Common Umidigi A3 Pro Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Everyone wants to live life comfortably. However, we all have problems n life that really doesn’t allow us to be in our comfort zone. Many a time we have to come out of the same and the fact is it’s not always easy. Smartphones are helping humans to keep the pace up in this matter since a very long period of time. It is very much true that these days phones are everything to humans. You will hardly find any person not using a smartphone in the current scenario. There are so many tasks that actually need the involvement of technology. Smartphones are amazing gadgets that are helping a lot in this matter. Umidigi A3 Pro is a gadget which can be trusted for this. In this post, you can find the relevant and up to the date information on the common Umidigi A3 Pro problems.

It is always important to boost your knowledge about the common problems that your phone can experience. This will help you to add life to your phone. The good thing is doing this is not at all a big deal. All you have to do is to focus on the methods and the useful instruction mentioned in this post. It is quite easy to do so and it wouldn’t take a lot of time. It’s better to keep this thing in your mind that the problems and the solutions which are mentioned in this post are not major. They can have their presence in any modern phone running on Android technology currently. The do-it-yourself methods about the common Umidigi A3 Pro problems listed in this post simply work and let you get the best out of them without approaching professional approach unless the issue is not related to hardware.

common Umidigi A3 Pro problems

What makes Umidigi A3 Pro a good option

You will find a lot of good things and simply the best features in this phone. Of course, they will add a lot to your experience and you will simply find yourself in a position to get the best out of this gadget. Also, this phone offers you the best that you can have in this price range. The good thing is the phone is available easily and the manufacturer offers an excellent after sales support to all the users. You can simply keep up the pace with it. Here is everything about the common Umidigi A3 Pro problems and their trusted solutions.

Common Umidigi A3 Pro Problems and Fixes

Finding the right solutions to any of the smartphone problem doesn’t always mean that you can solve the problem. The fact is applying the various methods in a correct manner is something that largely matters. You cannot have a favorable fortune if you don’t know how to apply these methods in a best possible manner. The instructions and the methods provided in this post can be followed in the same manner to get the outcomes you need. You may not get the same if you follow them in a different manner than specified and even face additional problems. Thus, it’s important to follow this guide in a manner they are listed. bears no responsibility for anything if you mold this guide and face additional problems due to the same reason.

Connectivity issues

It is not always necessary that you may face any kind of symptoms in your phone when it is actually suffering from this problem. However, it’s very easy to know whether your Umidigi A3 Pro is having this issue in it or not. You may face slow performance and improper functionality of the apps. There are other tasks that are dependent on the internet which may fail to accomplish. If this happens, you need to pay attention to the following instructions. They simply let you deal with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problems which are the basics of any kind of connectivity problems.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • There are some policies which are related to the phone security and the Bluetooth application which you should follow. If they get violated, you may face this problem. Thus, check the same
  • Don’t impose any kind of restrictions on the Bluetooth as you may need to use this feature anytime
  • Sometimes this problem can be solved by disabling the other devices to connect with your own automatically. In such a case you might have to face the problem just because your phone is already connected with another
  • If your phone is running in the safe mode or in the power saving mode, the same might be the reason you are facing Bluetooth related problems. Check these modes are disabled on both the gadgets
  • Restart your phone simply
  • A hardware problem in your phone that can be a major one or a minor can stop the Bluetooth to perform its task. Check it
  • Do check if you can solve the problem just by deleting the name of the device you are trying to connect and then again pairing the same
  • Erase some names from the list of Bluetooth history. This can solve the problem
  • Check and make sure that phone cache data is not responsible for this glitch. Also, update all the apps
  • Do check if the data which you want to transfer or receive to another phone is not causing this problem. There might be certain things that are actually wrong with the same
  • There might be things which are wrong with the Bluetooth antenna. Check it properly
  • Make sure your phone is not the Bluetooth versions which is not supported by the other phones

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • This could be happening if your phone is not supported by the network frequency. Check and make sure of this
  • If you added the network to your phone a long ago, remove its name from the list and add it again in the phone
  • Always make sure of entering the correct authentication details
  • You might be facing the problem due to not updating the multiple apps installed in your phone. The bugs related to the Wi-Fi drivers may also cause this
  • Check if the Wi-Fi antenna in your phone is not responsible for this problem
  • Do check and make sure if the things are wrong just because the modem has not been configured in an accurate manner
  • Check and make sure that the problem in your device is not because of a reason related to the hardware failure
  • Some apps might be having permission to access the Wi-Fi automatically. Do check and close them
  • Check all the cable connection on the modem and make sure the problem is not because of them
  • There might be other devices connected with the modem that are causing this problem. Check it
  • Do check if a simple restart to the modem can solve this problem in your phone
  • Check if exceeding the bandwidth usage limit is not causing the problem in your phone
  • You might have made any kind of changes to the recommended LAN and other settings
  • The slow internet speed or the downtime with a specific domain can be the reason you are facing this problem

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

  • Installation of a third-party application in the phone might be responsible for this
  • Your phone access might be blocked and there are some restrictions on the connections. Check and remove the same
  • Do check if all the security policies are followed while connecting the two phones together
  • Sometimes the connection doesn’t get created just because of virus presence in any of the device
  • You might be facing this problem due to missing USB and other important drivers
  • Check if your phone data is locked and access to the same is restricted. Make sure other issues to the data such as its format is not causing this problem
  • Simple check the working state of the connecting cable and the USB ports on both the gadgets. They might be causing this problem
  • If the copy of Windows installed open the PC is not genuine or you have installed a custom ROM on your phone, the problem could be due to the very same reason
  • You may need to change the storage mode on the phone according to the task you need to perform
  • Simply restart the phone and the PC and check if this can solve your problem

Apps not functioning properly

  • Installation of the apps from the trusted source avoid more than 80% of all the problems that are common in them
  • Do check if the version of the app you are using in your phone is not outdated
  • Check and make it sure that the problem is not there just because you haven’t given the permission to apps which they need
  • Do check if the apps are blocked in your phone
  • This problem usually arrives when the changes are made to the recommended settings of the installed apps
  • Always install the apps in the phone memory only and not in the microSD card
  • Do check if the problem is there just because the phone is running low on the memory

Bad camera quality

  • The problem might be due to an issue with the camera lens. Make sure to clean the same and check no liquid damage has been caused to the same
  • The camera might be failing to operate just because you might be opening it with a third-party app it couldn’t support
  • Check if the phone memory is completely filled and the same is the reason to this problem
  • You simply need to make it sure that you are not zooming the lens beyond a limit if you really need to have quality outcomes
  • It is always suggested to not to capture the moments by enabling the burst mode
  • Doc heck if the camera flashlight is turned ON when the overall visibility is too low
  • Make sure the problem is not because you have disabled the HD images option in the camera settings
  • One of the easiest way that phone cameras offer users to enhance the quality of pictures is simply focusing on the object before the capturing button is pressed
  • Clean the screen of your device gently

Performance issues

  • One of the simplest ways to keep the phone best in terms of performance is to install the latest versions of all the apps and updating them whenever a new version arrive
  • The above is applicable to the OS of the phone as well
  • Check and make sure your phone is not having a major or a minor hardware problem that can cause this problem
  • Not all the tasks you perform through a phone are consistent in every aspect. Therefore, they consume a different time period. Make sure you are not confusing this with the performance issue in your phone
  • Do check and make sure if the things are not running well just because of a compatible issue among the phone and apps or the data and the phone
  • Analyze all the factors which you think can create this problem in your phone and look for the recommended solutions
  • Data downloading from the internet can cause this problem in your phone
  • You might be charging your phone through a pirated charger. Also, check if other accessories you are using are also not genuine
  • The slow performance could be due to fully loading your phone with data
  • Clear the cache data of the apps and perform a hard reset if the above methods wouldn’t work

SIM/Network related problems

  • The SIM card you are using should be supported by the phone variant. First of all, check and make sure of this
  • Any kind of physical damage on the SIM card might be responsible for this
  • This problem arrives upon improper insertion of the SIM card in the phone
  • Make sure the SIM tray and the slot in which SIM is inserted are not directly or indirectly responsible for this problem
  • If you are travelling or changing your position frequently, you may face this problem
  • Check and make sure there is no network downtime that is responsible for this
  • Make sure your phone SIM is not locked with a PIN before you insert it in your brand new phone
  • Check and make sure if the Airplane mode is turned ON.
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have a problem with the signal antenna
  • Call the SIM support to know whether something is wrong from the end of service provider
  • You simply need to remove all the restrictions from your phone
  • Check and make sure the network selection mode is set to automatic

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

  • Check if the phone is no longer in a position to run/connect the earpiece due to a software or a hardware problem
  • Make sure the problem in the phone is not just because of turning its sound OFF
  • Do check if you can avoid this problem simply by updating the phone OS if a new version is available
  • Make it sure that the problem is actually not there just because the music file you are playing is not good in terms of quality
  • The problem might be due to USB drivers inability to run/recognize the earpiece
  • Carefully check if a hardware problem in the earpiece is responsible for this. Simply use them on another phone and check what exactly is the reason to your problem
  • The earpiece might not have connected properly to the phone. Pay attention to this especially if you use a Bluetooth earphone

Overheating problems

  • This could be due to opening the links which often appears in the ads you see while accessing the apps
  • Make sure and check the installation of any unauthorized application or the software is not responsible for this problem
  • If you have installed any app that claims to enhance the battery backup, disable the same
  • Check if there are so many apps running simultaneously in your phone
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because the things are not good with the Android OS in your phone
  • Mass applications in your phone needs to be updated and this might be causing the problem
  • Sometimes this problem arrives when the users play games for long hours in the phone
  • Turning ON the features such as Wi-Fi hot spot and Bluetooth can also cause this issue
  • You might be using a power source which is not supported by the phone

Screen Related Problems

  • The screen might not be functional due to the problems related with the installed glass guard if you have installed the same. Check it. Also, remove the one that comes pre-installed on the screen
  • Sometimes when there is a lot of grease and oil particles get deposited on the screen, it faces this problem. Thus, its recommended to keep it clean always
  • Pay close attention to any OS related bugs which is often confused with the screen-related faults
  • Simply make sure that slow performance of your Umidigi A3 Pro is not causing this problem
  • You need to remove all the data which is not used for a long time and the apps from your phone
  • Check if the problem is there to an actual physical damage on the screen. In some cases it might be internal and is not directly visible to you
  • Simply turn OFF the screen sharing option on your phone and check if this is the reason to the problem
  • This issue may also arrive in your phone when you use the split-screen option
  • Check if the things can be brought back in their true working condition when you open the phone in the safe mode. This will make it clear whether the issues is related to hardware or the software domain
  • Always keep atleast 4 GB free space in your phone

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

  • Do check if the problem is just because your charger is no longer in working state
  • Sometimes when a lot of apps are installed in your phone, it may take longer time to charge and runs limited with the backup
  • Do check a battery related problem is not there in your phone which is causing this problem
  • Simply say no to any accessory, software or app which your phone cannot actually support
  • Impose a limit on the screen brightness
  • Running so many apps at the same time can also cause this problem
  • Check if the things are wrong just because the problem in your phone is related with a hardware domain
  • Turn OFF the Wi-Fi hot spot if the same is ON
  • There might be a problem in the power/charging source. Check and make sure of this
  • You need to clear the cache data of the apps and have to make sure that they have their latest versions installed in your phone
  • Do check if the notifications which you actually don’t need are causing this problem
  • When there is no need, keep the mobile data OFF as this can significantly enhance the battery backup of your Umidigi A3 Pro
  • Installation of bulky files from the internet can also be the reason to this problem

MicroSD card not detected in the phone

  • Your SD card might be corrupt or simply not supported by the variant of the phone you are using
  • Do check and make sure the card you are using is not having any kind hardware damage or defect in it
  • Simply make sure that the card you are using is not infected by any kind of data virus
  • The access to the data present in the card should not be restricted. Make sure of this
  • Limit the data in your SD card by erasing a few files and check if this works for you
  • Simply make it sure if the problem you are facing is just because you haven’t properly inserted the memory card in your Umidigi A3 Pro
  • Make sure you are not using a pirated SD card in your phone as it may cause this problem
  • Check if the violation of the phone security policies are not causing this issue
  • Check if you can solve the problem by formatting your card

Everything you just introduced yourself about the common Umidigi A3 Pro problems simply works if you follow them carefully and accurately. If you don’t find your problem listed above, you can comment on the below section simply.



  1. Hello, please could you tell me how to get a camera shutter sound for my Umidigi A3 Pro, I have searched high and low for camera settings (thinking it would be there) but I cannot find a way to turn it on. Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Ever since I inserted a second sim card, the camera does not function properly, it is out of focus all the time.
    How can I solve this problem

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