Common Vivo V11 Pro Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

In life we need to take care of a lot of things. It is not always possible for us all to manage the same easily despite having all the expertise. Well, the fact is there is always a need of technology that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. No other gadget than a smartphone can enable us to do so. It is actually a handy device that most of the people love keeping with them. Around 40% of the mobile users in the world spend more than 7 hours in using their phones on an average. A smartphone has many benefits due to which we are always in a position to avoid issues and challenges. However, selection of a right phone is always mandatory for this. One such phone is Vivo V11 Pro edition. With this post, you can understand the common Vivo V11 pro problems.

If you are using them already or have plans to buy it, there is no need to raise your heartbeat. This is because the problems we are going to discuss in this post are really basic in nature. They are not directly related to manufacturing defects in this phone. It is easy for you to grab maximum knowledge on common Vivo V11 Pro problems through this post. All the basic issues are discussed along with their solution. Almost all the smartphones usually have a room in them for these common problems. However, this really doesn’t mean they are not liked by the users. The fact is it all depends on the way someone handle his/her phone. To eliminate these issues from the phone, just continue reason this post.

common Vivo V11 pro problems

Reasons to buy Vivo V11 Pro

Well, Vivo V11 Pro is a smartphone which you must have in the present scenario. It has been loaded with amazingly best hardware configuration. As far as the matter of features and performance is concerned, there is nothing to worry about. With a true combination of everything including the price, this gadget simply let you get the best of it without worrying about anything. Here is common Vivo V11 pro problems discussed along with their solutions.

Common Vivo V11 Pro Problems and Fixes

It is very much true that no user wants to have any of the problems in the phone for the long run. However, problems often arrive and sometimes without any well-defined reason behind them. It is possible to avoid all those issues simply in no time with the help of below-mentioned information. It would be good to have these methods considered in the way they are provided. doesn’t bear any guarantee for favorable outcome if these methods are changed or molded while looking for the solutions against common Vivo V11 Pro problems and their solutions.

Connectivity issues

To make the phone behave well all the time without giving any indication about the connectivity-related issues, you simply need to make sure that all the below listed methods and the instructions are followed in a careful manner.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Sometimes bugs in the default Bluetooth app can directly be held responsible for this problem. Check and make sure it is functioning properly
  • Restart your phone without doing anything else and check if the things are back on track
  • Make sure the Bluetooth connection on both the phones is visible and is not set to hidden. This can be the reason to your problem
  • Your phone might be suffering from another hardware problem. If so, keep it in mind that this can also be the reason of having Bluetooth issues in the phone
  • Simply make sure that the phone you own is not having any virus in it data. This can sometimes violate security of the phone and hence doesn’t let users to use Bluetooth properly
  • Check and make sure the problem is not present in the phone just because of enabling the power saving mode which often disables features like Bluetooth automatically
  • A bug or an error in the OS can also be blamed directly. Check this properly
  • Don’t send files that are large in terms of size. Impose a limit on the number of files in one attempt.
  • Make sure to close all the apps running in the background and check again
  • Erase the history of recently connected Bluetooth enabled devices from the Bluetooth settings and try again
  • Your device might have a fault in its Bluetooth antenna. Check and make sure of this
  • If the phone is not getting connected despite following the recommended procedure, check if there are some restrictions imposed on it to accept new connections
  • Improper pairing of the Bluetooth devices with each other can also give rise to this issue

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • First of all check if the Wi-Fi you are trying to connect with doesn’t have additional requirements after entering the password to allow you to use the same
  • Make sure to enter the correct authentication details. Remember to update them in the device and for the network if you have changed them recently
  • Faults in the modem or their improper configuration can leads to this problem in many cases
  • If your phone has apps that are allowed to access the Wi-Fi automatically, this can be the reason you are facing this problem
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have bugs in the Wi-Fi drivers or in the OS. Update if  a new version is available
  • Check in case a simple restart can help you avoid this problem
  • The Wi-Fi problem might be there in your phone just because the server is having the downtime
  • Check if the services to the connection are valid and active on it
  • If the Wi-Fi modem you are using have a limit to connect the number of devices, get it checked properly
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have any of the problems with its Wi-Fi antenna
  • Check the bandwidth you have consumed. If the limit to the same has been reached, the problem could be due to the very same reason
  • Don’t make any changes to the Local Area Network settings
  • Check if the firewalled on the device is ON
  • Slow operating device also makes you feel that it has Wi-Fi problems in it. Keep this in your mind

Performance issues

Some of the simplest methods and instructions which you can opt to avoid these issues in the phone are spotlighted below.

  • The basic method to avoid this issue is a simple reboot. In most of the cases it is enough. Thus, perform it before doing anything else
  • Check if the problem can be avoided by freeing some space in the default memory of your Vivo V11 Pro
  • Carefully look for the problem in the OS version. If the same is having any problem, get it fixed by updating the same whenever a new version will be made available
  • If you operate your phone in the Power saving mode or in the safe mode, this can largely affect its performance as many important features are disabled automatically under such modes
  • While making use of the phone, don’t install updates and download data at the same time. This can really slow down the performance of your Vivo V11 Pro owned by you
  • Don’t install multiple apps in your phone as this leads to very slow performance
  • Check in case the problem is there just because you haven’t clear the cache data of the phone for a long time
  • Simply make sure not to avoid pending updates to be installed in your phone for a long time
  • Don’t use your phone to place calls or to download the data when the same is getting charged
  • All apps not behaving well should be treated as per the instructions mentioned under the headline “Apps not Behaving well” in this post
  • You will be required to perform a hard reset to get the things back on track

SIM/Network related problems

Here are all the reasons specified along with their solutions about the SIM or network related problems in the phone

  • The SIM card might have a physical damage on it. Check properly. Pay attention to the SIM tray as well for this
  • Make sure the network services offered by the provider are truly compatible with the variant of the phone owned by you. Check operating frequency and other requirements
  • Your SIM card might not be active at the time you are accessing the same. If it is just purchased, confirm from the network provider about the validation of the services
  • Simply check if the problem is there all because of not inserting the SIM card properly and in a recommended manner in your phone
  • Sometimes temporary shutdown of the services from the SIM card can be the reason to this issue. Get it checked
  • Sometimes a hardware problem in the network antenna causes this problem
  • Check if the services of the network provider are valid on your present location
  • Make sure to select the home network manually from the network settings
  • The phone might be running in the Airplane mode. Get it checked properly
  • Simply make sure the phone doesn’t have this problem just because you are in a basement
  • Place a call to SIM support to get the services checked

 Apps not functioning properly

There can be a lot of reasons to this. The ones that are quite common and to help you fix the common Vivo V11 Pro apps related problems are listed below.

  • Make sure the phone is not affected with virus
  • Check if you can solve this problem simply by disabling all the third-party apps
  • There is always a room for problems if you change the recommended settings of the applications
  • To make sure of their proper functionality, always update them on time and choose to clear their cache data if the need of the same is there
  • Choose the phone default memory as their default storage space for installation
  • All the required permissions should be given to the apps so that their proper functionality can be assured

Overheating problems

This can happen due to so many reasons and exploring them is a bit challenge in most of the cases. Just follow this guide on overheating related Common Vivo V11 Pro problems.

  • This usually happens when users load their phone with a lot of data close to their storing capacity
  • Make sure the phone really doesn’t have any of its installed app in the non working condition
  • More releasing of heat from the phone could be due to installing third party software, apps or due to changing the default settings of the phone
  • Check if the things can be brought back to their actual condition by closing background running apps and restarting the phone
  • A faulty charger, power cable, charging adapter or the fluctuation in power cable also cause this problem
  • You might be experiencing this issue due to complete failure of phone ventilation system
  • Check if the things can be restored by disabling the apps and games which are not compatible with the phone
  • Check if there is any specific feature putting extra burden on the RAM
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have this problem just because the power bank you use with it is having different power ratings than the specified ones on the battery

Bad camera quality

This is one of the problems in the phone that really doesn’t let you get the best out of the phone. This is because the camera is one of the widely used features in any smartphone presently. Here is camera related common Vivo V11 Pro problems and their solutions.

  • Check if the problem which you are facing with the phone camera is because of reasons associated with the phone camera driver app. Check it properly
  • To get good results, make sure to remain with the default camera app then installing any other in the phone
  • Simply check if the camera lens has some moisture or dust present in it
  • Capturing the pictures in the burst mode makes quality pretty low
  • Simply make sure not to follow any practice with the camera which is not a part of the same
  • If you are capturing the pictures by zooming them, keep it in mind the quality of the pictures will get affected with the same
  • Sometimes the lack of cleanliness to the screen or the installed gorilla glass for screen protection makes you feel that device camera is not capturing quality images
  • Simply make sure that your phone has its camera operational in the HD mode which you can select in the camera settings
  • If there is a lack of visibility, choose the shooting mode as per the need and make sure to turn ON the camera flashlight
  • Enhance the screen brightness if the same is low.

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

To make sure simply that this problem can be avoided from your phone in no time, you can go ahead with the following important methods against the common Vivo V11 Pro problems related to the camera.

  • Always keep it in mind the charging speed depends largely on how many task the phone is performing at the same time. Therefore better is not to use it for any purpose during charging
  • To get the best out from the battery, turn OFF features which are not always required
  • Check if the device is having this issue because you have turned on its Wi-Fi hot spot and the same is shared with other gadgets
  • Simply make sure the phone doesn’t have problem with its battery. The chances are less in a brand new device but it’s good to check the same
  • Turn ON notifications only for those apps that matters. Probably all notifications really doesn’t matter to you
  • Check if the problem is due to bugs in the OS. In such a case an update to the same help you fixing them
  • Simply make sure your phone apps are not causing this problem by accessing the multiple features
  • Problems with the charger or the power source should be paid equal attention to get this problem fixes
  • Make sure to limit the number of games in your phone if you are a gamer

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

This is one of the problems which can be avoided from your phone with the help of below methods when they are taken in the consideration properly.

  • Get this problem fixed simply with the help of below mentioned instructions.
  • Check for a software problem in the phone.
  • Simply restart your phone and check again
  • Make sure the sounds in the phone are not turned off
  • Check if your earpiece are not compatible with the phone
  • The problem might be there in some cases due to not updating the phone OS
  • Check if there is damage on the earpiece wire. Make sure they are in proper working condition.

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

You need to be careful about the following facts while connecting the PC and the phone together

  • The problem might be there of no installation or outdated USB drivers
  • Check if the problem is there in the phone due to OS or Windows bugs
  • The problem might be there due to not selecting the mode on the phone as per the task you are going to perform
  • Improper connection or the faulty cable can be another reason you are facing this issue
  • Simply make sure that the phone is not having any of the problems related to its USB connector. Check the same for the PC as well
  • Make sit sure that the missing phone drivers in the PC are not causing this issue
  • Make sure there are no restrictions on any of the devices to communicate with each other
  • The data you are dealing with might have issues in it
  • Check and make sure the phone or the PC are not having any hardware issue in them due to which you are facing this problem

MicroSD card not detected in the phone

The phone might be facing this problem due to following reasons. The methods to avoid them are also provided here.

  • Check if the phone memory is completely full. Sometimes the microSD card needs you to have some empty space in the phone to be used properly
  • If this card has already been used on another device, you need to get it examined and verified for virus and malware presence on it
  • Not inserting the card properly in the phone could cause this problem
  • Always prefer using a SD card with less data storage capacity then what is mentioned in the specifications
  • You might have caused a violation to the security or the other policies of the phone and the problem might be there due to same reason
  • Sometimes a basic reboot is required after the microSD card is inserted in the phone
  • You need to be careful about the exposure of dust or sunlight on the card. If it was left unused under such conditions, the problem might be there due to the very same reasons
  • Check if the same memory card works properly and reliably when used on another phone
  • Formatting the card will probably make it functional again. If not, you might be required to buy a new one

 Touchscreen Problems

Here are some methods to let you deal with this problem easily

  • An OS related bug sometimes makes Smartphone users feel is their phone is having a major hardware problem in the same
  • Check if the problem is there just because the screen has a lot of unwanted chemicals deposited on it
  • Make sure there is no hardware problem in the phone. Get it checked
  • The problem might be there just because the device screen is having an internal damaged caused to it
  • Factors such as overcharging can also be held responsible for this problem
  • Make sure to have some free space available in your phone all the time
  • Check if you are facing this issue due to allowing your phone to automatically connect to other gadgets
  • Avoid using the phone while charging the same
  • The problem might be there due to wearing mittens. Remove them and clean your hands
  • Open safe mode and disable all the installed apps. If things are now working fine, you need to look for a software issue.

All the information provided above simply let you deal with all the common Vivo V11 Pro problems in the simplest manner. You can simply go ahead with the same without worrying about anything. In case more information is required on this subject, you can let us know through the below comment section.


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