How To Convert MP3 to 8 Bit

8-bit music, more popularly known as Chiptune music, is an audio format that many of us over the world show respect to. 8-bit music was widely used years back. Listening to this format now, you’ll realize how much life it brings to music compared to the MP3 files that are used everywhere now. If you’ve been listening to 8-bit music back in the old days, you might now be missing the sound and life it creates.

If you had the chance to listen to an 8-bit track now, it will definitely bring you back memories. Such tracks are available all over the internet but let’s just say you want to inject life into the modern MP3 files. Simply, converting MP3 into 8-bit. Fortunately, such a conversion is possible with the help of a converter so, in this guide, we’ll get you through how to convert MP3 to 8-bit by using Audacity.

How To Convert MP3 to 8 Bit

  1. First, go to the official website of Audacity 
  2. From there, hover your mouse over Download among the menu up top
  3. From the dropdown that appears, choose your system. and download the converter application
  4. After successfully installing the converter, launch the application
  5. Next, from the File menu, click on Open and choose the MP3 file that you wish to convert
  6. Then, click on the File menu and choose Export→Export as WAV

  7. Now, click on the dropdown for the Save as type option and choose Other uncompressed files
  8. This will now give you a new Encoding option right below the Format Options section. Click on the dropdown for the Encoding option and choose Unsigned 8-bit PCM
  9. Finally, choose a destination folder for saving the 8-bit file and save it.

By now, you might’ve figured that converting MP3 files to 8-bit is a fairly easy process. Downloading the Audacity converter will take merely 30MB in size so that sums up the entire process into no difficult task. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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