Common ZTE Nubai V18 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Technology has driven the life of us humans to some of the greatest heights of success. Of course, a great part of the credit goes to technology and there are many technology-based gadgets around us which show how dependent we are on it. One of the perfect and commonly used ones is the smartphone. There are several smartphones coming to the market every day and the good thing is almost all of them are good enough to be trusted. However, the needs and expectations of different users are different. It is because of no other reason than this, a lot of people have different views on different smartphones. A few manufacturers have successfully derived a ton of reputation by bringing some amazing gadgets in the market. One among them is the ZTE Nubai V18. It has recently been announced but already grabbed the attention of a very large number of users across the globe. In this post, I have provided some of the very useful information regarding the common ZTE Nubai V18 problems and fixes to simply let you get the best from it all the time.

Before we discuss more about the problems and how to deal with them, it would be good to keep a simple thing in your mind and i.e. every path has two ends and the one may not be as smooth be as smooth as the other. This is also directly applicable to the smartphones and the technology we are trusting in the present time. When it comes to smartphone technology, Android is always the first thing that came in our mind. Everyone knows it’s an open source technology and is generally integrated with smartphones that have different hardware configurations. Therefore some minor issues with most of the smartphones are quite common. Many users often experience them but for this, the manufacturers couldn’t be blamed directly. In most of the cases, they are gone with a software update. However, you can follow the information about the common ZTE Nubai V18 problems and fixes mentioned in this post by the time it arrives for your gadget. Check it out below.

common ZTE Nubai V18 problems and fixes

Common ZTE Nubai V18 problems and fixes

Most of the information on this subject has been derived from the sources which are trust-worthy and therefore you have no reasons to raise your heartbeat unless you follow what is mentioned about the common ZTE Nubai V18 problems and fixes in the same way as you read. Otherwise, you can face some other problems and cannot be held responsible or blamed for the same.

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common ZTE Nubai V18 problems and fixes)

The gadget you owned depends largely on the touchscreen for its functionality like all other modern gadgets. Therefore, it should work in an error-free manner. If you find it doesn’t perform reliably or it has issues with it, here are some methods to help you.

  • There might be an OS glitch in the phone which is creating this issue. Update the same if it is pending
  • Make sure not to use the device while it is one charging
  • The memory might be completely filled
  • The screen might have a lot of oil particles present in it
  • Check if the screen guard is too old to be replaced
  • Make sure your hands are totally clean
  • Get the phone checked if the issue is still there.

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

With respect to the dependency of users on the smartphones for most of the tasks, this problem is becoming very common. Even when everything seems perfect, it often declares its presence. If you are one among those users who think the battery is not providing the sufficient backup, you can try the following methods.

  • Disable Wi-Fi hotspot in case it is enabled
  • Make sure you are not sharing the same with other devices beyond a limit
  • The power socket you are using for the charging purpose might be faulty
  • Make sure the charger/power bank/PC’s USB all are in proper working condition and match the device specifications in terms of power ratings
  • If the apps are sending to many notifications to you, disable the ones you don’t always need
  • Before you download any file/data from any source, make sure it is not infected with the virus
  • Allowing the apps running in the background could be another factor responsible for this issue
  • .If the OS or the apps are pending to be updated, do it quickly

Connectivity issues

Modern gadgets can simply communicate with each other without the use of SIM card also when it comes to data transfer. Of course, there are two good features for this in any device and they are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. For the error-free functionality of the device in terms of connectivity, both these default features should work effectively and reliably. However, both of them are sensitive and even a minor glitch can stop them from being performing their task. In case you are not able to keep up the pace with them, the following are some of the best available methods you can go ahead with.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common ZTE Nubai V18 problems and fixes)

  • Open device Settings and Open Bluetooth app
  • Clean the cache memory from the same
  • Reboot your phone
  • If the problem is still there, make sure the Bluetooth is already not connected with any nearby device
  • Delete the history from the Settings and try again
  • Make sure to turn OFF the power saving mode on the phone before transferring the data through Bluetooth
  • Turn OFF the Bluetooth and wait for around 12 seconds and again turn it ON. Try connecting now
  • Make sure the version of Bluetooth on your device is compatible with the version on the other you are trying to connect
  • Make sure you enter the pass code correctly if this is the device is never connected to your phone earlier
  • Update Bluetooth app in the device

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common ZTE Nubai V18 problems and fixes)

  • If you are far away from the Wi-Fi router, go close to the same
  • You may need to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection
  • If the password was modified recently, you need to update the same in the device
  • Make sure the router doesn’t have too many devices connected with it
  • You might be facing the issue due to consumption of entire Bandwidth allotted to you for the day
  • The network issues could be responsible for this. Check if the network is stable on the router
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi router antenna is in proper working condition
  • There might be a wrong cable connection on the router
  • Re-install the router if other methods don’t work. You can take the help of  a service provider for this

SIM related problems (common ZTE Nubai V18 problems and fixes)

The device SIM card is one among the most sensitive things which obviously need to be given some extra attention. Else, you can face many problems without getting any symptom in the phone earlier. Well, if something similar has already happened to you, here are some instructions and methods you can go ahead with

  • The SIM card shouldn’t be cleaned with water or any other liquid before inserting in the phone
  • Perform a simple reboot if you find the network doesn’t appear
  • You might have turned OFF the SIM. Check SIM settings
  • Select the network manually on which your SIM card is registered
  • Make sure the SIM tray is inserted properly and there is no physical damage on the try, as well as on the slot
  • Maybe the handset you own doesn’t match the frequency of the SIM card or network operator
  • Get your SIM card replaced if the problem is still there

Bad camera quality

Although ZTE phones are good enough to be considered it terms of cameras, there are issues related to the same which users often experience. Probably no one wants to have quality problems in the best moments they capture in the phone. If there are already poor camera quality problems in your phone, there are some instructions you can go ahead with and they are spotlighted below

  • Always keep it in mind that focusing on the screen can avoid blur issue
  • The camera is always equipped with a flashlight which you should turn ON or set to automatic mode when the visibility is low
  • The new smartphones have a transparent cover installed on the screen for safety and cleanliness of the screen, makes sure you remove the same before using the camera
  • The shooting mode you selected in the camera settings can also have great impact on the moving or still pictures
  • If there is a pending update, download and install it
  • Make sure not to touch the camera lens with bare hands

Overheating problems

Smartphone’s overheating is not just because of a sole factor but there could be several reasons for this and most of the time, they are not visible to the users. This often makes users to think their device is suffering from a hardware problem when actually every component in the phone worked perfectly. Thus, you should try the following methods and follow the instructions before declaring it a hardware fault. Your concern will probably be gone with the same.

  • There might be apps that are not updated since long or may be one which is blocked. Check the same as it is the common factors responsible for this
  • If there are several apps in the phone which you haven’t used for a long time, erase them
  • You might have a faulty charger or power bank with you
  • If you often left your phone on charging even after the battery is full, the problem could be due to very same reason.
  • If the phone is having a back cover which is often used by many users, simply remove it for a few days
  • Check and update the OS if a latest/new version is available
  • The most common method you can proceed with if nothing works is a hard reset. Although you need to take data backup, the problem will also be gone for sure.

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

There might be several reasons why the users often face this problem. Although there is nothing much that needs to be done to solve it, it’s necessary that one should know the exact reasons for this and how to deal with them permanently. Check out some best instructions and methods you can try to fix it

  • First of all, make sure the Windows copy in your PC is genuine
  • The fault could be in the cable you are using for connecting the phone and the PC
  • Update the USB drivers to the latest available versions
  • Make sure the connections are not loose
  • Perform a basic reboot after connecting the phone with PC
  • Make sure the phone doesn’t have any restriction on allowing the new devices to be connected with it
  • The data might be restricted for transferring, check it out.

No SD card detected (common ZTE Nubai V18 problems and fixes)

If you are using an SD card in your phone and it is not detecting the same, there can be several reasons for the same. You need to try the following methods to avoid this problem.

  • First of all, remove the card from the phone and insert it again. Restart the device after this
  • The SD card might be physically damaged or it can have a liquid damage. Make sure of this
  • Make sure to clean the infected files with an antivirus software if you have detected the same
  • Don’t insert your SD card in other’s phone
  • Format the card and insert it again in the phone
  • In case another card is working fine in your device, simply replace the one you have

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

Well, this is an issue which can declare its presence in the phone because you have a faulty earpiece with you. There can be other reasons too for it. Check out below what you can do for the same.

  • First of all, as already mentioned, check if another earpiece is working fine. If so, replacement is the only option you need to proceed with
  • If not, update the sound driver
  • Perform a hard reset and see if it is gone

Performance issues (common ZTE Nubai V18 problems and fixes)

The performance is always related to the speed and obviously, the same is required in almost every task that matters to the humans. Slow operating gadgets are often neglected and they cannot be trusted for the long run, as well as for performing some important task. If you are planning to change your phone just because you find it is operating slowly, you can first try the following rather than doing anything else.

  • The apps which you have installed recently should be erased from the phone immediately.
  • Check if the device is operating quickly when it is taken in the safe mode. If so, the problem is in any of the app you have in your gadget
  • Don’t completely full the memory of the phone
  • Make sure to clean the app data with time which is not required
  • If you often download files in the phone, make sure to delete them once you are completely done with them
  • Erase data which no longer matters to you
  • The apps should only be installed from the trusted sources and should be updated on time

This is all that you should know about the common ZTE Nubai V18 problems and fixes. Maybe there is any other issue which you are facing and doesn’t find it listed in the above section of this post. Well, if so, you can post a comment in the below section. We will try to answer all your queries.


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