Common Redmi 5A Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Redmi has played a significant role in starting the smartphone revolution in the last few years. Since last few years, they have become one among the most discussed brands on the internet with record sales in different parts of the world. Of course, their devices are best in every aspect and have won the heart of many people. It is true that many smartphone lovers now prefer only this Chinese manufacturer when it comes to buying a new smartphone. The fact cannot be denied that Redmi has made a lot of efforts in making their devices best in every aspect. Today we are going to discuss the common Redmi 5A problems and fixes.

There is nothing wrong to say that 5A is one of the best devices ever launched by the Redmi. Like all other devices, it too got a lot of popularity in a very short span of time. Many users are using it currently. However, it is true that like other Android-based widgets, it is also suffering from so many bugs most of which are related to Operating System. It is because of the very same reason you need not to worry about anything in case you are also facing the same. The fact it most of these issues can simply be eliminated if you follow the information about the common Redmi 5A problems and fixes as it is mentioned in this post.

Common Redmi 5A Problems and Fixes


Let us first have a quick review of the hardware specifications of this wonderful smartphone. Launched in the November 2017, it has a very large number of users and a few have reported about the common issues they are experiencing. This device comes with a 5-inch touchscreen display which is good enough to view any sort of content due to its ability to provide a 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. It has been powered by 1.4GHz octa-core processor to meet the level of performance modern users expect from a device.

The phone packs a 16GB ROM and 2GB RAM. It is possible to extend the storage by upto 256GB through a microSD card. The 13 MP primary cameras and a 5MP selfie shooter is good enough for capturing the quality snaps and shooting the HD videos. As far as the matter of OS is concerned, The Redmi 5A runs on Android 7.1.2 Nougat and has a 3000mAh battery. Of course, these specifications are best but still, a few users have reported about the minor issues they are facing. Check out the useful information about the common Redmi 5A problems and fixes in the below paragraphs.

Common Redmi 5 Problems and Fixes

Make sure you follow all the information about common Redmi 5A problems and fixes in the way it is mentioned. cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong with your device due to any reason.

Connectivity issues

A device with connectivity issues is almost useless. This statement is quite true and those who face them can understand the same better than anyone else. The fact is it’s necessary for the users to take the actions against them immediately when they declare their presence. Keep this thing in your mind that there can be certain factors that are responsible for this type of problem. Try the following to avoid it permanently.

Wi-Fi issues

  • Re-enter the authentication details on the connection
  • Forget the connection and add it again
  • The Wi-Fi router should be compatible with the network provider
  • Make sure the cables are connected properly and in a rightful manner
  • Check if another device is working reliably with the same network
  • Make sure the entire bandwidth has not been consumed

Bluetooth Problems

  • If the Bluetooth connection visibility is set to hidden mode, disable it first of all
  • The device might be unable to accept new device because of entering the wrong pass code
  • Delete the history in the Bluetooth Settings
  • Make sure the device is not connected already to a nearby device
  • Clean the cache memory of the Bluetooth app
  • Make sure to install the regular updates on the device when they appear

Earpiece sounds robotic

This problem is common in a few Redmi devices. The fact is it declares its presence when you use any other earphones than the one which is authorized by Redmi. Try the following methods to avoid this issue

  • Simply reboot your device first and check the status of this problem again
  • If it is not solved, try using another earpiece of superior quality
  • Hard reset your device and save the data before performing this task
  • Update the sound driver in the device
  • If the problem is still not solved, get your device checked

Performance issues (common Redmi 5A problems and fixes)

A slow performing device doesn’t let users perform all the tasks smoothly and in the desired time frame. Therefore taking appropriate action against the same is very necessary. You can try the methods listed below to keep up the pace against this issue.

  • Don’t transfer or accept files in the device from un-trusted sources
  • Don’t fill the memory completely
  • Boot the device into the safe mode and see if the problem is gone
  • Clean the cache memory of the device
  • Don’t overcharge your phone
  • Don’t use cheap accessories
  • Make sure to keep the download folder empty
  • Never engage your phone for performing any task you are don’t familiar with

Windows 10 doesn’t recognize the device

Continuously terminating PC connection or no respond of device upon connection with a PC is something that is quite common issue. You first make sure that there is no damage to the cable you are using. Check out if the USB drivers are up to date. The problem can be in the connecting port also. First simply restart your PC and your device and see if the problem is gone. In case it is still present, try the following methods.

  • The device should be connected with the PC through a working or an authorized cable
  • The USB drivers should be fully updated
  • The violation of security policies of the phone or the PC while the connecting is created leads to automatically termination of the connection.
  • Make sure the USB ports are in working condition
  • There should be some free space available in the device
  • Performa  simple reboot after creating the connection

Poor camera quality

Camera related problems declare their presence due to a diverse array of reasons in a smartphone. It is very necessary for the users to understand the same before any action is taken. The good thing is most of the issues can be troubleshooted manually. Try the following methods to get the things back on track again.

  • The new Smartphone have a transparent cover installed on the screen and back side. Remove the same first
  • Clean the camera lens
  • If you are using the phone during low lightning conditions, make sure to use the camera flash
  • The cameras can be used under various shooting modes to maintain the picture quality. Make sure to use the one that fits your need
  • Update the camera pp if it not yet updated

Apps not working properly (common Redmi 5A problems and fixes)

Of course, apps are important and a lot of tasks can be performed by smartphones users only through them. It has been reported by a few Redmi 5A users that the device have issues when it comes to the functionality of some important apps. If you are too facing this problem, here is the solution

  • The very first thing is to update the apps
  • Make sure they are installed from the Play Store
  • Don’t change the settings of the app to custom. This can result in unexpected behavior
  • Always install them in the device default memory. Storing them in the SD card can create many issues

SIM related problems (SIM not recognized, no network etc)

First of all see if the problem is gone with a simple reboot. If it is present, insert the SIM in another device to see if it works. Pay close attention to see if there is any physical damage on the SIM. If everything seems ok, try the following methods

  • Remove the SIM card and re-insert it again and simply perform a reboot
  • Your device might be on Airplane Mode. Check it out
  • Make sure the network services are not disabled on the SIM
  • Get the SIM replaced if the problem is not solved

Slow charging (common Redmi 5A problems and fixes)

If your Redmi 5A is charging too slowly, this can be due to more than one reason. You can try the following methods to avoid the issue

  • You might be using another charger than the one that doesn’t belongs to your device
  • Make sure that power socket is free from any power issue
  • There might be dust in the charging port
  • Close the apps from the background
  • Make sure the device is free from other errors and faults

Battery draining quickly

The Redmi 5A comes with a 3000mAh battery. Although it is capable to take the load of full day activities of a user, a few users say they need to charge the device atleast 3 times a day. If this is a problem with your smartphone also, you can try the following methods to avoid the same.

  • Don’t use the device while charging it
  • Make sure you use the power bank which are authorized and manufactured with the standard protocols
  • Clean the cache memory of the phone
  • Don’t download files frequently
  • Don’t share your device internet connection with too many devices

Redmi 5A overheating (common Redmi 5A problems and fixes)

An overheating device is generally not considered as safe to use. Therefore you need to pay immediate attention to the device. There are certain reasons for this and it is not always necessary that this problem is due to hardware issue. It is expected that in the next update the same will be fixed. By the time, you can try the following methods to get the things back on track again.

  • Make sure you clear the cache for all installed apps
  • You might be using a power bank that doesn’t match the device ratings
  • Don’t use cheap quality accessories with the phone
  • Don’t perform multitasking when the tasks  associated are too complex
  • Make sure device apps are updated
  • Perform a hard reset if the problem is still there

This information on the common Redmi 5A problems and fixes has been tested. Thus you can proceed with the same easily. If you need information on anything else than what is mentioned the common Redmi 5A problems and fixes in this post, you can let us known in the comment section below.


  1. Yesterday i bought redemi5a nd its music system and sound is not working. Even i reset the phone bt still there is problem

  2. In my device start heating whenever internet is onn temperature raise up to 42 to 43 deg Celsius does it dangerous please help me.

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