What is DC code on Samsung Washer and Drying Machine? How to fix that?

If you own Samsung home appliances such as a washer or dryer, you would be very familiar with the DC code, which is often displayed when there is something wrong with the machine. Also, the DC code doesn’t signify similar problems between two different machines. Every machine has its own set of warnings when the DC code appears. What is DC code on Samsung Washer and Drying Machine? How to fix that?


DC error code could symbolize completely different faults for different machines, and in general, a DC ERROR sign is not a good sign, it simply gets triggered when the sensors in the machine detect something unusual, such as improper weight distribution in washers, and poor condition of door latches in dryers, etc.

What is the DC Error code in Samsung Washer?

Washers are somewhat prone to such problems, when a washer displays the DC Error code, it simply means that it can’t spin properly, either because of overload, or improper load distribution. Sometimes while spinning, the clothes tend to pile up to a side, which triggers the sensors and the error appears.

What is the DC Error code in Samsung Dryer?

Unlike washers, dryers are completely different and hence the DC error code in Dryers mostly indicates the door latches and other door-related problems. When the door latch is not properly locked, the sensors get triggered and the error appears. The dryer won’t work if the latch is not properly closed.

How to Fix DC Error in Samsung Washer?

The DC Error code on the Samsung washer is not a hard job to fix. When the DC error is displayed, make sure of the following checks.

Error DC1 = Check your washer door, unlock and lock it again. If the issue still persists, then contact the company service.

Error DC3 = Issue with Add door lock/unlock. Turn off the washer, turn it on again and check if the error persists. In case the error is still there, consider contacting the service centre.

  • Make sure there is an even distribution of the laundry in the washer, if clothes get piled up, manually untangle clothes and arrange it evenly in the washer.
  • If you have mixed bulky items like towels and sheets with other clothes, then remove some of the load. Although washers have a powerful spin capacity, still sometimes heavy clothes can stop the washer from spinning.
  • Make sure the washer is sitting on an even level, sometimes the sensors detect uneven load distribution when the washer is not placed on a proper sitting level. To adjust your machine’s sitting level, adjust its legs or check the surface below to ensure your machine sits on a sitting level.
  • Avoid washing too few clothes or just a few items, sometimes while spinning, lightweight clothes tend to settle at one side of the barrel, which later results in a DC error message, as the sensors get triggered.


Most of the time, the common issue turns out to be damaged suspension rods which have faced natural wear and tear. In such a scenario, you can manually change the suspension rods on your own.

In most cases, the error exists because of the suspension rods and the normal wear and tear.

How to Replace The Suspension Rods of a Samsung Washer

Once you have new suspension rods now you can go ahead and unplug the machine.

  • Now Detach the control panel, through the Phillips head screws.
  • Disconnect the two existing wire harnesses.
  • Now, unsecure the retaining clips.
  • Now lift the lid and use a clamp or a large item to secure it safely in place.
  • Very carefully remove a single rod by lifting it to clear the upper mount.
  • Now lower the rod to clear the lower mount.
  • Remove the rod and set it aside.
  • Wipe off excess grease from the internal components.
  • Before mounting, apply silicone grease on the new rods, so to make a smooth contact.
  • Slowly, lower one end of the rod into the lower mount to mount it.
  • Raise the opposite end of the rod into the upper mount.
  • Check if the rod is placed correctly.
  • Repeat the same process for the other three suspensions.
  • Unclamp the washing machine lid to lower the lid.
  • Reconnect the two wire harnesses.
  • Replace the control panel and secure it with the two Phillips head screws as it was.
  • Plugin your washer and test it out again.

Test a new load of laundry and test it out.

What is DC code on Samsung Drying Machine? How to fix that?

Usually, the DC error code on Samsung Dryer goes away after you’ve restarted the machine. If the issue still persists, there could be various reasons such as clothes stuck on the door lumen. Another reason could be a fallen object that has fallen behind the rubber seal or shifted hinges due to twitching.

Ensure that the laundry is placed properly and that there is no issue while using the dryer.

Remove clothes from underneath the rubber seal at either end of the door so they’re not trapped there when you close it again.

Make sure there is no key, or small objects stuck inside.

And that’s how you can manually troubleshoot and fix some of the common problems that these machines face.

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