How To Deal with Comedy Mask and Tragedy Mask in Lethal Company

With the release of a new update during the early days of December, Lethal Company, which took off on Steam for its horror and comedy aspects, added some masks to the game. The masks are very likely to spawn on Rend, Dine, and Titan, so if you’re an early-game player, you might not see them at all.
If one of your teammates tries to put on a Tragedy or Comedy mask, the most important part of your gameplay shines. Here’s everything you need to know.

How To Deal with Comedy Mask and Tragedy Mask in Lethal Company

What’s the Difference Between a Tragedy Mask and a Comedy Mask?

Tragedy Masks and Comedy Masks are the same thing. Upon attachment to a player’s face, tragedy masks turn into comedy masks. With one click, a crying face becomes a laughing face.

How To Survive Dramatic Masks in Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, dramatic masks can be found as either comedy masks or tragedy masks. Furthermore, Comedy Mask is only different from other monsters in that it is satisfied. As far as we know, this enemy has released its previous victim only recently (we will explain why later). This means it attempts to capture the player’s consciousness at a much less aggressive pace.

However, Tragedy Mask has a higher chance of taking over your body. No matter which Mask you pick up, make sure you take it to the ship as soon as possible so that it can be thrown with the scrap for an average of 40 Credits.

There’s a slight risk that even holding this item in your hand will take you over, which is why you’re so hasty. Additionally, if you hold the Dramatic Mask close to your face, it will gradually take over your body (it may take only a short period of time or a few seconds).

How To Kill Masks in Lethal Company

You will automatically change from Mask to Comedy Mask once you become a zombie. Since the mask has absorbed your soul and satisfied its hunger, it is less aggressive, thus explaining its less aggressive nature. In the process, the player’s body will transform into a zombie by becoming one with this item.

There is good news, however; the Mask monster cannot last forever and can be killed with 4-5 hits from a Shovel or any other melee weapon. If you have a shotgun, you can shoot 1-2 shots at this enemy and eliminate him.

In order to do that, you must have killed Nutcracker previously. Here are some facts about Dramatic Masks’ players to make it easier for you to counter this enemy:

  1. To begin with, this monster may not always be a member of your team. It can spawn randomly as well.
  2. On the Terminal map, the Mask monster is marked as a real player, although its movements are somewhat erratic.
  3. Like the Phantom Girl, the Mask monster can leave the building and enter the ship.
  4. Masks will start vomiting blood if they grab another player, and then the second player will also turn into one.
  5. With a Zap Gun or Stun Grenade, you can stun this enemy.

So, that’s how you can easily Deal with Comedy Mask and Tragedy Mask in Lethal Company. It’s our hope that this guide has helped you. Whenever you need assistance with these masks, please comment below.

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