Common Redmi Note 7 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Smartphones are the devices that couldn’t be defined in a word. Actually, not in a statement, nor in a paragraph as they are loaded with amazing features these days. The manufacturers in order to hold a better grip against the competitors have loaded them with everything a user need. There is hardly any manufacturer these days who is compromising with the quality and when it comes to the Chinese vendors, Xiaomi is actually more than just a brand. They have fulfilled the dreams of many people across the globe that need a phone with minimum price possible. The recent introduction of Redmi Note 7 has already amazed the world and this gadget has been one of the finest one in many ways. As there are some basic bugs that usually arrives in a smartphone, this post let you deal with all the common Redmi Note 7 problems.

Well, actually this device doesn’t need any introduction as Xiaomi has made it a pioneer in the note series and have already publicized it the ways they usually do. There are a lot of users who are currently planning to own this gadget and want to have the experience of using that 48MP camera Xiaomi has loaded it with. If you think it’s the right time to change your current phone, Redmi Note 7 is the best you can have in this year. As already mentioned, no Android smartphone is free from the basic troubles which users can experience anytime, there is always a need to have a trusted guide for the elimination of the same. This post has all the methods mentioned that help you to avoid the common Redmi Note 7 problems quickly.

common Redmi Note 7 problems

What are common Redmi Note 7 problems?

These, as already mentioned are the bugs which are usually related with the Android technology. The Operating system of any smartphone usually gets affected with a number of ways. The presence of viruses, malwares, installation of third-party applications, customization by users and many indirect things usually become the reason. Ina few cases the users don’t even come to know when exactly this problem arrived in their gadget and only after the appearance of the symptoms, the things become visible. If you are experiencing anything like that with this gadget, this post is going to make things easier for you by introducing you to the fixes of the common Redmi Note 7 problems. Check them out.

Common Redmi Note 7 Problems and Fixes

Although it is recommended to you to take quick actions against the problems you find in your gadget, a few things should always be given priority. You need to be careful about the method you are applying against the problem as not all of them assure reliable output. Despite the methods mentioned in this post are best in every manner, there is always a need for you to be careful about the basic things while applying them. We at doesn’t take any guarantee for the unexpected outcomes or any other issues in your phone if the mentioned solutions are molded or applied in any other manner not recommended in this post. In other words, you need to apply exactly in the way you read. Check now the common Redmi Note 7 problems and the solutions.

Connectivity problems

Following are the connectivity problems and their solutions

Bluetooth connectivity problems

  • This can happen generally when the smartphones are made to run in the power saving mode or when the charging is below 20percent. Check the same
  • Make sure you haven’t restricted the access of any feature of communication ability of your Redmi Note 7. This can disable the Bluetooth
  • Don’t set any time limit on the visibility of your device’s Bluetooth connection. The same might be the reason you have to face trouble while using this feature
  • There are chances of the improper functionality of the Bluetooth drivers or the inability of the Bluetooth antenna to perform its task
  • Check and make sure your phone security is not down and is not having any problem related with the same
  • Sometimes the violation of the Bluetooth policies meant for the users can cause this problem
  • Check if your Bluetooth connectivity is set to the hidden mode from all the nearby devices
  • You need to be careful about the problems that can arrive due to third-party reasons such as placing both the devices far away from each other or having a problem in the other device you are trying to connect
  • Open the Bluetooth history and if you have recently paired any device with your Redmi Note 7, erase it from the history. Restart the phone and check if this problem is solved
  • The problem might be there just because the Bluetooth version of the gadgets is not supporting each other. Check
  • The phone can have an active problem associated with any of the hardware inside which can also cause this problem
  • Make sure your phone is already not connected with a parallel gadget even through a wired connection

Wi-Fi connectivity problems

  • Sometimes this problem arrives only when there are multiple devices connected with the router. Limit them and probably you can solve the problem
  • Make sure your device security, as well as the security of the network you are trying to connect with is not disabled which is a common reason you are facing this issue
  • Make sure the internet services are not down or suspended from your connection. Reaching the defined Bandwidth limit by the network provider can also cause this problem
  • There is always a need for you to restart your router once any kind of changes are made or after you simply troubleshoot it
  • Make sure the phone is not having any application running or feature turned ON which needs Wi-Fi
  • Do check if you have changed the important settings of your connection to custom mode and the same is causing the problem
  • In case the Wi-Fi router has been installed recently, a wrong cable connection or any other similar reason might be influencing the working of the Wi-Fi
  • Check everything about the phone such as Wi-Fi antenna working and make sure the latest drivers/updates are installed on it
  • This problem might be there just because the modem you are using is not placed at a right location. Read more in the user manual of the same about how to install and where to place it
  • The problem you are facing might be there just because the Wi-Fi access is restricted or denied on your phone due to any of the possible reason
  • Check if the network provider has applied additional restrictions on the network and you need to do a little more than just entering the password for the network to connect your Redmi note 7 with it

SIM/Network related problem

  • You need to be careful about choosing the variant of the Redmi Note 7. Read properly which bandwidth it support and whether the same is compatible with the SIM you are using or not
  • Check if the SIM card is not inserted in the phone accurately and this basic issue is causing all the troubles
  • You need to be careful about the restrictions imposed by you on the SIM. If it is locked with a password, the same should be removed before you enter it in your phone
  • Do check if the Airplane mode is turned ON or if you have turned the SIM card OFF manually in the phone settings
  • Make sure the network provider services are valid and applicable at your present location if you are away from your hometown
  • This problem might be solved with a basic restart. Try and check
  • Make sure your phone signal antenna is not faulty
  • There are chances that the services on your SIM card has been disabled or stopped due to any reason possible such as not using it for a long time
  • Confirm if your network provider needs you to turn ON the roaming services when you are away
  • Check if this problem is there just because you are in a basement such as a parking where the signal strength is poor

Slow Performance

  • This might be happing just because the phone applications are either bulky, operating in the custom settings or doesn’t have the required/latest updates installed in your Redmi Note 7
  • For security reasons and for the best performance, avoid making changes to the phone ROM
  • Check if the internet speed is low and you are confusing it with slow performance of the phone. This happens with several users
  • Analyze all the parameters and the factors that can cause the slow processing of the phone
  • Make sure your Redmi Note 7 doesn’t have its storage space completely grabbed by apps, files or data which can really slow down its performance
  • Close all the applications running in the background and check if this helps you to solve the problem you are facing
  • Clear the cache data of the installed application and remove the memory card in the same has been inserted by you in the phone. This may solve the problem
  • Downloading or sharing data continuously can influence the phone performance
  • Another leading reason for this problem could be the entrance of a virus in your phone. Scan it properly
  • Make sure the problem has not been caused by the RAM which might be unable to perform its task due to any of the reason possible
  • Do check if this problem can be solved by a simple restart
  • Install the latest updates whenever you are notified to make sure the performance always remains the best

Camera related problems/Blurry pictures

  • Make sure your phone screen is cleaned and the brightness level is appropriate. This can confuse you with the camera problems in your phone
  • Gently clean the camera lens and check if this restores the things back on the track
  • If the default camera application is not working or nothing appears on the screen when you turn ON the camera, there are chances of a software problem or it can be related with the hardware. Get the device checked professionally under such a situation
  • Make sure you select the camera flashlight when the same is actually the need of the moment
  • The to and fro motion of the device while capturing the images or the videos can largely affect the quality. Keep it still
  • One of the reasons to the camera related common Redmi Note 7 problems is not selecting the appropriate shooting mode. The same should be selected depending on the visibility
  • Check if this problem is there just because the pre-installed screen guard has not been removed by you from
  • Disable the burst mode and if you are using it as it can really low down the quality
  • Redmi Note 7 camera has been designed to give the best shots only when operated through the default camera application. Prefer the same only and not any other

Screen not working properly

  • Check if the gorilla glass guard has not been installed properly and the same is causing this issue
  • There are chances that the phone doesn’t have the required drivers in proper working condition. Check the same
  • If you are using your phone in any other mode than general, the same can be the reason you are facing the issue
  • The oil, water and grease molecules can cause this problem when get deposited on the phone screen. Clean the same gently
  • Do check if this problem is caused just because you are wearing gloves while you operate the phone
  • In several cases, the actual reason finally located for the improper functionality of the screen is nothing but a software problem. Take all the possible actions and always keep it updated
  • Don’t change the security settings of your phone as this can also influence the working of phone hardware
  • Clean the temporary stored files in the phone and make sure it has atleast 3 GB free space. Try this method to solve this problem
  • The screen can have an internal damage and if you are not sure about it, just get the device checked at a nearby authorized Xiaomi support center

Not connecting with the Windows PC

  • The biggest possible reason could be a threat to the security of your Redmi Note 7 due to the presence of a virus or a malware in the PC
  • Check if the connecting cable you are using is in working mode. Make sure the connection has actually been established in case you chose to connect them wirelessly
  • There are chances that your smartphone doesn’t have the required drivers in proper working condition
  • Make sure your phone is having the MTP mode selected on it when you have to move the data from or to the PC
  • Check if this problem can be avoided with a simple restart to both the gadgets
  • Make sure the USB port on the PC is working properly
  • The data which you are exchanging between these two gadgets might not be supported by them
  • Check if this problem is because of no other reason than already reaching the storage space on your phone
  • The problem can be solved simply by installing the latest USB drivers in the phone. Try it
  • The Windows installed on the PC might be having something wrong with it. Check if it is genuine or not
  • If the safe mode is turned ON, disable it from the phone. Check if this solves the problem

Quick battery drainage and slow charging

  • Check if the features such as GPS, hotspot, camera and multiple applications are running in the background
  • Disable all the notification that can turn ON the screen when they appear. Also, don’t let them run in the background for a long time
  • It would be good for you to impose a time limit on the screen. Make it turned OFF within a few seconds of inactivity
  • Check and make sure the brightness level of the screen is not enhanced beyond a specified level as it can drain the battery too quickly
  • You might have not installed the latest updated for the phone OS
  • Check if the charging port on your Redmi Note 7 is faulty and you are facing the issue because of the very same reason
  • The problems in the charging adapter or the cable can cause this problem. Check
  • Make sure you are not using your phone while charging it
  • The mobile data should be turned OFF when the same is not required
  • It would be good to charge the phone only after draining its battery completely
  • The battery of your phone might not be in working state due to overcharging the same or any of the reason that can damage it. Check

Earpiece sounds Robotic

  • The earpiece connected should be of good quality and is supported by the Redmi Note 7. Make sure of this
  • Sometimes the problem is observed only when the users disable the sounds of the phone. Check if this is also the case with you
  • Make sure the sound drivers of the phone are not causing this problem
  • There are chances that the earpiece owned by you are either faulty or have not been connected properly with the phone
  • Check the problem is not there because you are playing a music file whose sound quality is too low
  • The working of the earpiece can be affected with a liquid damage to the speakers. Also, clean them gently and check if this solves the problem
  • The problem could right be there in the earpiece connector of your phone
  • Do check if you are able to solve the problem with a restart to the Redmi Note 7
  • A sharp bend on the wire of the earpiece could be the reason for the robotic sound or bad sound quality of the same

Overheating problems

  • First of all, avoid charging your phone from the sources not trusted and through manners which is not recommended such as connecting it with PC
  • There are chances that the problem is caused by the various third-party applications installed in the phone
  • The general reason to the overheating of the core hardware is performing multitasking at the same time when the phone is downloading the data
  • The ventilation system of the Redmi Note 7 owned by you which is actually responsible for releasing the heat generated by the hardware might have stopped working
  • The usage of a power bank with which the phone is not compatible can cause this problem
  • Continuously overcharging the phone can be the reason you are experiencing it. Avoid the same
  • Check the working condition of the phone battery and make sure nothing is wrong with it
  • Installing and playing the games not supported by the Redmi Note 7 can cause this problem

Applications not working properly

  • Always remember the Play Store is the only trusted source by the smartphones when it comes to installation of the new apps or updating the existing ones
  • Make sure the updates are either allowed to be installed automatically or they must be installed without any delay if you choose the manual option
  • Check if this problem is there because you have not given the required access to the applications installed in your Redmi Note 7
  • There are chances that the app is having something wrong with its UI. Remove the same and install it again. Check if the problem is gone after doing so
  • Your phone might be having a problem related with its Operating System. Check the same is not causing this issue
  • If the applications have been installed in a third-party storage such as a memory card, the must be switched to the default storage of the phone
  • Do check if the apps are working in the custom settings and the same is causing this problem
  • If the apps stop unexpectedly, there can be a hardware issue in your phone. Get it checked
  • Make sure you have created an account on the Google else you might not be able to run the apps installed through any manner

Above are some of the methods to avoid the common Redmi Note 7 problems when they have already declared their presence. You can read more Android-related stuff and the latest news on our website. Keep visiting.


  1. I am kinda worried because i am planning to buy a xioami note 7 phone. Are these things really happening to the new ones? I hope they were doing some actions about these problems because for me this phone is a great product. Huhu can’t decide. I really want one.

  2. I have a new phone and cannot get it to bypass the screen that asks to change wallpaper. Sorry not too versed on phones it keeps sayin Mi is down.

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