Common Xiaomi Mi 8 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Xiaomi smartphones need not to be introduced with those who are already addicted to technology. The smartphone manufactured by them are simply good enough to be trusted and can easily be considered for performing any task. The fact is Xiaomi has invested a lot in the smartphones and their premium range gadgets are simply the best in every aspect. They can easily be trusted and users are always free to have an experience that they never had earlier. Xiaomi is known to provide users the best available features and under a price range which is always low when compared to other manufacturers. This is not the only good thing about the Chinese manufacturer but there are certain things for which they can be trusted. You can simply go ahead with their phones without worrying about anything. The problems discussed in this post are not major ones. In fact they are common to every gadget. Their exact reasons of existence are not always necessary to be same in all the phones except a few. Check out below the facts and information on common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems and fixes.

All the information you find about the common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems and fixes in the below paragraphs is trustable and let you deal with the issues in a very simple manner. There is nothing to worry while you follow the instructions and the methods for avoiding specific problem. They have not even been reported by a very large number of users and it would be good for you to keep this thing in your mind. Most of the issues as already mentioned are basic in nature.

common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems and fixes

Common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems and fixes

Problems need to be addressed in a mechanism that is authorized by the manufacturer. All the posts we made are based on same information. Therefore, we request you to not to mold any instruction or method while using it just because you think you can have better results. In fact, you can invite additional troubles in the phone by doing so. cannot be held responsible for the same.

SIM related problems (common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems and fixes)

It is necessary for the smooth and reliable operations that the SIM card operates properly in your phone without which it is not possible for the users to perform tasks that are very essential. Below are some effective solutions if there are problems you are facing.

  • First check if the network services are enabled or have been stopped on the SIM
  • Open the phone settings and choose your home network manually
  • The SIM might be turned OFF. Check phone settings again for this
  • Remove the SIM card and restart your phone. Insert it again and make sure this task has been accomplished properly
  • Always insert your SIM in slot 1 if there is no parallel SIM you are using
  • Check if there is a physical damage on the SIM tray or on the SIM card itself
  • If you are under a building’s basement. Go out and check
  • Check whether the airplane mode is enabled on your phone

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10 (common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems and fixes)

Smartphones are often needed to be connected to the PC for performing a lot of tasks. You can simply go ahead with the following methods if there are any sort of problems which you face while connecting them with each other.

  • First check the connecting cable is in proper working condition
  • Next things to make sure is whether the USB drivers are installed in the phone and in the PC too
  • Pay close attention to the connection. Make sure the same is not loose. You can use a parallel port if one port show loose connection
  • Restart the phone and the PC too and check if the problem is gone
  • Don’t violate the security and the other polices for any of the device while connecting them with each other
  • Install antivirus software in the PC always. This will stop frequent termination due to virus in the phone
  • Always select the MTP mode on the phone while connecting the phone
  • Check if the Windows installed on the PC is genuine or not

Connectivity issues

Connectivity issues are often related to the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth and arrive in the phone when there is an issue caused with both or any of the devices. You can try the following set of solutions mentioned against specific problems to avoid them simply.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems and fixes)

  • First check whether the data you are transferring is trustable
  • The Bluetooth connection visibility might be hidden for any of the devices
  • Check if the Bluetooth connection is already active with another device
  • Clear the Bluetooth cache memory
  • Restart the phone in case the Bluetooth has not been used for a long time
  • Close all the apps running in the background
  • You might be violating the Bluetooth policies for the users. Check the same
  • Make sure not to transfer data which is of very large size
  • Remove the restrictions imposed on connections with new devices
  • Disable the power saving mode on the phone if it is enabled
  • Try connecting with another device and check if everything is fine
  • Check if the Bluetooth version is compatible with the other device you are using

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems and fixes)

  • Make sure the network signal is good at your exact location
  • Choose to restart your phone and the Wi-Fi router
  • Check if there are already so many devices connected with the router. If so, you simply need to disconnect a few
  • Forget the connection and then again add it. Enter your password correctly
  • The Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi antenna might be physically damaged
  • Check if the cable connection on the router is right
  • Make sure configuration has been done by an expert and in a rightful manner
  • The daily bandwidth usage might have already crossed
  • Check if the services are not stopped on your connection
  • The problem might be due to slow internet speed

Bad camera quality (common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems and fixes)

Capturing snaps or the videos is one of the best things which you can do with your phone. In fact, a very large number of buyers invest on a specific phone for this reason only. Xiaomi devices are already grabbed with the best cameras and users need not to worry about anything. However, if you are facing them, check out below solutions

  • Make sure your phone is totally still while it is capturing the snap
  • The shooting mode, flashlight, as well as focusing on the object has a major role when it comes to capturing the snap. Make sure you are considering them all while capturing your best moments if you don’t want to lose a grip on quality
  • Clean the camera lens gently
  • Check if the things can be sorted with simple restart
  • Don’t prefer other applications than the default one while capturing snaps
  • Use night vision while capturing snaps in low light conditions
  • Set the camera flash to automatic mode
  • Always prefer HD mode in the camera settings while capturing the snaps
  • Remove transparent glass from the screen
  • Focus on the object carefully

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

This is not always necessary to be a fault in the phone. There are actually reasons when the battery stop behaving in the way it has to be. Therefore, the users must make it sure that the things are going smooth and effective. This can be done by taking into consideration few or all of the methods listed below.

  • All the accessories should be selected as per phone manufacturer’s recommendations if you are considering third-party manufacturers for the same
  • Check if you haven’t updated the device and the apps for a long time
  • Check and make sure no features are turned ON when not in use
  • Avoid charging your phone once the 90% charging is complete
  • Avoid downloading files when the mobile data is turned ON and the files you need to download are bulky
  • Make sure the phone connector or the charging cable is not damaged physically
  • Avoid using the phone while charging
  • There might be complex games installed on your phone
  • Maintain a general number when it comes to downloading the overall number of applications in the phone

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems and fixes)

You might have no idea but your device is actually a combination of very large number of electronic and other components. They are generally installed on the motherboard and are generally responsible for several important tasks. Failure of any single component or any interrupt caused in its working can sometime make you realize that your phone has serious issues. One example is Unresponsive touchscreen. It is not necessary that this problem is there due to hardware fault. Check out below solutions to keep up the pace simply.

  • First check if the issue is there due to OS of your phone. The bugs in the same can cause this issue
  • Make sure to update all the applications
  • Restart the phone simply
  • Open it in Safe mode and check if the things are under your control
  • Make sure you are not wearing any sort of gloves while operating the screen
  • Make sure your hands are clean and wet
  • Erase some data from the phone memory
  • Clean the device screen gently
  • Disable screen mirroring and power saving mode
  • Perform a hard reset and check the status of the problem again

Unexpected behavior of the apps

Well, this is actually a basic issue. If you are facing it in your phone, below are some of the methods you can simply go ahead with

  • Always store apps in the phone memory
  • Update them all in one go
  • Check if there is any app which is not compatible
  • If you recently filled your phone memory with any sort of data, check the same for virus presence
  • Don’t prefer any other platform than Play Store for downloading the applications

Earpiece sounds Robotic

It is not always necessary that this problem arrives due to software issues. The hardware faults can also give rise to same and in most of the cases, this is actually the reason users have to face it.

  • First check if the sound drivers are installed updated
  • The earpiece might not be compatible with the phone. Always use the one you get right in the phone’s box
  • The earpiece or the device connector might have a physical damage on them
  • Use your earpiece on another phone and check if the concern is gone
  • Make sure you haven’t turn OFF the device sounds completely or have disabled them
  • If you use Bluetooth earpiece, make sure to connect them properly

Performance issues

Performance should never be compromised under any situation. However, with respect to passage of time, the things don’t remains similar with a few users. They often have to face problems related to the overall performance. You can simply avoid them by paying attention to the following

  • First update the apps and remove them which you cannot update
  • Make sure there are not so many apps from a single developer in your phone
  • The phone might be affected with virus and the problem could probably due to the same reason
  • Erase some data and impose a limit on the same from the next time
  • Check if the problem can be solved by simply restarting the phone
  • Make sure to install the apps from the play store
  • Don’t use your device in conjunction with another such as sharing screen and other features for long
  • While downloading the data in the phone, always prefer Wi-Fi over mobile data
  • Turn the Wi-Fi hot spot OFF in case it is turned ON
  • Check for the OS update. Go for it if available
  • Clear cache memory of the applications installed
  • Avoid using the phone for any purpose while you are charging it

Overheating problems (common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems and fixes)

Overheating in the phone can give rise to many other issues which users cannot always understand directly. Therefore, it is relevant to take prompt actions on this issue. Here are some trusted methods to enable you avoid this problem.

  • Avoid downloading bulky temporarily for few days
  • Check if the back cover is ventilation issues
  • The overheating of the phone could be due to using pirated accessories such as charger, earpiece, connecting cable or power bank
  • If the Wi-Fi hot spot is shared with other phones, you need to turn it OFF. This can be the reason you are facing the issue
  • Update the applications installed and check if a new version for the OS is installed
  • The installation of new applications should be restricted Play Source or trusted sources only
  • If so many applications are installed in the phone, remove a few. Impose a strict limit on the same
  • Check what exactly is putting extra burden on the RAM

This is the best available information on common Xiaomi Mi 8 problems and fixes. In case you find your concern not listed in this post, you can make a comment below. Keep visiting our website for similar posts.

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