Control Mission Guide: Clear the Mold | Shum Altered Item | Burn the Dark

Control and its AWE expansion offers players a number of exciting side missions to complete. Moreover, these side missions offer quite good rewards that make them worth completing. The three best side missions we have sorted out for this guide are Clear the Mold, Shum Altered Item and Burn in the Dark.

Now we will help you understand the nuances of these three such prominent missions and how to accomplish them. If you, too, are having trouble regarding the completion of these missions, you are in the right place.

Control Mission Guide: Clear the Mold | Shum Altered Item | Burn the Dark

Mission: Clear the Mold

In Control AWE, Clear the Mold is an optional side mission offered to you by resident janitor Anti. You can skip this mission if you wish. However, considering the rewards you receive for completing it, we recommend completing it. You will find a mold area in three different portions of the Investigations Sector.

To find them, though, you will need to deviate from the usual path. You will then have to take out eight mold pods in every one of the mold-infested regions in order to accomplish this mission. Fortunately, all eight of these pods are present in the same room. Thus, you only have to go through a limited area to find and destroy them.

Service Tunnel


The entrance to this tunnel is located in the Abandoned Offices. It will be best if you go with the signpost associated with this region. After you move past the double doors, use your levitate ability, and get onto the platform above you. Look for the distinctive yellow cloth covering it. If you spot it, you will know that you have reached the correct place.

To your left, you should notice two large barriers right in front of a doorway. You will also notice blue frosting on the floor there. Enter it, and you should find yourself in the first mold area with the pods. Proceed to destroy them using your Service Weapon or Launch.

AWE Loading Bay

Control Mission Guide: Clear the Mold | Shum Altered Item | Burn the Dark


Starting from the previous region’s Control Point, move past the double doors and make your way into the loading bag. There, seek out a huge pipe jutting out from the gigantic hold right in the middle of the room. Enter this pipe and go along it until you spot a room on your left. It is cleverly concealed behind a panel, so be alert.

Dislodge the panel using Launch, and enter the room. Go to the right and keep following the path until you arrive at the second mold-infested area. Destroy the pods to continue.

A/C Systems


Starting from the Turntable Control Point, make your way to the Turntable room. You should see an office high up above you; levitate up to get there. Go through the Utility Corridor until you go down a certain elevator shaft.

You will encounter two Mold attackers in the following room. Take them down and enter the room to your right. You will find yourself near the final mold infestation here. Destroy the last of the pods to complete this mission for good.

Mission: Shum Altered Item

Missions involving Altered Items in Control can be rather tough. This is because they generally require you to hunt down the Altered Item or go through certain steps to obtain it. You might also be required to prevail in a mini-battle in the end, in order to cleanse them. Interestingly, the Shum Altered Item mission does not involve chasing. Instead, it is an arcade machine you will notice in the Active Investigations portion of the Investigations Sector.

It is located in an office near another arcade machine called the Shum 2. When these machines are placed close to each other, their bizarre powers get activated. Interaction with the Shum arcade machine will teleport you into the games cabinet. You can choose from two different game modes in there – Deadline and Crowd Control.

Crowd Control

Control Mission Guide: Clear the Mold | Shum Altered Item | Burn the Dark

If you choose Crowd Control, you will have to take on a plethora of progressively stricter waves of Hiss enemies. As long as you have full health and powers, and a properly working Service Weapon, you should be able to handle them. You can check your progress in the bar on the top left of the screen.


Control Mission Guide: Clear the Mold | Shum Altered Item | Burn the Dark

If you choose Deadline, you will find yourself in a timed game mode against several Hiss enemies. You must kill or seize them to add more seconds to the timer rapidly ticking away. You will lose if the timer runs out of time. This mode will require you to move swiftly and flexibly across the map to kill the foes that turn up.

You can successfully finish the Shum mission by beating either of these two game modes. After that, you will be rewarded with the Workplace Recreation achievement or trophy, some items rewards, and access to Shum 2. By virtue of this game cabinet, you can replay any of the boss battles from the primary campaign of the game, or the famous Ashtray Maze mission.

Mission: Burn the Dark

The AWE expansion for Control serves as a point where the worlds of the game and Alan Wake overlap. This phenomenon brings with it a sinister environmental danger known as The Darkness. This is an ungainly, black oozing material that turns up in the Investigations Sector of the Oldest House. You can take up the Burn the Dark mission from resident janitor Ahti.

You need to burn down three different pools of Darkness in three different regions of the Investigations Sector. The best indicators of their presence are a light that you can retrieve or a feebly audible screaming sound. Once you find the pool of Darkness, you can get rid of it by shining the light mentioned above upon it. You will be rewarded for cleansing all three of the aforementioned areas.

Service Ducts

Control Mission Guide: Clear the Mold | Shum Altered Item | Burn the Dark

You need to remove three pieces of Darkness from the Service Ducts. All of them are located at the level of the ceiling, so they should not be difficult to find. You will find the retrievable light right at the end of the tunnel, that you drop down, near a hole in the floor. Take up this light and eradicate the Darkness with its help.

Eagle Limited AWE

Control Mission Guide: Clear the Mold | Shum Altered Item | Burn the Dark

You need to defeat Shaded Hartman in this region before going after the pools of Darkness. Approach the elevator in the rear of the room and retrieve the light from the first-floor office. Then make your way to the train carriage Altered Item and turn right towards the orange mobile lab. Use your levitate ability and go over to its roof. You should see the first pool of Darkness on a metallic grate above you. Shine the light upon it to destroy it.

After this, you need to make your way to the rafters located high up in this room. Use your levitate ability again to get to the metallic girders above the train carriage. Now levitate and dart onto the walkway you see right ahead of you. You will encounter the second pool of Darkness to your left. Destroy it, and then go back along the walkway. You will find the third pool of Darkness in a dimly lit corner. Take it out to continue.

Utility Corridor

Control Mission Guide: Clear the Mold | Shum Altered Item | Burn the Dark

This is the last of the affected areas, where you will find the final three patches of Darkness. To get here, approach the Turntable Control Point first. Levitate up from the turntable over there and then dash through the glass to get into the office overhead. You will find the light on a table to your left. Take it up and enter the office right behind the table.

You will find the first pool of Darkness here. Destroy it and enter the Utility Corridor. Take out the second pool of Darkness there, and then go along the corridor past the open door. Go left and straight towards the rear wall. You will find the final pool of Darkness on a pile of crates on wheels. Take it out to successfully complete this mission.

That is it for now. We hope our guide helps you successfully accomplish these missions in Control. Now, check out our Windows Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media Guides, iPhone, and Android Guides to read more. However, if there are any queries or feedback, comment down with your name & email ID. We will try our best to reply soon. Also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel in order to watch awesome videos on gaming and smartphone tips and tricks. Happy Gaming!

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