Common Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Although the overall number of smartphones available in the market for the users are huge, this is also one of the leading reasons why more and more people are getting confused about which gadget to buy and which one to reject. Well, the fact is almost every smartphone manufacturer has started giving the best to their loyal customers and due to extreme competition, all smartphones are good enough to be trusted with closed eyes in the long run. However, this doesn’t actually mean one should actually close his/her eyes. There is always a need to explore some of the features, standards as well as the reputation of the brand. Well, when it comes to brand reputation, the one which tackled the once global smartphone leader Nokia in recent years is the one that can simply be trusted. Yes I am talking about Samsung and it is the name everyone is familiar with. Probably they are known to be the best ones with smartphones in almost every price range. One of their recent gadgets is Galaxy A6 2018. Check out below for the common Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 problems and fixes.

Although it was one of the much-awaited gadgets and Samsung has put sincere efforts in shaping it, there are a few problems that often declare their presence with most of the Android-based gadgets. A few experts believe it’s because of open source nature of this OS while others think it’s due to hardware issues. Well, I would like to tell you the chances of latter in most of the brand new smartphones are very less. Thus, there is a strong probability that problems which you are facing are due to no other reason than minor Android bugs. It is true that timely updates can fix them, the same takes time to arrive. Thus you can try other methods that can simply let you keep up the pace with the issues you are facing. The information about the common Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 problems and fixes is mentioned in this post and can be trusted for eliminating most of the problems you are facing.

common Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 problems and fixes

Before reading further, it’s good for you to be clear of the fact that the problems discussed in this post are not reported by a very large number of users. In fact, Samsung Galaxy A6 is the one which you can trust simply. However, in case there are problems you experience anytime later or sooner, check out the below information on common Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 problems and fixes.

Common Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 problems and fixes

Everything about the best possible solutions to Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 problems have been explained in the best possible manner in this post. However, users often don’t follow the troubleshooting guide in the way they are often introduced. Probably this is the reason why additional problems often comes to the phone while following any type of such guide and so does this. It can happen in case you change or mold this guide and therefore it would be good to consider all about the common Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 problems and fixes in the way it is written. cannot be held responsible for anything that can go wrong due to the same reason.

Connectivity issues

Dealing with connectivity issues always seems a challenge unless the users are not familiar with the way this problem could be avoided. Because these issues are often experienced, it would be good for all the users of not just this device but all other devices also to introduce themselves with the connectivity related common Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 problems and fixes. Check them out below.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 problems and fixes)

  • Before transferring the data or any sort of files, simply check in case they are corrupt or infected with virus. Probably you cannot transfer them due to security reasons
  • Open the device Bluetooth Settings and check the list of recently connected devices. If the list is too long, erase a few names
  • Make sure not to violate the security policies due to any reason
  • Check the phone visibility. The same might be hidden. Check the Settings
  • If there are other apps running in the background, you need to close them immediately
  • Make sure the power saver mode on the phone is disabled. In case the same is ON, it often limits a few features and thus the Bluetooth may not work properly
  • Check if the Bluetooth app need to be updated or a new version of same is available
  • Make sure the other device you are trying to connect is free from all sort of issues
  • Restart both the devices and then try again
  • Make sure there is no mismatch of passcode

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 problems and fixes)

  • Before doing anything else, simply reboot your device and then the router if restarting the phone doesn’t work
  • Forget the Wi-Fi connection from the settings and then again add the same
  • Enter the password correctly. Make sure you haven’t changed the same recently
  • With your Wi-Fi router, don’t connect multiple devices at the same time. This can limit the Wi-Fi performance in many cases
  • Make sure the cables are not connected in a wrong manner
  • The internet connection might be under the maintenance process. Make sure of this
  • Keep an eye on the bandwidth allotted and makes sure the same has not been consumed entirely. Probably this can create the problem in several cases
  • The services might be suspended on your connection. Check for the same
  • Make sure the router is in proper working condition and have all the drivers installed
  • May be the low signal strength is responsible for this issue. Check and make sure of the same
  • Check if the device Wi-Fi antenna is in working condition. Try connecting your device with another Wi-Fi connection or try connecting another device with your Wi-Fi
  • Reconfiguration of the router can help you in case other methods wouldn’t work

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

The fast drainage of battery or the slow charging of the same is a problem users often face with several devices. The fact is there is nothing to worry in case this happens. This is because the problem can simply be avoided in most of the cases with a basic troubleshoot procedure or by following the appropriate methods and instructions simply

  • Update all the apps in the phone which are pending
  • Monitor the apps which are consuming extra battery and disable them temporarily
  • Make sure there are no blocked apps installed on your phone
  • May be the features such as Wi-Fi hot spot and Bluetooth are turned ON
  • Always charge the phone from the authorized power banks in case you use them
  • Check if the adapter is having any issue with the same. Most of the time the problem could be due to no other reason than this
  • Avoid downloading multiple files at the same time
  • Don’t share the device screen for long hours
  • Don’t play games your smartphones is not designed to handle

Bad camera quality

The Samsung Galaxy A6 would be having a 16MP primary camera and its counterpart i.e. selfie shooter would also be of same capacity. Although the chances for tor the bad camera quality are less, the dependency of the quality of pictures not always depends on the camera strength or its quality. Many other factors can affect them. You can try a few best solutions in case you are facing the problem. Check them out below.

  • First of all check if the problem can be solved with a basic reboot of your phone
  • Next is to pay attention to the fingerprints on the camera lens or it needs cleanliness
  • Make sure not to use the device camera in conjunction with any other app
  • From the brand new device, don’t forget to remove the pre-installed transparent cover on the screen
  • If you are using any other app than the default, make sure it has all the features required to capture quality/HD snaps
  • Open the main camera settings and set the quality to “High Resolution”
  • Make sure not to capture the pictures without selecting the appropriate shooting mode and without focusing on the object
  • Turn the flashlights ON whenever the need of same is realized
  • Keep your device screen clean as quality seems low due to several users due to the same reason also

Unexpected behavior of the apps

This is a problem that often declares its presence due to reasons which not all the users have idea about. Actually, a huge segment of the tasks that a device can perform depends on the apps only. In other words, the smartphones depends largely on the apps for their functionality. In case there are problems with the apps you are facing, try the following methods available to help you.

  • First of all, update all the apps which are pending
  • Unexpected behavior is an indication of the virus presence in the phone. Although it’s not necessary always, simply check it
  • Make sure the apps are not always installed from the third party sources
  • If you have installed multiple apps for the similar tasks, this problem could be in your phone due to the same reason
  • Check and make sure user policies of the apps are not changed due to any reason
  • For smoother experience, always install the apps in the default memory of the phone

Unresponsive Touchscreen

I am sure you don’t want to compromise with the functionality of the device which largely depends on the touch screen. This device has a Super AMOLED 5.6-inch touchscreen to enable users to have the best experience. However, if there are frequent issues you are facing or the screen often stop working during the use, you need not to worry about having a serious issue. Check out below about the methods that can help you.

  • The only reason for the screen to stop functioning fully is a hardware problem or a physical damage on the same. So go through it and check properly. Get it replaced for a physical damage
  • Make sure the device default memory is not completely full
  • Clean the screen if it is having oil and grease particles on it
  • If you are wearing the gloves or the mittens, remove them while using the phone
  • Open the device in the safe mode. If it now works fine, you need to look for an faulty app or go for an OS update
  • Make sure the screen is not shared with any nearby device through the screen mirroring option
  • Don’t use your device in case your hands are wet

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

The Samsung has allowed the users of this phone to use a memory card of upto 256GB which is enough even when a user has more data needs. However, if the SD card is not getting detected in your Samsung Galaxy A6 2018, you need not to worry. You can try the following methods to fix this issue.

  • First check if the memory card is corrupt. This can happen in case it is not used for a long time
  • Make sure the same is not affected by a virus
  • There could be compatibility related problems due to which this issue can declare its presence
  • Don’t use memory card which is beyond the 256GB as mentioned already
  • Make sure a few Gigabyte space is empty on the Card (don’t fill it completely)
  • Check if it has a physical/liquid damage
  • Try using it on another phone and check if the problem is still there
  • Don’t use the memory card which are of low quality
  • Simply remove it from the phone and restart it after inserting your card
  • Format and then again insert it in the device and check if the problem is gone

SIM related problems (common Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 problems and fixes)

Despite having multiple features and so many best things in modern smartphones, they are nothing more than a piece of brick without the SIM card. In case you find the same really doesn’t work on your device in a smooth manner, here is what exactly you should do to keep up the pace

  • Check, the Airplane mode might be turned ON by you
  • Make sure you are not in an area with network problem such as in the basement of a building and so on
  • May be the services have been suspended on your SIM by your service provider. Check and make sure of the same
  • Select the network manually from the SIM Settings in the phone
  • Make sure the SIM is not turned OFF
  • May be the SIM is not showing network due to compatibility problems. Check and make sure of the same

Overheating problems (common Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 problems and fixes)

This is another major problem that often gives reasons to worry to the users. Well, I would like to tell you there is actually nothing to think a lot in case this is the problem you are facing with your smartphone. Here are some of the best available methods to let you get the best outcomes in the shortest possible time.

  • Charging the phone beyond 90 % can bring this trouble
  • Check if the device is overheating due to multiple apps running in the background
  • In case the Wi-Fi hot spot is turned ON and is shared with several other devices, you can face this issue
  • May be there is no proper ventilation in the phone
  • In case a back cover is installed on your phone, remove it and then check it again
  • Disable or remove all the apps once from the phone and check if the problem is solved
  • Using the accessories which are unauthorized can also cause this problem
  • Last option is to perform hard reset

Performance issues (common Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 problems and fixes)

Performance always put your Smartphone down in case it is slow. Probably you don’t want this and therefore there are things you need to bear in your mind. However, in case the issues have already declared their presence on your phone, you can check the below methods to help you

  • If the phone operates too slowly, begin with a simple reboot and check if the problem is gone
  • The slow performance could be due to another reason also and i.e. completely filling the phone memory
  • Don’t share Wi-Fi hotspot with other gadgets for long.
  • Don’t download heavy files from mobile data
  • Check all the apps and update the ones which have a new version available for them
  • Make sure your device Os is also up to the date
  • Clear the cache memory of the device
  • If there are so many files present in the downloading folder, erase a few
  • Install an app for checking the virus presence on the phone. Remove the suspected ones immediately

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

Not recognizing the Windows connection is another major problem that the smartphones often experience. Well, there can be so many reasons for this and therefore it would be good if you follow all the methods to get the results in your favor. Here is the list of best available solutions to this problem.

  • The connections could be loose or improper. Check it out
  • Check if the USB drivers are installed and up to the date
  • Don’t use a connecting cable which is not authorized. Check its working condition before using
  • May be the Windows installed on the PC is not genuine
  • The violation of any of the device security policies can also restrict the transfer of data or the connection sometimes. Check it out
  • Make sure the data you are transferring is not affected
  • Check if there is a any fault in the USB ports on the PC
  • There might be some problems with the OS or the apps installed on your PC

Earpiece sounds Robotic (common Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 problems and fixes)

Well, this is a problem that several users have to face. There are actually many reasons for this and probably you might not have idea about all of them. Check out below the best available methods to help you on this

  • Avoid using any other earpiece on your phone then the ones you get in the box
  • Check if the 3.5mm universal jack is having a physical damage
  • Make sure the sound drivers are installed in the phone
  • Check if the device is connected to the Bluetooth speakers
  • Close all the apps and restart your phone. Check the quality now
  • Update the OS if a new version is available
  • If the problem is still there, get the phone checked properly

This is the information about the common Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 problems and fixes that you should know. For any other query or for guide against common problems for other smartphones, keep visiting our website.

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