Common Vernee V2 Pro Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Everyone wants to have some personal space and privacy in life. Well, the fact is with the rapid advancements in the way one live his/her life, people usually have to deal and manage with a lot of secrets and obviously nothing better than a phone can help you to keep the same. There is nothing wrong to say that a phone is actually a true companion of a person in the current time. It can act like someone you can trust with closed eyes. If you are planning to buy such a smartphone that can help you in every aspect of your life, the Vernee V2 Pro is one of the finest options to be considered. There are certain things about this phone that makes it simply the best and amazing. However, there are a few issues which are very common might be observed and this post reflects the same and i.e. common Vernee V2 Pro problems.

It is always necessary for you as a prospectus buyer to deeply know about the smartphone you are going to buy. When it comes to Vernee V2 Pro, there is no need to think beyond a limit on anything. The phone is actually amazing and can be trusted for a very long run. The purpose of this post is to introduce you to the common Vernee V2 Pro problems and the best available solutions for the same. The fact is these issues are common with several smartphones powered by Android technology. You have no reason to worry about anything if you face any of these issues. With the methods and instructions you will find in this post, these issues can be avoided simply.

common Vernee V2 Pro problems



Why Vernee V2 Pro is a good option?

This smartphone is one of the new comers in the market. It really doesn’t matter what is your true purpose of investing on a gadget, the Vernee V2 Pro doesn’t let you compromise with anything once purchased. It has all the basic plus the advanced features that modern gadgets are often loaded with. Also, the problems which are listed in this post are not always necessary to be present in case of all the users. The Vernee smartphones are already running successfully and have been rated as one of the finest available options. Thus, go and buy this phone without worrying about anything. Follow the below information on common Vernee V2 Pro problems if you face any daunting experience.

Common Vernee V2 Pro Problems and Fixes

Every gadget is designed to operate reliably and smoothly. However, the common problems often don’t let the users to have the expected experience with a phone. These issues as already mentioned are quite basic but because they largely affect the phone performance and other parameters, it is necessary to deal with them in immediately. You can follow the information mentioned in this post for the Vernee V2 Pro basic troubleshoot easily. However, following the information exactly in the same way as mentioned is strongly recommended to you. cannot be blamed if any problem not mentioned in this post arrives in your phone just because you molded the mentioned instructions.

Connectivity issues

Under any situation, the connectivity of the phone should remain totally up to the mark. This is important for assuring the smooth experience which you expect from a smartphone. Connectivity related problems may make you feel as your phone has several things wrong with it.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Check if the Bluetooth visibility of your phone has been set to hidden and the same is the reason to your problem
  • Users sometimes forget to disable the restrictions imposed by them on their phones to exchange data and to connect with other gadgets. This too can largely affect the functionality of a smartphone
  • It would be good to simply restart your phone after closing all the apps. This trick may work for you and can restore the functionality of the Bluetooth on your phone
  • Open the Bluetooth settings of your Vernee V2 Pro. Erase all the recently paired devices including the one you are trying to connect. Turn the Bluetooth ON after this pair the device again
  • Check if all the factors related to the files you are sending is OK. This generally include the file size, the format of the same (whether supported by both the phones or not) and in case the same is affected with a malware or a virus
  • Do check if the things can be restored by disabling the power saving mode on your Vernee V2 Pro
  • Make sure your phone actually doesn’t have any kind of failure of a hardware or a component of the same. Check the working condition of the Bluetooth antenna as well
  • Sometimes this problem arrives only when the users disables the phone security
  • Make sure there is no other app in the phone which is accessing the Bluetooth at the same time you are using it for data sharing or exchange
  • Do check if the problem in your Vernee V2 Pro is just because of not clearing its cache data.

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Restart your phone and the modem simply before doing anything else
  • Make sure the modem has been configured in the right manner and it has all its cable connections done in a required manner
  • Do check if the things can be brought back to their actual working condition by eliminating all the restrictions from the phone
  • Make sure and check the data limit which you might have already exceed is not causing the problem
  • Make sure to disable the power saving or the safe mode on your phone and check if the things are back in their working position
  • This problem could be due to server downtime with the app or the website you are trying to open. Make sure of this as well
  • Do check if the internet and the other services are active and has not been withdrawn
  • Make sure to enter the correct details for the network authentication
  • Do check if the modem is having any kind of hardware problem with the same or its limit to host the maximum number of gadgets has been exceeded already
  • Check and make sure the problem is not just because of other apps running in the background that might have access to the Wi-Fi
  • Check and make sure the things are ok with the software domain in your phone
  • Sometimes this problem arrives in your phone just because the Wi-Fi drivers are not performing their task
  • Do check and make sure that the network is supportive with the Vernee V2 Pro and the same is not the reason to your problem
  • Don’t make any change to the network settings as this can cause the Wi-Fi issues

MicroSD card not detected in the phone

  • Make sure to select the memory card which is supported by the Vernee V2 Pro
  • Do check and make sure there is no physical damage on the card and on the slot holding the same in your phone
  • Check and make sure the problem is not actually related with the data you have stored in the card
  • You will be required to remove all the restrictions from the phone that can stop the SD card to perform its function
  • Do check if the things are not in your favor just because the factors such as stain and other similar issues on the memory card
  • You might be using a card that is full of corrupt data or with multiple viruses
  • The SD card is to be inserted and removed following the proper recommendations
  • Do check if the data in the SD card is not readable
  • Format your card and insert it again in the phone to check if the things are back on track

Overheating problems

  • Check if something is wrong with the charger of your phone
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because you play so many games on your phone regularly
  • This problem could be due to using your phone in the power saving mode
  • Failure of ventilation system of the phone or a major hardware problem can cause this
  • It is always suggested to you to follow the manufacturer guidelines to charge your phone
  • Do check if heating level is more just because the apps you have installed are not supported by the phone
  • All the apps should be updated on time and you also need to make sure that other updates are downloaded for the phone immediately after their arrival
  • Remove the phone back cover if you have installed the same and check the status of the problem
  • All the accessories used with the phone should be genuine. Make sure of this always

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

  • First of all, the phone software is to be updated if there is any pending update. Also, it is recommended to you to install the latest version of USB drivers on your phone
  • Do check and make sure that the phone is not running in the safe mode
  • Sometimes the bugs related to the Windows or the restrictions imposed on the PC can cause this problem
  • It is to be assured that the connecting cable is in proper working condition and support both the gadgets
  • You might be facing this problem just because of improper or a loose connection between both the gadgets
  • Make sure to restart your phone first after connecting it with the computer. Restart the latter if this doesn’t work
  • Check if the problem can be solved by using a parallel USB port as the one you are using might not be functional
  • Prefer selecting the MTP mode on your phone after connecting it with the PC
  • Check if the security of both the gadgets is turned ON. Turning it OFF sometimes automatically disables the acceptance of new connections
  • You can face this problem if the copy of Windows installed on the PC is not genuine
  • Do check if something is not good with the data you are transferring from one gadget to another

Apps not functioning properly

  • Update all the apps which are pending in your phone. If data bandwidth is not an issue, it is recommended to enable the automatic update of all the applications
  • You might not be in a position to get the best out from an application just because the necessary permission the same apps needs to perform its function hasn’t been given to it
  • Make sure no changes are to be made to the default settings of any application
  • Check if there is any virus present in the phone memory
  • You must make sure that the default storage space for the installation of the applications is the phone memory and not the memory card
  • Do check if the apps you are facing problem with have been installed from a source other than the Play Store. If so, remove the same before if affect the functionality of other apps
  • Apps often fails to perform their task when the phone runs low on the memory

Bad camera quality

  • Make sure to introduce yourself with some basic tricks and instructions of operating the phone camera. Of course, it is different from that of operating a DSLR and other cameras
  • Do check if the pictures are being captured in the burst mode which often degrades the quality
  • Make sure a limit is to be imposed on zooming feature if you really need to have quality snaps and videos
  • A basic reason to this problem is not cleaning the camera lens or when the same is having any kind of dust deposited on the same. Also, check if it is in proper working condition
  • You might be facing this problem due to not selecting the HD mode in the camera settings
  • The camera flashlight light is to be used when the visibility is low. Also, an appropriate shooting mode is to be selected depending on the situation
  • You need to make sure that the camera remains in no motion when the pictures are captured
  • One of the basic tricks that can work for you is to focus on the object correctly before capturing the picture
  • Preference is to be given to the default camera app always than using any other app

Performance issues

  • Do check your phone is not having a lot of data in its default memory. If the same is completely filled, erase the files you no longer need
  • It would be good if you impose a limit on the quantity of applications you keep in your phone
  • Check and make sure this problem is not just because of failure of multiple apps in your phone
  • Make sure to check if all the things are ok with the Android version install in your phone. If there is any update/patch which is still pending to be installed, do it immediately
  • If you are downloading the data from the internet, the performance may goes down upto some extent depending upon the file size and the internet speed
  • Do check if the phone RAM is in proper working condition and has everything OK with the same
  • This problem could be due to failure of any important hardware component in your phone
  • Check and make sure that your phone doesn’t has a lot of applications running in the background
  • Simply check and make sure that the problem in your phone is due to cache data. You will be required to clear the same time to time
  • It is always recommended to restart your phone after installing any new application or software especially when the same is instructed on the screen
  • You can try a hard reset which often works in most of the cases

SIM/Network related problems

  • First check if the SIM card is having any kind of physical damage on the same or if the things are not OK with your phone SIM tray
  • Make sure the problem is not just because of your present location. The services might not be valid or applicable on all the locations
  • Check if the SIM card has been turned OFF in the settings. Also check if the Airplane mode is active on your phone
  • Make sure the variant of Vernee V2 Pro support the network or the services of the provider you are preferring
  • Make sure the SIM card has not been locked and there is no PIN required to open the same
  • Check if the SIM default memory is completely filled as sometimes this can also be the reason to this problem
  • Open the network settings on your phone and enable the automatic network selection option. This is highly recommended
  • Your SIM card might have not been inserted in the phone properly
  • Do check if the things can be solved by rebooting your phone simply
  • If your phone is supporting another SIM card, you might be required to replace your own SIM

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

  • The unwanted notifications from the applications and other sources should be turned OFF when there is actually no need of the same
  • Some applications like Google maps consume more battery than others. If they are running in the background and are actually not required, you need to close them
  • Make sure if the phone has some bugs in its Operating system and the same is causing this problem
  • Don’t let the apps run in the background to enhance the battery backup
  • You can solve this problem simply by performing a simple reboot
  • Make sure not to use any kind of pirated charger or accessories with your phone
  • The phone is to be used and charged as per the instructions prescribed by the manufacturer
  • Check and make sure the things are running perfect with the software domain
  • Make sure to check if the problem is there just because the device battery has been suffering from a problem
  • While browsing internet on your phone, it would be good to not to run multiple applications
  • Installing and playing so many games on your phone could be the reason you are facing this problem

Screen Related Problems

  • Make sure the screen is to be protected from the dust and oil particles which often doesn’t let it perform its task
  • Disable the screen mirroring option simply as this can also be the reason to this problem
  • Do check if the things are not going good just because the phone performance is slow
  • Make sure you are not actually confusing a software or another problem with the screen
  • Clean/wash your hands properly before operating the screen. Make sure they are dry as well
  • You need to remove the transparent glass guard installed on the screen to assure its proper functionality
  • Check and make sure the problem is not there due to keeping large amount of data in the phone memory
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have any kind of hardware failure.
  • Do check the bugs that are related with the OS and the apps and can cause the screen-related issues in your phone
  • Do check if you can operate the phone reliably in the safe mode. If so, this clearly indicates that something is not good with the software

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

  • Check if the things are not good with the sound drivers on your phone. Also, check if the phone sound is disabled
  • Make sure that earpiece you are using are supported by the Vernee V2 Pro
  • Check and make sure the things are OK with the music, video or the content you are playing on your phone
  • This problem is observed sometimes when the earpiece are not properly connected with the phone
  • Check if the things are wrong with the universal 3.5mm jack on your phone
  • Make sure the phone doesn’t have something wrong with its speaker phone. Check this with the earpiece as well. You can do so by connecting them with another phone

This useful information on the common Vernee V2 Pro problems and their solutions will probably help you in restoring the true working condition of a specific or all the features of your phone. In other words, it will help you get the best out from your Vernee V2 Pro in all the situations. Keep visiting our website for similar posts and the latest news on Android world.

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