How to Delete or Download Google Duo Call History

Google Duo is one of the leading apps for video calling, especially on Android smartphones, but it’s available for Apple iOS as well. It is very relevant and is somewhat a corrival to Apple’s FaceTime, with the key difference between them being that the latter is solely available on Apple devices, while Duo works on Android as well as iOS and Mac.

This app is quite straightforward and easy to use because it is not bombarded with a myriad of features. As a result of this, Google has recorded up to 1 billion downloads of the app across platforms. However, some of the challenges you could possibly experience as a user of Google Duo could be that of deleting or downloading the call history.

Google Duo

This article contains all you need to know about how to delete or download Google Duo call history on your devices.

How to Check Call History on Google Duo

Basically, there are three ways or techniques to go about checking your call history.

  • The first way is to check through the native phone app that comes with your device. To do this, you will have to grant the Duo app permission to your Call log on your phone. This is quite easy; tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the Duo app, select Settings >> Call Settings >> “Add Duo calls to device’s call history” and accept the permission.
  • Another way to view your call history on Duo is by viewing the full call history. Basically, at the bottom of the home screen of the app, you see the icons of the profiles of contacts you’ve recently contacted and then you swipe up to see the full history.
    google duo all call history mobile
  • The third way to check your call history on Duo is by checking individual contacts’ call history. From the home screen of the app, swipe up and select a contact you’ve ever had a video call with and tap on the contact. After that, you’ll see a “See history” icon which can be seen on the right side of the screen and then you tap on it.
    see call history on mobile - google duo

How to Delete Call History on Google Duo

There are a couple of techniques or ways of clearing or deleting call history on Duo. Here’s how to go about them:

Clearing Duo History on Web

If you use Duo on your web browser, all you need to do is to navigate to the contact whose history you’re interested in deleting, click on the three dots at the top right corner of the contact’s card, and select “Delete Duo history”.

Clearing Duo History on Mobile (Android & iOS)

There are about four ways of clearing call history on your Android or iOS smartphone, and they are similar to the steps described above for checking call history. So the first thing to do is to launch the app on your smartphone, then select the contact whose call history you want to delete. Next, tap on the three dots located at the top right corner of your screen and then select “Delete Duo history”. A popup shows up to confirm the deletion, and if you’re absolutely sure about the action, go on and confirm it to finalize the process. Note that if you granted permission for your phone app to show Duo call history, you might want to check over there as well and delete the logs.

How to Download Call History on Google Duo

Downloading Duo History on Web

  • First, visit on your computer.
    Delete or Download Google Duo Call History - Web
  • At the top right corner, you’ll see “Settings”. Click on it.
    google duo web settings icon
  • Finally, click on “Call log” and select “Download”.
    download call history on google duo web

It is an easy process and should take only a few seconds or minutes.

Downloading Duo History on Mobile App

  • Launch the Google Duo app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Tap on the three dots icon at the top right corner of the app for more options.
  • On iOS: Select “Settings” >> “About, terms & privacy” and finally, tap on “Export call history”
  • On Android: Tap on “Help and feedback”, click on the three dots at the top right corner again and select “Export call history”.

This is as simple as erasing or retrieving your Google Duo call history can get.

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