Cover Fire MOD APK 1.21.18 (Unlimited Money, VIP 5)

Cover Fire APK for Android is a game where you will act as a leader of a soldier coup or group to battle down the one enemy, and the whole village is afraid of. In the process, you will learn some amazing lesions, have amazing battles and earn unlimited coins in order to buy and unlock many characters and skins. Where the whole town depends on your victory, it’s a do-or-die situation for a brave soul like you. With the enhanced version of Cover Fire Mod APK for Android smartphones with an Unlimited money version, you can enjoy all the amazing skins and weapons at your disposal to find the evil corp, your enemy.

The world of Cover Fir is totally manipulated, and no villager has the courage to stand for themselves and fight for their freedom and victory. With you by your side and your team of soldiers, nobody can stop you from victory. In the game, you will come across various roles and responsibilities, which makes this game much more enjoyable and realistic in nature. Enemies will be present all the way in, and you have to make a strategy and find a safe place to hide and prepare an attack plan.

As soon as you get the opportunity, you can take your final shot and let your enemies take the critical bullet hits and damage. With more battled with increasing skills, you become an excellent soldier and a meaningful commander. Take the right ammunition and defeat your enemies. But first, download the Cover Fire MOD APK 1.21.18 unlimited money and VIP 5 version. In this version, you no longer have to worry about losing money and VIP 5 points, as they are already taken care of.

Cover Fire MOD APK 1.21.12 (Unlimited Money, VIP 5)

Cover Fire MOD APK 1.21.18 (Unlimited Money, VIP 5)

Cover Fire mod APK is a survival and battle game where you will become a leader for a specialised commando team who have to make a perfect strategy to beat down an evil corporation, named Tetra Corp.  With your faithful commandos and your guidance, the villages can rest assured that you will win the battle. Before downloading the Cover Fire MOD with unlimited money and VIP 5, here are some game features which might interest you.


A large arsenal of weapons: This is a special feature of Cover Fire where the character always comes with a weapon. However, you can win battles and then buy new weapons or upgrade yours with the digital tokens. Depending on your battle style, there are different types of weapons available including pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and much more. Since the game’s whole motto is to defeat Tetra corp, you will have plenty of a variety of ammunition and weapons at your disposal.

Upgrade your profile and weapons: l weapons come with the ability to upgrade, and the more you upgrade, the better the weapons become. With a fully upgraded weapon, players can enjoy large damage to their enemies with an equal amount of time. And not only weapons but the player can also upgrade their characters, skins as well as profile auras. This whole customization and upgrading gives more customization and makes their profile ultra legendary.

Enjoy various missions and earn gold: Cover Fire MOD APK comes with plenty of missions t keep you occupied. With each mission, you get plenty of upgrade points, which you can later use to upgrade your weapons. Apart from missions, there are side quest and special mission which you can use to get unique and treasury items.

Build your commando team to defeat Tetra Corp: As you move ahead in the game, you will meet with multiple people who you can later add to your commando team. Al the people you add must be of extreme calibre and XP so that they can take part in the battle of Tetra corp. With the right commando by your side, you will definitely win the battle.

MOD Description

Cover Fire is a fantastic game, but to improve your rank and skills you have to upgrade your weapons and your profile which needs money. However, the game is designed in such a way that your money will go away ina snap because of a large number of transactions inside the game. With the unlimited money mode, you will never run out of money, and you can upgrade your profile to become a better soldier and commando.

These are a few special features in this game:

Vip 5 Unlocked: Unlocking VIP 5 gives you many benefits, including:

  • Increase 20% extra gold when buying.
  • Max energy: 15.
  • Max tickets: 8.
  • Max number of replays: 4.

Unlimited Money: You can buy or upgrade weapons, characters completely with money. Besides, gold is the premium currency of the game.

Download Cover Fire MOD APK 1.21.18

If you’re interested in playing the mod version of the game, then you can download the Cover Fire MOD apk down below.

Name Cover Fire
Publisher Genera Games
Version 1.21.18
Size 310M
MOD Features Unlimited money, VIP 5 ready
Support Android 4.1+
Download Cover Fire MOD APK version 1.21.18  with VIP 5 and unlimited money

Gameplay Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of the modded version of Cover Fire.

Cover Fire MOD APK 1.21.12 (Unlimited Money, VIP 5)

How to Install Cover Fire MOD APK 1.21.18

First, download the apk and OBB files for the game.

Open apk file and click on Install to will finish the entire installation process.

Now extract OBB file to sdcard/Android/obb.


Cover Fire is a fun game where you can showcase your battle and planning skills to win the game while fighting evil corporations. Bu with the limited money supply, the game sometimes becomes tough to play and even harder to conquer. But don’t worry as the new Cover Fire MOD APK  comes with an unlimited money supply and on top of that a VIP 5 subscription plan which facilitates many features as we talked about earlier. This mod apk will definitely make the gaming experience much better and enjoyable for you.


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