Download Huawei Phone Clone APK | Latest 2022| 

Huawei Phone Clone is a simple and super-fast data transfer application developed and published by Huawei itself. The app users can easily transfer contacts, SMS, installed apps, photos, music, videos, etc from the old phone to a new Huawei device without using Wi-Fi or mobile data. Now, if you’ve recently purchased a new Huawei device or want to transfer data, you can Download Huawei Phone Clone APK (Latest 2022).

The app uses a QR code to scan and connect a local hotspot of the new phone. Whether you’re an iOS or Android device user, the HUAWEI Phone Clone app is compatible with your phone, irrespective of your brand. The app is free to download and use across both Android & iOS platforms. You can easily download the application from your mobile device via Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Download Huawei Phone Clone APK | Latest 2021

Features of HUAWEI Phone Clone

  • It uses QR codes to scan your mobile and connect to a local hotspot of the new Huawei device.
  • It’s free to download and free to use on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • The Phone Clone app from Huawei offers a maximum data transfer speed of up to 1GB per minute, depending on the device model and its hardware capability.
  • It also safely complete data transfers with the use of secured wireless network encryption.
  • No backup is required for the excessive data of your handset in the cloud or internal storage.

What’s New: Phone Clone

  • UI optimizations.
  • Improve the stability of the application.

Download Huawei Phone Clone APK (Latest 2022)

Just download the latest version of the APK on your Android device and manually install it or directly install the app from the respective store from your handset.

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