Common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

The world is witnessing a supreme level of development in the present scenario. The entire credit goes to the technology. There are certain examples for the same and the one which is quite visible is nothing but a smartphone. The Chinese manufacturers have played a significant role in shaping the modern smartphones. Presently there are a lot of options available to those who want to own this gadget. All this because of these manufacturers who have an excellent contribution in enabling people keep up the pace with a smartphone. One of the recently introduced smartphone is Xiaomi Pocophone F1. It has already impressed smartphone users with its design and style and many people are looking to own it. One of the best things about this gadget is its quality and features despite having low price. Check them out below the required information on common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes.

As already mentioned, the recent years have witnessed a lot of betterment in the technology. Well, pros always bring a few cons along with them and everyone knows the same. When it comes to smartphones, although we are in a position to enjoy some of the best features in them, there are some drawbacks as well which users have to face. The good thing is these drawbacks are not major but minor. They are often termed as common problems. Basically, they are common in smart gadgets and arrive due to the vast spectrum of technology which sometimes creates incompatibility related problems. The information mentioned in this post about the common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes, simply let you avoid any unfavorable situation in no time.

common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes

What to keep in mind

Android related smartphones are simply the best. They have enabled users to enjoy a lot of features and even during the way they want because of open source nature of this OS. Therefore, it’s pretty common to have a few basic issues in the smartphone later or sooner. There is nothing to worry in case you face them while using. It can happen with any user of any smartphone. Thus, if you have plans to buy this phone, you can simply go ahead without worrying about anything. Of course, Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is a good smartphone. At any stage if any issue declares its presence, you simply need to make sure that you are following this information about the common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes in the right manner.

This gadget is easily available and you can buy it from the internet in no time. Like all other gadgets, you can enjoy 1-year warranty on it and other facilities by the manufacturers. Also, this phone comes with the best hardware configuration that simply let you keep up the pace with everything.

Common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes

Avoiding problems by doing it yourself often seems a big challenge. However, this is not always true. You can easily keep up the pace by taking into consideration this guide on common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes. All you need to make sure of is to follow the guide in the way you are reading. Making changes to the methods and instructions can cause more problems in your gadget and cannot be held responsible for it.

Performance issues (common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes)

Restoring the performance is easy and can be done in no time. Here are some helping instructions for the same to let you keep up the pace with this performance-related information on common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes.

  • Turn OFF your device for 2 minutes and again turn it ON
  • If the apps are running in the background close them
  • Make sure your phone is not having a lot of unused files or data present in the same
  • Check if the cache memory of the phone is to be cleaned
  • Make sure not to charge your phone through sources not recommended
  • Avoid overcharging too
  • Check in case the problem is there just because of virus presence in the phone
  • Make sure your phone is not having a custom ROM installed on it
  • Don’t installed app which you don’t need
  • Check if there is an update available for the OS
  • Perform a hard reset

SIM related problems (common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes)

The SIM card is the most useful tool in the phone. Probably all the functions and features of any gadget depend largely on it. Thus, a problem giving SIM card can bring a very bad experience for you when it comes to using a smartphone. You can simply deal with the SIM-related problem through the following information on common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes,

  • Check if the problem is there just because the SIM card has been toured or having a minor physical damage
  • Make sure the SIM has not been locked automatically while removing from the last phone as happens if you impose security instructions on the same
  • Remember to enter the password in case you have imposed on the same
  • Check and make sure that the SIM card is not turned OFF in the phone settings
  • Open the network settings and search for the signal manually. When the network provider name appears, choose to click on it
  • Make sure the phone is compatible with the services of your network provider
  • Check in case the SIM is not inserted properly in the phone or the SIM tray is having a physical damage on the same
  • Disable the Airplane mode in case it has been enabled by you
  • Turn OFF the power saving mode

Quick Battery Draining & Slow Charging

This problem in the gadgets generally declares its presence when the battery fails to operate properly. However, there could be other possible reasons too for this issue. To know how to deal with them, focus on the below points

  • Check if the charger you are using is actually responsible for this
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have a lot of apps running in the background all the time
  • Check if any app is causing this issue just because of access to entire data in the phone
  • Impose a limit on the installation of apps in the phone and make sure no access is given to different apps for performing all the tasks
  • If the GPS and maps are running, close them when not required
  • Keep Wi-Fi hot spot and Bluetooth turned OFF when not in need
  • Simply make sure the power source such as the charging socket or the power bank is causing this problem
  • If the memory of the phone is completely filled, make sure to erase some files
  • Avoid downloading files and making calls when the phone is charging

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

To enhance the capacity of your phone in terms of storing data, there is nothing you need to do, check out the blow methods in case you have to face any problem while doing so.

  • Check if the real reason to this problem is nothing but the incompatibility among phone and the card
  • Check in case the card has a physical damage or if it is not in working condition. Keep it in mind that sometimes even the brand new cards have manufacturing or other defects in them
  • Make sure your card is not left unused for a long time
  • Check if the problem can be solved simply by removing and then re-inserting your card in the phone
  • Try formatting the memory card and then again insert it in the phone after restarting the same
  • Make sure not to use a memory card having more capacity than 256GB
  • Check if the memory card slot is having a physical damage or any other problem related to the same
  • Try using the card in another phone
  • Get it replaced in case no other method work

Overheating problems (common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes)

This problem might be there just because of some basic reasons. You can avoid the same with the help of following instructions simply

  • First of all make sure that you are not using a charger that is not authorized or the one that doesn’t belongs to your phone
  • Make sure your phone back cover is not actually causing this problem
  • Check in case the apps are consuming more juice and putting extra burden on the RAM
  • Make it sure that any recommended settings in the phone hasn’t been switched to the custom
  • Check if the problem can be avoided by closing all the apps running in background and restarting the phone
  • Always prefer Play Store to install apps in the phone. Avoid other sources
  • Check if the ventilation is taking place properly in the pone

Connectivity issues

The connectivity of the phone defines how well it can communicate or exchange data with other devices or with a network. As this is really important, your smartphone should be totally free from all the glitches related to the same. Here is what you can do to avoid this problem in no time.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes)

  • Simply make sure that the Bluetooth is actually turned ON for both the devices
  • Check in case the visibility of the same is set to hidden for either of the devices
  • Make it sure that the data you are transferring is not incompatible with the other phone
  • Remove all the restrictions if you have imposed on connecting your phone with another either through a wired connection or through wireless manner
  • In case the list of the phones or other gadgets connected with your phone is long. Erase some or all the names you no longer need from the Bluetooth history. Now try again to connect your phone
  • The problem could be there just because of violation of some of the important policies of the Bluetooth use
  • Make sure the phone you own doesn’t have a virus in its data
  • Check and make sure not security policies are getting violated
  • Allow other device to connect your phone. If a pass code is required, simply provide the same. The pass code appears automatically on the screen while trying to connect
  • Clear the cache data of the apps and the Bluetooth
  • If your phone is operating in the power saving mode, you need to disable it to get the best out from the same when it comes to accessing Bluetooth
  • Make sure the overall number of data you are sending in one go is not exceeding 100MB
  • Simply restart your phone and try again
  • Take help/opinion of an expert if the problem is still there

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes)

  • Make sure the services are fully applicable and are not suspended on your connection
  • Check and make sure that the phone is not operating in power saving mode
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because another app is accessing the Wi-Fi at the same time
  • If the overall number of devices connected with the same connection are more than 10, you can face this problem
  • Check if there are some additional formalities or restrictions to connect on the Wi-Fi you are trying
  • Simply forget the connection and then add it again
  • Check if the problem can be solved by simply restarting the modem and the phone
  • Make sure the configuration of the modem you are using has done in a proper manner
  • The problem could be there just because you are entering wrong details about the user authentication (password)
  • Make sure the bandwidth has not been fully consumed
  • Check the Local Area Network settings. Make sure they are always enabled. Avoid any restrictions from the same
  • Check all the cables on the router or on the modem are connected properly
  • Make sure the internet connectivity is stable
  • Try connecting your phone on another Wi-Fi connection
  • Call an expert if the problem is still there

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes)

All the problems related to the screen are not always necessary to be the result of a physical or hardware damage in the phone. Some other reasons along with the solutions are mentioned below.

  • Check if the power saving mode is enabled on the phone
  • Make sure to clean the screen properly and gently
  • Avoid operating the phone through the screen when your hands are wet or having a lot of grease and oil particles deposited on the same
  • Make sure the power fluctuations is not responsible for this problem
  • Avoid charging your phone through the PC USB
  • Make sure the apps you have installed are in working condition and has been updated to their latest version
  • Check if a new patch or a new update is available for the OS
  • Disable the power saving mode and open the safe mode on the phone
  • Remove the apps that you installed recently in your phone
  • Erase some data from the default phone memory if the same is completely filled. This can often create the screen related problems
  • Disable screen sharing/splitting option

Bad camera quality

When it comes to accessing the camera on the phone without facing any problem, below are some useful instructions to keep the pace up all the time

  • Don’t access the camera on the phone through a third-party app. Prefer the default one
  • Make sure you are not capturing the snaps in the burst mode which doesn’t always guarantee quality
  • Check in case the phone shooting mode is not suitable for the situations
  • Prefer using flashlights in case the visibility is low
  • Make sure your phone is having some free space on it
  • Carefully focus on the camera before you make the click. This can help getting quality snaps
  • The camera lens is to be cleaned properly and gently
  • Make sure the camera lens is not having a physical damage on the same
  • Open the camera settings and select the HD mode

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

Making the phone connect with a PC through a connecting cable is not at all a big deal. However, sometimes there are a few issues which don’t let users have this feature work. To avoid those issues simply follow the below information.

  • Make sure the cable is not having any fault related to the same
  • The USB drivers are not installed or might be outdated
  • Check if the security restrictions on any of the gadget is responsible for this issue
  • Make sure the connections are proper
  • Check if the mode selected on the phone is MTP or not
  • Sometimes installing the custom ROM or when the copy of Windows is not genuine can be the reason to this problem
  • Use a parallel port in case one doesn’t work
  • Take opinion of an expert if nothing works

Unexpected behavior of the apps

The functionality and features of the installed apps can be restored with the help of below mentioned instructions.

  • First of all, update all the apps which are pending
  • Don’t change their settings to custom
  • Make sure to install them from the sources your device truly recognize
  • The problem could be there just because of some apps which are not compatible with the phone or causing data blockage
  • Keep them in the phone default memory and not in the SD card
  • Clear the cache memory of the apps

Earpiece sounds Robotic

To solve this problem, you can go ahead with the following methods simply

  • Always use the genuine earpiece with your phone
  • Check if the universal connector is disabled
  • The problem might be there just because the sounds have been disabled
  • Check if the sound drivers are properly installed on the phone
  • Make sure the earpiece are in proper working condition
  • Disable power saving mode

This information regarding the common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes probably bring favorable fortune for you. There is nothing to worry while following it. For more information regarding the common Xiaomi Pocophone F1 problems and fixes, you can feel free to comment below to get your queries handled in a reliable manner.





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