Common Samsung Galaxy J4 Core Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

In some of the recent years, everything in our life has witnessed improvement and betterment. This is due to the huge contribution of the technology. If we carefully observe, each and everything we use in our life is based on the same. Well, you might have no idea but the technology has actually eliminated a lot of barriers from our life. Presently it has become so superior that there is hardly any task we cannot perform through the same. Smartphones are always the perfect instants of the technology for us all and the one which is recently introduced is the Samsung Galaxy J4 core. If you trust Samsung, of course it is the budget range gadget that you can simply go ahead with. Check out below the common Samsung Galaxy J4 Core problems and the fixes that help you add years to the life of your phone.

There are actually some of the common problems that usually originated in the phone and interrupt the users while performing some of the important tasks or while accessing the key features. If you have some basic knowledge about the functionality of a smartphone, there is nothing to worry about these issues. They are possible to avoid and the best part is without taking any additional help. You can do it simply by following the information regarding the common Samsung Galaxy J4 Core problems and the solutions mentioned in this post. These problems can be fixed in no time as they are not the major ones. A few basic reasons can originate them in almost every Android-based smartphone. Thus, there is actually no need to be worried while dealing with them.

common Samsung Galaxy J4 Core problems

Are these problems occur simultaneously?

It is not always necessary. You may or may not have them all at the sudden declare their presence in your gadget. It actually depends on how you use your phone and which features you mostly access. However, there are a few factors which when ignored might cause multiple problems at the same time. It is therefore recommended to you to read everything provided in this post very carefully. This simply lets you deal with the common Samsung Galaxy J4 Core problems through their best possible solutions. Here is what you need to know

Common Samsung Galaxy J4 Core Problems and Fixes

Before going ahead, you need to be clear of a very few things. First, you should be careful while applying the instructions mentioned in this post. You must understand the concerned action or the method when you read. Reading anything wrong or applying these methods/instructions in a wrongful manner makes you pay an additional price and i.e. having other problems in the gadget not mentioned in this post. It is obvious that you really don’t need to have them in your brand new gadget. Therefore, understand everything properly. cannot be blamed if you get any additional problem in your Samsung Galaxy J4 core just because of your own negligence. Another thing to keep in mind is not doing anything to troubleshoot the problem which is not mentioned in this post. Here are the common Samsung Galaxy J4 Core problems and their fixes.

Connectivity Problems

These are the problems that are mostly related with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. They can stop several features of your phone and therefore prompt actions are to be taken against them. Here is the list of the same

Wi-Fi connectivity problems

  • Check if your internet connection is in working mode. The services might have been blocked, stopped or suspended due to the factors which can influence them
  • Make sure your daily bandwidth limited has not been crossed after which you are not allowed to surf and download until the next billing day start
  • Do check if this problem is because of not entering the correct or the recently updated password in the phone
  • Check if the network security is disabled or the security policies of the phone are getting violated
  • There are chances that the access of the Wi-Fi might be with an installed app or feature is accessing the same
  • Make sure your modem is in healthy working condition and the factors such as the improper configuration, wrong cable connection, and no support are not causing this problem
  • Do check if the network settings has been changed to custom by you and the same is causing this problem
  • Make sure your phone is not having any kind of glitch or a fault with its Wi-Fi antenna
  • Check and make sure the phone is not running in the power saving mode
  • This problem might be there just because your phone hasn’t fulfilled the additional requirement to be connected on the network
  • Sometimes the problem arrives when there are already too many devices connected with the same network. disconnect a few and try again
  • The problem might be there with the app you are opening after connecting your phone with the internet
  • Don’t make any changes to the settings of your browser
  • Make sure the OS bugs are not responsible for this problem

Bluetooth connectivity problem

  • The Bluetooth might not be functional due to a very simple reason and i.e. the visibility might be set to hidden or has a time limit on the same. check and take the appropriate action
  • Make sure your phone is not having its storage space completely loaded with data which will barred the new data to enter the phone
  • Check if the phone is having its security disabled and the same is the reason you are unable to connect it with the other gadget
  • Do check if the size of the data you are sending is per the recommendations of the Bluetooth feature. Don’t send multiple files and keep the data limit under 100MB in one go
  • Check if the Bluetooth antenna or any other hardware glitch is causing this problem
  • Clear the cache data of the phone and try if this solves the problem.
  • Simply turn OFF the phone and turn it ON after 2 minutes
  • Do check if the pairing of both the devices hasn’t been done in the correct manner
  • There are chances that the problem is caused by a virus in your phone
  • The phone Bluetooth might have some restrictions imposed on the same
  • By opening the list of recently paired devices, erase the name of a last few devices. Check if this works to restore the Bluetooth functionality
  • The problem could be there due to the non-extended support of the Bluetooth version
  • Check if any of the above-listed problem is with the other phone you are trying to connect
  • Bring the phone to the nearby authorized repair shop if this doesn’t solve the problem

 Overheating problems

  • This can happen when you fail to install the latest updates on time. Check and do this if pending
  • Make sure the phone is not loaded with multiple games or the apps which it doesn’t support
  • Check if there is something not good with the phone battery. Make sure the moisture is not despoiled around the same which can be another reason to this problem
  • Generally, this problem arrives when you use a different charger which is not recommended to use for charging your phone
  • Do check if the problem is there just because you use a power bank of a different specifications
  • Make sure the phone is not having something not good with the data you stored in it. the malwares and the viruses can have a very bad impact on the phone and can cause this problem
  • There might be some blocked apps in the phone which is putting more burden on the RAM and is causing the overheating
  • If you have a back cover installed on the phone, the same should be removed from it. It might be stopping the heat to get escape from the phone
  • Simply restart your phone and check if this solves the problem

Slow Performance

  • Make sure the installed apps are fully updated and are not suffering from any problem that can affect their functionality
  • Get the latest updates available for the Android version installed in the phone
  • Try clearing the cache data and make some space empty in the phone memory if the same is fully loaded. This can help you to solve the problem
  • Regular restart your phone. Make this one of the first tasks you perform when the day begins. This can actually eliminate the problems in the long run
  • Do check if you can avoid this problem just by disabling the safe mode if your phone is running in the same
  • Make sure not to make any changes in the recommended phone settings as it can slow down the performance up to a large extent
  • Avoid connecting your phone with unsafe devices. The entry of the virus from them can cause the slow performance
  • Completely examine your phone for a hardware problem. This can slow down its performance
  • It would be good to prefer the genuine accessories only with your phone as the others can slow down the performance
  • Make sure the phone is not having multiple apps active in the background when you are facing this issue. Simply close them and restart it
  • You might have shared your phone internet connection with others which is another leading reason to this problem
  • Check if you can solve the problem by performing a hard reset. This actually takes the phone in its default settings and therefore you need to take the backup of everything before you actually proceed with this option

Doesn’t recognize the Windows PC

  • Before you connect your phone with your PC, get the latest version of USB drivers installed in both the gadgets
  • Do check if the problem is there just because the connection is loose or if the USB ports are not in functional stage
  • The problem might be with the medium or the channel connecting both the devices. Check and make sure of this
  • There are chances that any or both of the devices are having a virus infection in them
  • Restart the phone simply and check if this solves the problem
  • The copy of Windows installed on the PC might have something wrong with it or it’s simply not genuine
  • Do check if there is any kind of restrictions on the phone which is stopping it to get connected with the PC
  • Sometimes this problem arrives only when the phone is having a software fault in it. Examine and take the necessary action
  • Select the mode as per the task you need to perform
  • Do check if the problem is caused by the data you are sending in the PC or copying it from the same

SIM/Network related problems

  • Disable the Airplane mode if the same is enabled. Also, check if the SIM is turned OFF in the SIM settings
  • Make sure the phone SIM card is not physically damaged and has been inserted correctly in the phone
  • There are chances that the SIM services are restricted or barred temporarily
  • Make sure your SIM card or network frequency is suitable with the variant of Samsung Galaxy J4 core you owned
  • Do check if this problem can be solved with the simple reboot
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have its SIM slot in a non-working state. Insert another SIM card in it and check
  • You might have locked your SIM with a PIN. Remove the same if so
  • Check if the problem is there just because you are in a basement or at a remote location
  • The roaming services should be enabled while going away from your hometown if your network provider needs you to do the same
  • There are chances that you have set the network selection mode to custom. This can cause the problem
  • Make sure the phone is not having something wrong with its signal antenna
  • There are chances that you have enabled the 4G enabled SIM in the wrong slot. Commonly, it needs to be inserted in the first slot

MicroSD card problems

  • Check if the problem you are facing is just there because you haven’t inserted the card properly in the phone
  • Loading the microSD card with inappropriate data or the one which is not supported by the phone can be another reason to this problem
  • Make sure the card you are using is actually in working condition
  • Do check if this problem can be solved simply by ejecting and inserting the card again in the phone provided a reboot is performed after insertion
  • Make sure the problem is not because of a threat or a virus in the microSD card
  • Any kind of restrictions if imposed on the microSD card or on the phone should be eliminated
  • Make sure the microSD card you use is actually supported by the Samsung Galaxy J4 core
  • Do check if this problem is there just because your phone doesn’t have the ability to handle the memory card with same storing capacity you are using
  • If the other methods don’t work, format the card and check if this solves the problem

Quick Battery drainage and slow charging

  • First check if the problem is there just because of turning ON the features which consume battery more quickly than others. Some of these features are GPS, Wi-Fi hotspot and some apps
  • Running several apps at the same time can also drain the battery quickly
  • The slow charging might be due to using your phone while charging it
  • Frequent data downloading can affect both the charging time and the battery backup of the phone
  • Check if the problem is there just because you are using a power bank your phone is not compatible with
  • Make sure to charge the phone with its actual charger only
  • The problem might be there in the charging port of your phone
  • Don’t set the screen brightness to the maximum level
  • Avoid charging the phone from the power sources you cannot trust
  • There might be something wrong with the phone software and the same is causing this problem. Check

Camera problems/Blurry images

  • You need to make sure that the phone camera is opened for capturing videos and the pictures only through its default app
  • Don’t use the camera while charging the phone
  • Make sure the problem is not due to using the burst mode frequently
  • The phone should remain completely still while capturing the pictures else you have to face the low-quality pictures
  • The sufficient storage space (around 3 GB should always remain available in the phone all the time if you don’t want to compromise with the quality of the snaps captured
  • Avoid using the camera ZOOM when you can actually keep up the pace without the same
  • Anything you are capturing in the phone should not be too far away from your present location
  • Check if the pixel density of the camera is set to low level
  • Make sure to select the most appropriate shooting depending on the visibility and the other factors that influence the quality
  • It would be good to focus on the object before the capturing button is actually pressed
  • Check and clean the camera lens if it needs the same
  • Make sure to install the latest available updates for the OS if you are unable to open the phone camera

Apps not functioning properly

  • This could be due to keeping the older version of apps in the phone for a long time
  • You must install the apps in the phone default storage space only and not in the third-party storage space such as SD card
  • Do check if the installed apps are having their recommended settings changed to custom and the same is causing the problem
  • The cache data of the apps should be cleared atleast once in a week to make sure they remain functional all the time
  • It would be good to not to install a lot of apps in the phone which you actually don’t need
  • You may solve the problem simply by removing and re-installing the concerned app in the phone
  • The third-party apps and the sources should always be avoided as they often create this problem
  • Make sure this problem is not there just because of the slow performance of the apps
  • There are chances that the installation-related bugs are responsible for this problem
  • Do check if this problem can be avoided by installing any pending update for the OS

Earpiece sounds robotic

  • The problem could be associated with the quality of the earpiece. Check
  • The quality of the music file you are playing might be low and you are confusing it with this problem
  • The earpiece speakers/buds should be clean else you may face this problem
  • Check if this problem can simply be by changing the sound output
  • Make sure the phone sounds are not disabled
  • Do check if this problem can be solved by a simple reboot
  • Your phone might have its earpiece connector not in the required working state. Also, check if the earpiece has been connected with the phone properly
  • Make sure the phone actually support the quality/brand you are using

Touchscreen Problems

  • First, check if the screen is having something wrong with the glass guard installed on it for its protection
  • There are chances that the phone memory is completely full and the cause of the reason is the same
  • Check if you can solve this problem by performing a force restart
  • The phone screen might have an internal damage on the same. Check
  • Sometimes this problem arrives only when the screen is not cleaned for a long time period and have oil particles deposited on it in bulk quantity
  • Do check if this problem is there just because your phone is facing another problem such as slow performance
  • Make sure to remove the apps you no longer use by taking the phone in the safe mode. This may solve the problem
  • Avoid using the pirated accessories with the phone which in the long run can cause this problem
  • Make sure to keep the screen sharing optioned OFF when it is not in use
  • Get the device checked if other methods don’t work

The various methods and the instructions you just read about the common Samsung Galaxy J4 Core problems are simple to follow. In case you don’t get the favorable fortune with them, go ahead and contact the official support.


  1. My Samsung Galaxy J4 Core I has stopped and SD card corrupted and it is not opening when asked to enter pin. What should I do? Advise.

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