Download Huawei MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files [MTK DA]

Whenever you need to flash stock ROM or flash a zip file in your device. You need to use these Download Agent files in order to access the device. These files are important to access the internal storage of the Huawei MTK device. Many new Huawei MTK devices are now coming with a secure boot system which doesn’t allow default DA to break in. So today we will give you links to download the latest Huawei MTK devices secure Download Agent files so that you can use it with your favorite MTK tools.

For new Huawei MTK devices, you will encounter many errors using MTK tools. Some of these errors are authentication or buffer errors which comes during flashing a ROM or IMG file. These all errors can be fixed with the help of a Huawei MTK  secure Download Agent file.

Download Huawei MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files [MTK DA]

What are Download Agent Files?

Before proceeding with Huawei MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files, let’s get to know a little about these files first. Download Agent files are the boot files which are required to access the internal storage of the device. In this storage, important data such as lock codes and files are stored. These files can further help us to back up, flash, bypass Factory Reset protection (FRP lock) etc.

But many new Huawei MTK devices are now coming with a secure boot system. This system doesn’t allow any DA file to access the internal contents of Huawei devices. So to bypass this secure boot lock on Huawei MTK devices, we need to use a special type of Secure Boot DA files. So if you have a device in which you need to flash a custom ROM of IMG recovery file, then you will need its particular Secure DA files.

Advantages of Huawei MTK Secure boot download Agent loader files

Like we discussed above, these Huawei Secure DA files are important to access the inner storage of a Huawei MTK chipset. These new Huawei MTK secure boot Download Agent Loader files will help you to access the main storage.

With Huawei MTK secure boot download agent files, you can easily access the secure keys, unlock FRP system lock, unlock the device, copy stock ROM etc. You can do so much more than these. For. eg. cloning a recovery image, cloning boot files, taking a backup etc. All of these can be done with the help of a secure DA boot file agent.

Download Huawei MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files [MTK DA]

Down below are links to download Huawei MTK secure Boot DA files for latest Huawei devices. Please look for the device and then click on the download link given:

Supported device Download
Huawei_MYA-L03 server
Huawei_MYA-L22 server
Huawei_MYA-L23 server
Huawei TIT U02 ROW server
Huawei CRO L02, CRO L03, CRO L22, CRO L23 server
Huawei CRO L23 Y5 server
Huawei CUN L01, CUN L02, CUN L03, CUN L21, CUN L22, CUN L23 server
Huawei CUN U29 server
Huawei LUA L01 server
Huawei LUA L02 server
Huawei LUA L03 server
Huawei LUA L21, LUA L22 server
Huawei LUA U22, LUA U23 server
Huawei LYO L01, L02 L21 server
Huawei TAG AL00, CL00 TL00 L01, L03, L13, L21, L22, L23 server
Huawei Y520-U22 server
Huawei Y360-U31 server
Huawei TIT-U02Y6 PRO server
Huawei LUA-U22Y3 CII server
Huawei G730 U10 server
Huawei CUN-L22HONORBEE4G server
Huawei CRO-L02Y3 server
Huawei Y6 Pro TIT-AL00 L01 U02 server
Huawei CUN L03Y5II server
Huawei CUN L01Y5II server
Huawei CRO L23Y5 server
Huawei CRO L02 server
Huawei CRO L03 server
Huawei CRO L22 server
Huawei CRO U00 server
Huawei CUN L21 server
Huawei CUN L22 server
Huawei CUN-U29 server
Huawei LUA L01 server
Huawei LUA L22 server
Huawei MYA-L02 server
Huawei MYA-L03 server
Huawei MYA-L11 server
Huawei MYA-L22 server
Huawei MYA-L23 server
Huawei MYA-L41 server
Huawei Y6 Pro TIT AL00 server
Huawei CRO L02Y3, L03Y3 server

Note: If you’re not able to access the download link, then try again with a VPN service. Some countries/ISPs have blocked servers on their network. So users need to use a third party VPN service to access server.

If you’re facing any issues with the download links then report to us ASAP. Also if you’re facing any issues with these Download Agent files, then feel free to comment down below. We will be happy to assist you. Thank you and have a nice day.

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