • You may need to choose the network manually from the SIM Settings in the device
  • Make sure the SIM card is not turned OFF. Check this from the SIM settings in the device
  • Make sure the SIM has properly been inserted and in the right slot
  • Check if there is a physical damage o the SIM or on the SIM tray
  • Make sure the services are enabled on the SIM card
  • If the problem is still there, get the SIM card replaced from the nearby network provider’s customer care office

Bad camera quality (common Oppo R15 problems and fixes)

I have already mentioned in the initial section of this post and also everyone knows that Oppo offer a tremendous camera quality in all their phones. However, this doesn’t mean that camera problems cannot appear in their gadgets. The fact is camera output doesn’t just depend on the power of the lens but on many factors. Therefore the problem could be there simply and you can avoid the same in no time with the help of following methods.

  • In the dim light conditions, turn ON the camera flash
  • You might have selected a specific shooting mode last time and might be using the same again without paying attention on the current circumstances. Make sure of this
  • The camera lens work properly only if you focus on the object before capturing the snap
  • All the brand new devices have a transparent glass pre-installed on them. You need to remove the same
  • If a new version of camera app is available, you need to update the same
  • Make sure that the camera lens is clean

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Almost all the features in the device and the hardware need power for their functionality. The power is distributed by default to all the features and the hardware according to their need. An imbalance to the same can give rise to quick battery drainage & slow charging problems. To fix these issues, here are some useful instructions and methods.

  • Don’t share the Wi-Fi hotspot of your device with other beyond a specific time. It often put a lot of burden on the same
  • Probably not all the notifications that apps send matters equally to you. Therefore disable the ones you don’t need as they often consume extra battery
  • The slow charging could be due to apps running in background, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/hotspot of the device is turned ON during charging
  • You might be using another charger than the one that actually belong to your phone
  • Don’t download files while charging your phone
  • Make sure to use a power bank which is genuine in case you use it too often
  • Make sure the screen brightness is not to high as it can drain the battery quickly

Overheating problems (common Oppo R15 problems and fixes)

One of the facts that most of the smartphone users are not aware is devices with powerful specifications often face this problem. This is because they need more power to operate. When it comes to Oppo R15, it has a 6GB of RAM and a 2GHz octa-core processor. It can therefore face this problem. There are several other reasons too due to which this issue can declare its presence. To fox the same, follow the methods listed below

  • Don’t violate the security policies of your brand new device. Installation of apps from other platforms than the Play Store is a common example of this and several user do the same
  • You simply need to make sure that all the apps installed in the device are updated to their latest version
  • Don’t go for the power banks that doesn’t match device power ratings
  • Charging from laptop/PC should also be avoided
  • Once the battery is 90% charged, turn the charger OFF and make sure you never completely charge the same
  • The device back cover might be causing this problem by acting as a barrier for ventilation
  • Perform a hard reset if the problem is not solved with above methods.
  • Remove the back cover from the device if you have installed the same
  • Simply perform a hard reset if the other methods doesn’t give you favorable outcome

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

If this is a problem with the Oppo R15 you own, the methods that can help you to deal with this problem are mentioned below

  • Open Safe mode in the device and check if the problem is resolved
  • If not, try using another earpiece
  • Simply increase the volume during a phone call
  • Update the device OS/sound driver

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

The Android-based gadgets are generally free from issues that are related to a smartphone connectivity with PC. However, several third-party factors are there which can influence the same. Try the following methods and instructions about the Windows related common Oppo R15 problems and fixes.

  • First of all, perform a simple reboot after creating the connection.
  • If the glitch is still there, use the parallel port
  • Simply check there are no restrictions on the connection
  • The connecting cable might be faulty
  • The data you are transferring/copying is corrupted
  • The device of the PC might have a virus infection. Either disable the anti-virus software/application or the clean the data if this is the case
  • Perform a hard reset if the problem is not solved

No SD card detected (common Oppo R15 problems and fixes)

The SD card related problem is the device can be fixed by taking the below appropriate factors into consideration.

  • Remove the SD card and check it for a physical damage
  • If it stop working certainly, remove the apps you installed just before the same or erase the data/file to transferred
  • Always follow the recommended procedure for removing the SD card from the device
  • The Oppo R15 has a hybrid slot for SIM and memory card. Make sure you inserted the card in the right one
  • Format your card and again insert it in device. The problem would definitely be gone after this

Unresponsive Touchscreen

A slow operating touchscreen or the one that doesn’t operate at all can bring various problems to the phone. In fact it could be the reason that your device is not performing any task. Therefore it is necessary to deal with this problem. Here is what you should know about the touchscreen related common Oppo R15 problems and fixes.

  • Sometime the faults or outdated apps in the device could be the reason to this problem
  • Make sure the screen and your fingers are clean
  • Always make sure the power source is suitable to the device power needs
  • Open the device in Safe mode. If the things are working fine. You need to perform a hard reset to fix this issue

Performance issues

The common misconception among the users is the performance of a device depends only on the RAM and processor. This is not always right. Several other factors are there which can create this problem. To fix the same, you can simply go ahead with the below methods.

  • Don’t fill the device memory completely
  • Check out the conditions on multi-tasking on your device
  • Make sure the SD card in the SIM doesn’t have any unwanted file application
  • There might be multiple apps running in the background
  • A hard reset can solve most of the issue related with performance

Probably this information about the common Oppo R15 problems and fixes let you assure an error-free functionality of your device all the time. If you find your concern not listed in this post, you can comment on the below section.



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