Common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Smartphones are becoming as important as water to us. This statement is true because a diverse array of tasks is performed through them in the present time. In fact, they have added so much comfort in the life of us all. Whether its travel, work, education, business, guidance, shopping, entertainment or anything else, we are largely dependent on smartphones. It is because of no other reason the manufacturers are struggling a lot to provide us the gadgets which are best enough to be trusted. It’s all about features actually and there are manufacturers which have enabled everyone to access features that were only limited to some high-end or expensive devices. One example is Mi. Probably everyone knows them and being one of the finest manufacturers, they have enabled everyone to simply keep up the pace with most dynamic features. In addition to this, they are known quite well for their style and elegance. Almost all of their gadgets including the recently announced Xiaomi Mi Max 3 reflect the same. In this post, I will discuss about the common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 problems and fixes.

You might be wondering whether the device has some major hardware issues associated with it. Well, if so, I would like to tell you it’s not true. The problems that have been spotlighted in this post are very basic. Any user of any smartphone can experience them anytime. The reasons cannot be same in case of all the users and therefore acquiring knowledge about the common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 problems and fixes would be good for you.

common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 problems and fixes

Among all the factors that give rise to the issues mentioned in this post, the one which can be held responsible largely is nothing but Android itself. You will find it strange but it’s true. The open source nature of Android made manufacturers to mold it as per their needs and because different manufacturers make sure of hardware that comes from different providers, some compatibility issues are common. The same often give rise to the issues that I have tagged as common problems. As you can easily avoid them, there is nothing to worry about anything than reading some useful about common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 problems and fixes as mentioned below.

Common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 problems and fixes

Eliminating the problem that you are facing sometimes make you feel that you should use your own skills while focusing or following a guide. However, it is always good for you to not to go ahead with that. It’s simply because a little knowledge is always a dangerous thing. Thus you can transform the problem to next level or can face additional problems. cannot be held responsible for the same.

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

SD cards are the devices which simply let the users to carry more data in their phone. There is another purpose for which it is widely used and i.e. maintaining the performance of the phone. Of course, it’s true that when data is kept in memory card than in default phone memory, the users can simply make sure of better performance with their gadget. In case there are issues which you are facing, go ahead with the following instructions.

  • Always make sure to use the brand new memory card for the brand new phone
  • The card type and class might not be compatible with the phone
  • If the card is old, format it and restart your phone. Check if things are now fine
  • The data on the memory card might be corrupt or it is having some sort of infection
  • Check if the card has been inserted properly in the phone
  • The problem might be in the phone memory card slot
  • Check if the same card operates well when used on another phone
  • Check for a physical damage on the memory card slot
  • Get the phone checked if problems are still there

SIM related problems (common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 problems and fixes)

The problems related to the SIM card can affect the other features of the phone largely. Thus, you have reason to worry when these issues arrives in your phone. The good thing is it is possible to avoid them in no time. All you need to do is to follow the below set of methods and instructions.

  • Make sure your handset/variant is compatible with the SIM card
  • Check and disable Airplane mode if it is enabled
  • Make sure to check if the services are enabled on your SIM
  • It might have a physical damage or you haven’t inserted it properly in the phone. Remove, reinsert and restart your phone simply
  • If the SIM is left unused for a specific time, be sure to inspect it
  • Open Settings of your phone and check if the SIM is turned ON
  • From the same settings, search and select the home network manually
  • If the phone is on Power Saving mode, choose to turn it OFF
  • Check if there is a physical damage on the SIM card or on the tray holding the same
  • Try using SIM on another phone. This will let you know the next step that can be taken

Quick Battery Draining & Slow Charging

This problem in the gadgets generally declares its presence when the battery fails to operate properly. However, there could be other possible reasons too for this issue. To know how to deal with them, focus on the below points

  • Make sure the power socket or the power bank you use is in proper working condition
  • Close all the apps which are running in the background
  • Check if there is downloading of files/updating of OS is taking place at the background
  • Don’t use your phone while charging it
  • If the features like Wi-Fi hotspot is turned, close them while not in use
  • Check all the applications and disable all the apps which are consuming more juice from the battery

Overheating problems (common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 problems and fixes)

Most electronic gadgets dissipate heat when used. However, manufacturers often impose a limit on the same. If the level of heat exceeds beyond that level, it can be said to have an overheating issue. However, the same is not always necessary to occur just because of a hardware failure. There are other factors related to the software domain that can also be the true reason to this issue. Check out the below methods simply.

  • Avoid charging your phone with unauthorized charger or the one which is manufactured by the other brand
  • Restart your phone first and check if things are fine
  • Under any situation, don’t charge your phone from an unauthorized charger
  • Remove the back cover in case you use the same
  • The ventilation might not be occurring due to blocked apps
  • Install all the pending apps
  • Make sure the phone RAM is not engaged in some other tasks that are heavy
  • Don’t download the files through mobile data when they are bulky
  • Perform a hard reset simply

Unresponsive Touchscreen

Well, we all know that keypads have been replaced with the touchscreen in the modern smartphones. Although it has provided a lot of benefits to the users, there are some drawbacks as well which users have to face. Imagine what to do if the screen stops functioning suddenly. Well, there is actually nothing to worry. The following guide on unresponsive touchscreen related common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 problems and fixes can help you to keep up the pace.

  • Rather than doing anything else, first check if the screen damaged externally or internally
  • Open the power saving mode on the phone by restarting and then pressing power and volume up/down button together.
  • If the things are under your control, you need to disable all the apps in the phone
  • Check the version of the OS and try updating to a new one if available
  • If the phone memory is completely full, erase some data
  • The screen might have a lot of dust and oil particles deposited on it. Check and clean if required
  • Remove gloves and make sure your hands are wet as well as clean while operating the phone
  • The non-operability of the screen could be due to power saving mode is enabled on your phone. Check and disable it
  • If the screen sharing option is enabled or the device screen is already shared with another device, disable the same

Connectivity issues

When it comes to taking the best from a smartphone, you need to first focus on keeping it free from all sorts of connectivity issues. This is because if there are connectivity related problems in the phone, many others can declare their presence. Check out below how to deal with them simply.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 problems and fixes)

  • When it comes to fixing this issue, the very first thing to make sure is to check whether the Bluetooth is ON. Check it for both the devices
  • If you are connecting with a device for the first time, you might need to authorize it or have to make it trustable for your own device
  • Make sure the list of recently connected devices is not too broad. If so, that can be the reason you are facing this issue. Actually, most devices have a limit on storing the recent names. Erase a few and your problem will be gone for sure
  • You might be violating the user policies of Bluetooth and might be facing this problem due to this reason
  • Any sort of virus affection in the data or files you are transferring might not let the other device to accept yours. Check both devices for any sort of virus in them
  • Remove all the restrictions imposed on data transfer or connecting other devices with yours
  • Always prefer the default Bluetooth app than any other for the smooth and reliable experience
  • The problem might be there just because the power saving mode is active. Check and disable it
  • Clear the cache memory of the apps and try again
  • Don’t send so many files in one go
  • Restart your phone and try again
  • Get the device checked if the problem is still there

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 problems and fixes)

  • Open Wi-Fi settings and choose to forget the connection you are trying to connect you and then add it again and try connecting
  • Restart your device and check if the problem is gone
  • May the router is not performing its task due to either network instability, wrong cable connection, improper configuration or due to any other fault. Check all of them properly
  • Don’t hesitate to open LAN settings and check if the LAN is disabled
  • If there are multiple devices connected with the same connection, either wait if it’s a public connection or disconnect a few if it is your own
  • While connecting it with the Wi-Fi hotspot, make sure the internet is in working mode on the concerned device and there is not any other issue related to the same
  • Check if you have already used the bandwidth allotted to you
  • Make sure the services are running on your connections and are not barred
  • Check if there is any app that has access to Wi-Fi is running in the background. If so, close it first and then try connecting again
  • Enter the password correctly
  • Get the phone checked if the problem is still there

Bad camera quality common (common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 problems and fixes)

Cameras are the amazing things that smartphone are loaded with. There is nothing wrong to say that we often make of cameras while making memories. As per a survey, more than 70% of people access or make use of cameras through their phones. Therefore they must be in good working conditions and should be capable to provide quality shots without compromising with the quality. Check following instructions if you face any sort of issues

  • There is a pre-installed transparent cover on the screen. First choose to remove the same
  • The problem might be due to low lights around you. Turn ON camera flashlight and make sure the appropriate shooting mode has also been selected
  • Open camera settings and select HD mode for all videos and pictures
  • From the brand new device, remove the transparent cover pre-installed on the screen
  • If your screen guard is too old, replace it
  • Make sure to clean the lens properly and gently if you find a lot of fingerprints on them
  • The screen on your device might need cleanliness. Check it properly
  • Check if the lens is physically damaged
  • Focus on the object before capturing the snaps to always get pictures with quality

Earpiece sounds Robotic (common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 problems and fixes)

I would like to tell you that this problem is not always necessary to be in your phone just because of earpiece only. There are others factors as well on which it largely depends. Therefore, you should keep this thing in your mind. The following methods promise to bring your phone out from situation when you fail to get the best from the sounds.

  • Always make sure to use the earpiece which you got in the phone box. With others, there are often compatibility issues that can be the reason to this problem.
  • The issue could be due to fault in the universal 3.5mm jack in the phone
  • Make sure the earpiece you own are in working condition
  • The sounds of the phone might be disabled or no proper sound drivers are installed in the phone. Check it properly
  • Make sure sound drivers are installed on the phone
  • Check and make sure the earpiece you are using are of low quality
  • If you find the power saving mode enabled on your handset, simply disable it
  • Get the phone checked if the problem is still there

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10 (common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 problems and fixes)

Any smartphone has some features that can be accessed properly only when it is connected with a PC. For example transferring data hassle free from phone to PC or PC to phone needs you to connect them both with a connecting cable. However, there are problems you can face and the following set of methods can let you deal with them.

  • The faulty cable can be the reason to this problem
  • The USB driver might not be installed on the PC or on the phone
  • You might have imposed restrictions on connecting the PC or phone with other devices
  • Check and make sure there is no violation of the security policies of any of the device
  • Check an make sure the copy of Windows installed on the PC is genuine and it has all the phone drivers installed on it
  • Make sure to select the MTP mode on the phone once the connection is created
  • Connect the phone on other port if one doesn’t work
  • Check if the connection is loose
  • Restart the phone and check if the problem is solved

Performance issues (common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 problems and fixes)

There are factors on which the overall functionality and success of a smartphone depends largely. Yes, you judge the right. It’s nothing but performance. It is one of those parameters which should always be up and no one wants to own a Smartphone that costs a bit high but runs low on performance. If there are issues you are facing, you can go ahead with the instructions spotlighted below.

  • Simply make sure no apps are running in the background and you have already turned OFF features not in use at that time
  • Turn OFF your phone for 5 minutes and then again turn it ON
  • Check if there are pending updates for the apps in the phone
  • Impose a limit on the total number of apps you install on your phone
  • Always clear the cache memory of the phone after a specific time period
  • Check if there is an update pending for the OS
  • Check if the phone memory is full completely
  • If you have installed a custom ROM, the problems could be due to the same reason
  • Always make sure to install apps in the phone only from the platforms that are authorized and recognized by the phone/manufacturer
  • Don’t make use of your phone while it is already charging
  • The last thing that will probably help you is to perform a hard reset

Unexpected behavior of the apps

The general reason for this problem is nothing but the presence of outdated apps in the phone. The other factors that can invite it are many. Check out below solutions to get the desired outcome

  • Keep the apps in the phone memory than in the SD card
  • It would be good to update all the apps in the phone as already mentioned
  • Check if there is any app which is not compatible but is present in the phone
  • If any app has been downloaded and installed from a platform that device cannot trust, simply choose to remove it from the phone
  • Clear the cache memory of the phone and choose to restart it

That’s all which you should really know about the common Xiaomi Mi Max 3 problems and fixes. Depending upon the way a user use a smartphone, there are certain other problems you might be facing. Thus, if your concern is not listed in this post, don’t hesitate to post a comment below. For common problems posts on all other latest Android gadgets, keep visiting our website.




  1. Hello
    my name is toni yammine
    living in sweden ,i have MI max 3 and i like the phone very mutch
    but i have some problems issue each day att23:00 clock the phone shut down the sound ,sometimes my wife call me in the night but the phone turn off the incoming sound
    the second problem is if someone call me live i can hear the caller but they cannot hear my voice and thats only when its video calls,
    other wise ii do watch you tube and the sound is ok

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