Download DM-verity Forced Encryption Disabler for any TWRP Supported device

We all know how much rocket science it takes to flash a custom ROM on any device. Device makers keep the security mechanisms so tight that no unauthorized modifications can be done on the device. One such mechanism is the popular Dm-verity check. It prevents modifications on an Android device. In this post, we will provide you with certain encryption disablers. With the help of those, you can bypass Dm-verity. You can easily download Dm-verity Forced Encryption Disabler if you want to modify your Android device.

Usually, a user has to flash TWRP on an Android device to perform any modding. As said before, Android devices are protected with the dm-verity feature. So, you have to create some mechanism in the custom iteration of the OS.

So, when you modify the original ROM, you can disable the dm-verity check.  Well, as we said, this is some serious rocket science. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea. So, this is where Dm-verity forced encryption disabler package enters the scene.

DM-verity Forced Encryption Disabler

What Is Dm-Verity Encryption?

Dm stands for device mapper. It was first introduced with Android 4.0 KitKat. Dm is a Linux kernel framework that implements volume management (LVM) and full-disk encryption (dm-crypt).

During its initial days, the Dm was a part of Google’s Chromium OS project. Its work was to incorporate a device-mapper target. In return, it will validate the data blocks contained in a file system.

In simple terms, it verifies the integrity of each device block as it reads from the disk. The read will succeed if the block checks out, and if there is an I/O error, it signifies the block is physically corrupt. As for dm-crypt, this process is transparent to the applications reading those blocks. The final purpose of dm-verity is to check the integrity of a volume against malicious attacks.

So, now you can understand that if you download Dm-verity Forced Encryption Disabler and use it, it will bypass the Dm-verity check.

Below we have put up the active download links for forced encryption disabler.

Here are some of the Dm-verity forced encryption disablers you can download.

Download files here


How to Flash DM-Verity Disabler Zip

  1. First, you need to download the zip file from the links given above
  2. Connect your device to your PC using USB Cable
  3. Move the DM Verity zip file to your phone.
  4. Now remove the USB cable and reboot your phone into TWRP Recovery.
  5. In the TWRP option, Tap on Install > Select the Zip file > Swipe to confirm flash.
  6. That’s it! You have flashed the DM-Verity disabler on your

So, that’s it. I hope these forced encryption disablers will come in handy next time you flash any modifications on any android device. You can easily by-pass Dm-verity check.


  1. hi. because of dm-verity, in twrp everything is unmounted except for the sdcard. if i flash this in twrp from the sdcard, will it work? no spammail plz.

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